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Written on Monday, June 25, 2018
Pros: amazing glow, amazing quality, beautiful packaging, highly pigmented, long-lasting, trendy shades, vibrant colors

Why hello there guys! Smile

I’m an eyeshadow junkie and a lucky owner of the first two Venus palettes, so I’ve been waiting for the Venus III as well. Duh.

I thought that it would have ultraviolet color tones, because it’s actually the trend of 2017/2018 that is nowhere to run!

When I saw the first pictures of the pans, it seemed that I was right, but when I saw the swatches, it seemed that I wasn’t that right Laughing out loud

I was a little bit underwhelmed by the Venus XL eyeshadow and I still can’t get the point of it. Well, ok then. Maybe this option will still be helpful for those who do not yet have any pink-red eyeshadows.

So, when Lime Crime released their Venus III promo photos, I was slightly surprised, because they launched the new palette just recently. However, new palettes are always like sweet music to my ears. So I was ready to wait for further pictures of the product.

Upon seeing the swatches, however, I wasn’t impressed. It wasn’t anything I actually needed, but I still wanted to try it out and a friend gave it to me kindly for testing.

So, here are my thoughts about the palette Smile

Let’s start from the outer look as usual.

The packaging is similar to the previous two versions of the eyeshadow. It is made of the same sturdy cardboard and has a helpful mirror and no brush.

This time the famous Venus from the Botticelli painting has pink-lavender hues all over and gosh… it’s so beautiful! I mean it. In fact, I’m not much into pink hues, but here the color looks so pretty and lovely.

The palette also consists of 8 shades.

Total weight: 16g

Country: USA

All Lime Crime products are cruelty-free.

The palette comes with 3 totally mattes, 3 metallics and 2 mattes with a little bit of shimmer.

Each shade has its name. Let’s take a look at every shade separately.

DREAMY is a matte pink taupe. I love such colors. The pigmentation is alright and the shade is perfect for the crease.

BEAM is a lavender metallic that reminds me of the shade from the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette. However, it doesn’t ensure a duochrome effect and looks cold lavender in a swatch. It’s not enough pigmented for use alone, but it will look really beautiful as a topper.

HEAVENLY is metallic with a hint of pink champagne and a lot of shimmer to it. It looks amazing both in a pan and in a swatch. It gives a fabulous bright glow.

RAPTURE is a warm matte pale-pink with shimmer to it! The shade is also good for the crease.

By the way, the shimmer is hardly noticeable on the lid.

Here are the swatches of the first four shades: .

ECSTASY is the only relatively dark shade. It’s a matte dark terracotta that gives a slight duochrome effect when looking at some particular angles.

PARADISE is matte fuchsia with shimmer and a cold blue glow. It’s very bright and highly-pigmented. This shade is certainly the star of the show, because this is the first shade that catches my attention from the get go.

BLISS is matte pink-brown that looks amazing in a crease.

BELOVED is a unique metallic that looks different by different angles. I would call this shade almond.


These are the swatches of the second quad: .

I’d like to note that this palette doesn’t have a shade for setting as well as the previous two Venus palettes. It’s a setback for me personally. The shimmer shades have a good deal of fine glistening particles, so they have an awesome glow.

The texture is buttery, BUT it doesn’t pick up with a brush that easily.

So you better apply it with a damp brush or with your fingers, otherwise you won’t get this glow.

By the way, picking up Beam and Heavenly with a damp brush, you may get a blurring effect, so keep it in mind!

Also, the palette has no shade for darkening the outer crease.

Well, you can definitely use ECSTASY for this purpose, but it actually won’t give the perfect effect for an evening look.

Now I’d like to show your the makeups that I created with this eyeshadow palette.

I tried the vibrant Paradise as an accent in the first place. I applied it to the whole movable eyelid. The black eyeliner has a hint of blue.

The palette ensures a multitude of looks.

Here is a matte look with the highlighter from Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit applied to the corner of my eye:

I used the Beam all over my eyelid as well, but the lines are created with the brown shade from the Venus I palette.

The shades applied with a dry brush. From top downward: BEAM, HEAVENLY and BELOVED
The shades applied with a dry brush. From top downward: BEAM, HEAVENLY and BELOVED

Heavenly can give your eyelids incredible glow that is particularly noticeable in the sun. You can see it in the pictures below, even though the camera ‘eats up’ most of the glow!

In the sun
In the sun

And finally I tried Beloved that looked brown in the swatches, but it is pink-almond on my lids. Beautiful!

All in all, the palette is great and the quality is on top as always!

The eyeshadow is highly pigmented and looks incredible on my eyelid. It wears on a base very well and doesn’t crease for about 8-12 hours.

The shades are unhackneyed, trendy and suitable for soft daily as well as creative evening makeups.

Why didn’t I purchase this palette then?

I already have the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette with similar pink-purple hues, so I managed to resist the temptation Laughing out loud

However, after testing it I feel like buying it.

(Reminder: A friend gave it to me for testing)

Thumbs up if you liked my review! I'd really appreciate it! Smile

That’s it. Thank you for reading! Smile

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