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Written on Thursday, June 14, 2018

I’m a big fan of the Lime Crime brand! I think that their lipsticks, eyeshadows and highlighters are the best ever. Before that I used to have only one palette by the brand, which was the first Venus actually, and since I was absolutely head over heels with it, I was anxiously waiting for new launches in the collection.

I didn’t buy the Venus 2 palette, because frankly speaking, the colors weren’t actually for me. From the entire palette there were barely 2 colors which I could find a use for, but you know, that wasn’t at all enough for me.

Years were passing by and Lime Crime was releasing only small chubby eyeshadow palettes, which I wasn’t raving about either.

Three years later, they released the Venus XL eyeshadow palette, which comprised of 18 shades, instead of the usual 8 shades. It didn’t look inspiring for me at all and I was almost ready to become upset when they announced that they were planning to come up with the new Venus 3 launch. So, here it is in my place!


Package …

That’s actually their classic Venus package, which differs only with the color. I guess the Venus herself has gotten a different hair color as well. The last time I saw the previous palettes, she had blue locks.

The palette itself is made of a thick cardboard material. The top lid closes with a magnet, which is very good and practical. Even if you have to carry the palette in your case all the time, you can still be sure that it won’t pop open itself.

I find the mirror on the upper inside of the lid very handy. It’s such a room-saver for travelling, for instance.


Colors …

When I was watching their promo, I have to tell you that I fell only for 2 colors from the palette. I’m sure that you already know which colors I’m actually talking about. Smile

This is something that we’ve never seen from the previous Venus palettes by Lime Crime before. The formula of the products is brand new, and it really reminds me of a tightly pressed glitter at first sight.

I bought the palette mostly because of these two shades. But at the same time I could solace myself, saying that the products by the brand always offer good quality and they’ll look stunning on my eyes anyway.

Now I can say it for sure, that I’m not disappointed with the colors from the palette at all. Even those shades, which looked hackneyed and usual at first, turned out to be absolutely unique and inspiring for me later.

1. Dreamy:

It’s an ashed rose color, which looks super gentle on my eyes and more dark-toned, rather than on swatches. I love using it for my crease and shaping of my eyes. In general, I don’t like using pink shades for my eye shaping. Most of the time I’m into more natural-looking gray-bronze shades or into those with yellow or orange undertones. But here, out of the blue, this Dreamy color has turned out to be perfection for me.


2. Beam: Stunning shade! I don’t even know what words I should use to describe this color right. It’s a kind of lilac shade, which houses a lot of shimmer sparkle to it, which shines differently by different lights. It’ll work nice as an accent color for the lids or as a main color for the eye corners.


3. Heavenly: one more dope color. It looks almost the same as the previous shade, but this has a more brown-ish-sandy-pink undertone. Smile I hope that you’re still with me and I didn’t make you feel confused. Smile It shines with a hundred of different colors.

4. Rapture:

Even though this color might look beigy and nude, I still use it only all over my mobile lid as an accent shade. This color won’t work for the brow bone on my skin or for the inner corners, since it looks pretty dark there. Maybe I can use it for the crease, but it has some sparkle to it.

You can always apply it a tad higher than where your actual crease is, just to make the blending look softer. But I hardly ever do it, you know. For me it’s easier to use other shades from the palette, rather than bother with this very color.


5. Ecstasy:

This shade looks too brown in the pictures. It might even look a little plain. But in real life it looks dark and vinous. It’s such a deeply-toned and saturated with color crease shade for me.


6. Paradise:

When I look at it on the pan, it looks like a regular bright-lilac color, which is so usual for many makeup brands nowadays, you know. But it’s different when I apply it. The thing is that this shade is sparkling-blue based. This is why it shines beautifully from lilac to blue on my skin.


7. Bliss: I don’t even know how to describe this color. Smile It’s brick-toned, though it doesn’t look bright. It has a tad of peachy and salmon undertones to it. It’s an ideal shade for the crease as well as for the entire mobile lid. It makes fair-colored eyes unbelievably expressive!


8. Beloved:

It looks brown, but it has a tad of red pigment to it, which makes the color look super attractive!

General swatches:

So now, let’s pass over to makeups Smile


My makeup #1

How to do it:

  • I apply the Dreamy color to the crease

  • The color Rapture is applied over my mobile lid

Total look:

My makeup #2

How to do it:

  • The crease is done with the Dreamy shade

  • I darkened the outer and inner Vs with the same shade

  • The Ecstasy color is all over my mobile lid

  • The beloved color is in the centre of my mobile lid, accompanied with a tad of the Heavenly color

Total look:

My makeup #3

How to do it:

  • the Bliss shade is in the crease

  • the Paradise color is in the outer Vs and I also applied a little bit of it to the crease. The same color is used for the lower lid. The center of the lid is still clean

  • Then I apply a little bit of my concealer to the center of the eyes so as to make the Beam shade look brighter. I also used the Beam shade in the inner corners of my eyes.

Total look:

My makeup #4:

How to do it:

  • The Dreamy shade is in the crease

  • the Beloved color is used to darken the outer and inner Vs. The center of the lid is clean.

  • Then I apply a tad of a concealer to the center.

  • And the Heavenly shade over the concealer with my finger tip.

  • I accompanied this look with the Beam color in the inner corners

Total look:

My makeup #5:

Well, this isn’t actually a full makeup look, but lately, I’ve been really loving it. Here I just do the crease with the Dreamy shade and that’s all. I adore how fresh my eyes look then. Smile

Total look:

My thoughts on the Venus 3 palette and general impressions:

You know, there are eyeshadows, which are usually described as very soft and even creamy to the touch?

Well, this isn’t about these eyeshadows. As well as the first Venus palette. These eyeshadows are dry texture-wise, but it doesn’t at all mean that they are bad or anything!

They are dope during blending!

Literally, a couple of moves with a fluffy brush and your blending is done. I like how clean and neat it looks on my eyes.

The pigmentation is good, though the color kickback isn’t the same as in the first palette. If we are compare them, I’d say that these palettes are completely different. One gentle swipe of the brush over the color from the first Venus palette was already enough to overdo it, while here I can freely move my brush in the pan here and there and be sure that there won’t be too much of the pigment on my eyes. Smile Don’t get me wrong, the eyeshadows from the third palette are great, they are simply different and that’s all.

The next thing that I want to say is that this year, the Lime Crime brand has come up with a completely new formula. I mean the formula of those two colors from the palette.

They don’t even look like eyeshadows, they look more like a finely milled glitter texture-wise. They are a tad tricky to layer and the brush will be totally useless here. It’s also a bit complicated to apply them with my finger, since the pigment sits on my finger tip and doesn’t want to sit on the eyes at all. These two shades are also difficult to apply on top of my other eyeshadows. They perform more or less bearable and well only if I apply them over the cut crease.

The Venus 3 is an excellent eyeshadow palette! It’s got some drawbacks, which I’ve already mentioned, yet still it’s gorgeous.

Sometimes when I become doubtful, somewhere deep in my mind, whether I like this palette or not, I start to imagine that I lost it. Would I repurchase? Definitely yes! The very day I’d found out about my loss. Smile


Thanks a million for your attention!

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