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Written on Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Pros: a little goes a long way, beneficial ingredients, can be layered, curls each lash, curls lashes, doesn't bleed, doesn't fall out, doesn't stick lashes together, doesn't transfer, doesn't weigh lashes down, fragrance-free, gives volume, great brush wand and limiter, great consistency, lengthens lashes, make my eyes look expressive and fascinating, nice color, no clumps, pretty packaging

馃尮Hola Lovelies聽馃尮

If you want to make your eyes look more expressive and attractive without much effort, i.e. without constant curling or spending big bucks on lash enhancement tattoos, eyelash laminations or extension treatments, go for a good mascara.

Lancome Hypnose Mascara:

It鈥檚 a versatile mascara that can replace all the procedures mentioned above!

How? Read on to find out鈥

General info:

馃尮Price: $27.50

馃尮Volume: 6.2 ml

馃尮Country: France

A few words about the mascara from the manufacturer:

Get up to 600% more volume!

Tiny, barely-there lashes are no match for the patented POWERFULL鈩 brush that thickens lashes from root to tip with custom volume you can control.

The SoftSculpt 鈩 formula, enriched with Vitamin B5, wraps lashes one luxurious layer at a time without smearing, smudging or clumping.

The packaging and design:

It鈥檚 clear right away that this is a high-end product. The outer package is medium-size, silver and glossy. It glows in the sun.

It鈥檚 made of thick cardboard and has information about the product written with black letters.

You can find here everything you want: ingredients, product details, pictures of the brush,etc.

One of the prettiest things on the package is the rose engraved on it, which is the logo of the brand.

Inside the package you can see a pretty heavy black and glossy tube of an extraordinary and elegant shape.

On the cap-applicator wand there is a name of the mascara written with golden letters and a rose.

The top is also golden:

The cap closes smoothly and clicks shut.

The tube has two colors: black (the tube) and golden (the name and the top). The outer package is silver and has information written in black. In a nutshell - the design looks really luxurious. And this is only the opinion about the outer interiors! What about the contents then?

The brush and the limiter:

In my book, the most important thing in mascaras is the brush and the limiter, because the volume and the length of your lashes depend on the brush.

Here, the brush is classy and not silicone. It has a good deal of short and identical bristles. They are soft and medium-size.

The shape of the brush repeats the shape of the tube, but it鈥檚 hardly noticeable. The brush is convenient to use and works very well without any prickling sensations.

The limiter is amazing. It helps control the amount of the mascara the wand picks up. So it takes off the residue well.

The mascara itself:

馃尮Color: 01 Black Noir.

馃尮 Formula: Creamy.

馃尮 Smell: Standard synthetic smell.


It contains some beneficial ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Carnauba Wax, etc. So this mascara doesn鈥檛 only take care of my lashes from outside, but also from the inside.


The application is easy and fuss-free. As opposed to some other mascaras, this one can be layered. It ensures a nice effect both after the first and multiple coats.

I usually apply a single coat in a daily makeup and multiple coats in an evening makeup or for a special occasion. It looks flawless both ways.


The mascara doesn鈥檛 cause any irritations or redness. It is suitable for sensitive eyes.

How far does it go?

A single tube suffices for about 2-3 months when used daily.

It may dry out in the tube over time, but it鈥檚 not a deal-breaker and doesn鈥檛 influence the effect it gives to my lashes.

My impressions and results:


Instantly increases lash volume up to 6 times

Leaves lashes soft and supple

Offers controllable, custom volume

Provides perfect lash separation without clumping

1. 馃尮Doesn鈥檛 transfer 馃尮

The mascara doesn鈥檛 transfer no matter how many coats I apply. This is one of the most widespread issues when it comes to both low- and high-end mascaras. Luckily, it鈥檚 not about this option.

2. 馃尮Doesn鈥檛 fall out 馃尮

The mascara never falls out even towards evening.

3. 馃尮Doesn鈥檛 bleed 馃尮

This mascara sticks around my entire shift at work and survives rain and snow.

4. 馃尮Doesn鈥檛 give me spider lashes 馃尮

This is the most widespread issue with most mascaras. I hate it when they give this effect. But it is not about this mascara.

5. 馃尮Doesn鈥檛 give any clumps 馃尮

The mascara doesn鈥檛 clump even after I鈥檝e been using it for quite a while.

6. 馃尮Nice effect on my lashes 馃尮

  • It colors each lash very well

  • Doesn鈥檛 stick my lashes together

  • Doesn鈥檛 weigh them down

  • Lengthens even the shortest lashes

  • Boosts volume

  • Curls my lashes

7. 馃尮Makes my eyes look amazing 馃尮

The mascara can be used both ways: for a daily makeup with a single coat and for an evening look with multiple coats.

I love using it both ways. As a result I have bigger, effective and attractive eyes that wow not only me but also people around me.

The product in action:

My lashes:

They are short and thin.

Before lashes
Before lashes

A single coat:

Two coats:

Makeup removal:

Normal water won鈥檛 help. Only micellar water or cleansing oil can remove it. In most cases I prefer the first option, but both products perform really well.


馃尮 Gorgeous packaging

馃尮 Good brush and limiter

馃尮 Nice ingredients

馃尮 No discernible smell

馃尮 Nice color

馃尮 Great consistency

馃尮 Doesn鈥檛 stick my lashes together

馃尮 Doesn鈥檛 transfer

馃尮 Doesn鈥檛 crumble

馃尮 Doesn鈥檛 bleed

馃尮 Doesn鈥檛 give any clumps

馃尮 Goes pretty far

馃尮 Curls my lashes very well

馃尮 Boosts volume

馃尮 Colors each lash

馃尮 Doesn鈥檛 weigh my lashes down

馃尮 Can be layered

馃尮 Make my eyes look expressive and fascinating

馃尮 Doesn鈥檛 give spider lashes


馃尮 Not found

My verdict:

Yes, the Lancome Hypnose Mascara is the high-end product not only from outside, but also from the inside. This is the legendary mascara for me personally.

I definitely recommend it and give it 5 stars! Charm everyone with your eyes!

Thank you guys for reading my review!

P.S. Have a good day!

馃尮 Bye 馃尮

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