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Written on Monday, January 15, 2018

For me, as for many other girls, mascara is a daily need for my makeup. Even if I don’t apply makeup at all, I have to use mascara as I can’t leave my place without having some on with some brow product.

Currently I’m using a mini by Lancome Monsieur Big. This baby I got from Lancome with a purchase. I’ve been testing it for a month already.



The size of my mini is 2 ml

The fill sized tube has 10 ml of the product.

You can also find a travel-size of the product with 4 ml.

I guess that even the full-sized product is rather compact and will fit in any makeup bag.


The brush isn’t made of silicone. It bristles are thin and soft. They “stick out” to different directions.


The texture of the mascara is creamy and the color is natural black. On the official site they claim that the color is ultra black.



I always have to experience the same story with all my new mascaras. We need time to get used to each other! At first all mascaras give out too much of the product and hence they don't apply very well, so I never hurry to make up my opinion about this or that mascara. And the same happened with Monsieur Big. For the first couple of uses I wasn’t satisfied with it and always had to wipe off the excess on the rim of the tube. Later it became better and the problem vanished. Now the application is easy and I like using this mascara.

Now I know how to work with it and I know how it’ll look so I work fast and quickly.


The product applies with a thin layer and there’s no “spider legs” effect on my eyes. It’s probably because I don’t layer the product too much.


Sometimes it imprints on my upper lid and lower lash line but a dry Q-tip quickly saves the situation.


What effect do I get with this Monsieur Big mascara?

I get very beautiful, separated and thick lashes. The brush separates and curls them well and I think that this is the only brush that really coats my small lashes in the corners of the eye.

Well, actually I don’t need lengthening from a mascara, so I can’t assess the product on this side.


Unlike many other mascaras, which make the lashes more voluminous thanks to the great amount of the product on the brush, Monsieur Big provides me with this effect thanks to the separation and coating of every lash.


During the day…

I can say that the product can flake a little. If I wear this mascara SOLO (I mean no eyeshadows and no foundation, which means that the last application was my moisturizing cream) then there’s a chance to see the product imprinted on my upper lids.

If I touch my lashes, I can feel that they are very soft, and there’s no product left on my fingers.


My eyes don’t feel tired during the day with this mascara on. Have you ever experienced that unpleasant moment when you blink and your lower and upper lashes stick together? Well, nothing of a kind with the Monsieur Big!


I prefer to remove my makeup with a face cleanser, including eyes. Sometimes (not always) a hint of Monsieur Big mascara can still be present on my lashes after I wash my face. And then I prefer creamy eye makeup removers.

I have to admit that my face cleanser is too weak for this mascara and I always risk ending up with my eyes full of mascara flakes.



I really like the way this mascara looks on my lashes. The application is so quick, a few moves and my makeup is done. I don’t have to curl the brush, do the zig-zag moves or anything else. My lashes look soft, flexible and they don’t weigh down during the day. The product looks expensive on my eyes.

My lashes are curled, don’t stick together and my eyes look bigger with it on. The lashes are separated and they really look voluminous.

I love this mascara though I have to take off a star for those minor disadvantages.



There isn’t a perfect mascara existing!

Every mascara has its own advantages and disadvantages. The only thing that plays the role is what your demands and priorities are and if you are ready for compromises.

I am ready to forgive Monsieur Big for its small disadvantages for the way it looks on my lashes!

Write me in the comments below: what are you ready to forgive your mascara for? Or maybe you’ve found your perfect one?

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Verun4iki recommends Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara

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