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Written on Thursday, February 21, 2019
Pros: 2 duochrome colors, color selection, kat von d signature, well pigmented
Cons: it’s easy to stain, limited edition, price

Hello there!

I’m an eyeshadow palette junkie! I adore makeup. I love coming up with different makeup ideas and featuring non-standard techniques.

I was living my life to buy this palette and finally, it’s here.


Product info:

  • Price: $52

  • Weight: 16 refill pans, 1.7g each. 27.2g in total.

  • Made in the USA.

  • Shelf life: 12 months of opening

  • The brand doesn’t test on animals


  • The ingredients list is indicated on the cardboard cover. There isn’t any on the palette itself.


What do they say?

We’re celebrating a decade of Kat Von D Beauty the only way we know how, with an epic eyeshadow palette that inspires you to be your boldest self. In honor of this milestone, we hand-picked a special selection of shades inspired by and named after 16 muses—people of all backgrounds, ages, genders and skin tones, representing the many faces of Kat Von D Beauty. This rainbow-bold selection of shades and finishes is designed to power your self-expression with rich pigment and effortless blendability.


The palette was packed with a beautiful golden cover with the branded stars inside.

As for the palette itself, it’s plastic and golden as well. So luxurious!

The front of the palette shows a picture of a pretty girl on it, which was created by Kat Von D herself.

There’s also the miss D signature on it, which is such a pleasure for a big fan of this creative woman.



The back of it reveals the names of the refills and short product info. The first problem that you’ll face is the staining of the palette. All your fingerprints will stain it. But the palette is worth it.


When I open the palette I don’t detect any smell to it. Well, maybe if I place it very close to my nose, I’ll be able to detect some paint aroma.


The palette opens up well. In the pictures below, you’ll see the maximum. It closes with a click. Easy to open and close.


There wasn’t any protective inner liner. The mirror is large here. No brushes/applicators/sponges were provided.


Colors and texture


Rainbow fairy play! There are dark, bright, gentle and bold colors! I can divide it into two blocks: bright and bold ones and muted peach shades.


This palette is super user-friendly because I can do wearable daytime makeup, as well as evening and shiny golden looks with it. I’m head over heels!


Closer look:

There are 16 shades in total: 11 matte, 3 shimmering and 2 duochromatic!



  • The mattes aren’t chunky and easy to pack. These shades look bold and bright even without a primer. But since I don’t wear any eyeshadows without a primer, I can say that these never crease.

  • The shimmering colors literally jump over the brush themselves and I can apply them either with a dampened or dry brush. They don’t fall out during application.

  • The duochromatic colors apply well with a brush. They show such a beautiful casting. But if you want to get the maximum from them, I’d advise you apply them with a damp brush.


All the swatches were done twice and in halves: no primer from the left and with the NYX Proof It primer on the right. Below I used a brush.


Let’s pass over to the shades:


Adele - dark chocolate- I use this for darker corners.

Melanie - fair beige- It isn’t visible over my skin. I use it to set the primer.

Malice - carrot-red shade

Alexandra - chromatic color- It shifts from peach to shiny pink color.

Ashley - orange peach hue

Nancy - warm brown

Gina - orange

Catherine 2 - lilac shimmer

Egypt - yellow gold

Kelly - chromatic, which shifts from green to blue and from blue to light blue. There are also some notes of purple in it.

Sylvia - one more orange shade- In the pan, it seems beige but in reality, it’s more mustard-like.

Sarah - brown taupe


Lala - bog khaki

Carolyn - aquamarine, it can fall out if you swipe your brush in the refill here and there.

Leafar - emerald green shimmer

Chad - dark blue




1) Simple gentle makeup - chromatic + golden and peachy shades from the palette:


2) Chromatic + Lilac in the corner + golden and in my inner corners some Jouer highlighter in the color Citrine:


3) Green in the center Chromatic Kelly + Purple shade, blended from the brown colors to my temples:


Most of all I prefer makeup which suits my eye color. But I want to say that every palette should be bought not because of your eye color or anything but according to your preferences. There are so many color combinations after all!


4) Red + all peachy-brown shades + Golden:

For all colors of the eyes:

5) Golden graphics:

6) Mini tutorial

I used the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner here and the white liner from the Sephora Collection.


And total look:


Washing off

The products are nicely removed with a cotton round and micellar water if you leave it on for 10 seconds. Don’t rub your skin. If you just swipe the cotton round with micellar water quickly over your skin, the products will still stay where they are. They can even easily live through cold running water!


In the end:

  • Design: 8 (staining packaging, though dope design)

  • Use: 10 (the palette is so nice to hold in my hands)

  • Versatility: 9 (it lacks black to be perfect)

  • Pigmentations and blendability: 10 (all the shades blend out with ease as well as picked up with a brush)

  • Colors: 10 (for me all the rainbow colors are must-haves)

  • Price: 7 (well, not too affordable)

  • Availability: 6 (it’s a limited edition)


Mean score: 8.6 - 9. Excellent!

Concluding, I want to say that this is the palette for a gal who needs everything and at once. Nude and bold in one pack. I want to applaud these duochromatic shades because they are so rare in palettes. And I can only highly recommend it for purchasing!


Thanks a million to your attention to my review!

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Lesych recommends Kat Von D 10-Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

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