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Written on Thursday, February 7, 2019

This palette has actually become my first product by the Lime Crime brand, that’s why I didn’t even know what to expect from it because my opinion of the brand was absolutely neutral. Taking the ball before the bound, I’ll tell you that the Venus XL ll eyeshadow palette made my opinion more positive of the brand, that’s why I’m eager to try out something else from them.

The palette consists of 24 shades of green and pink-toned colors. Even though the palette seems to be vibrant and bright, the shades in there seem to be more muted and even pale. But this is only what they seem like.

Actually, others compare this this palette with the Too Faced one because of all those pink and brown shades. But if I take a closer look, I can see that the similarity is minimal. What do you think?

Let’s have a thorough look at the shades:

The green color there comes with 6 refills of different textures:

- matte green khaki - SAGE

- bright metallic - MYTH

- neon gentle green duochrome color - OBSCURE

- olive gold - LAUREL

- green shimmer with purple sparkle - IVY

- brown duochrome with a green cast LOCUST

The SAGE and OBSCURE shades will definitely steal most of your time when you work with them because they aren’t pigmented enough, like the eyeshadow from Anastasia Beverly Hills, for instance. Nevertheless, the matte green shade applies and blends out nicely, while the bright and bold neon-fair-green shade will be easily tamed with the help of a damp brush.

I have no question to the rest of the shades, they are super pigmented and look awesome in the palette, on my eyes and when swatched.

Even though I faced the opinion where they say that the green shades here aren’t well pigmented, I still think that they are perfect. This is a perfect combination of the color and moderate pigmentation which makes it possible to put on wild and unusual makeups, leaving your comfort zone, yet not going too crazy.

We all know that 99% of our bright and bold eyeshadow palettes just remain lying somewhere about our dressing tables just because there aren’t enough of occasions in life to wear such extravagant shades, let alone the makeup skills you have to have to apply them.

As for the pink shades, there are 9 of them here:

- matte cool pink - IN BLOOM

- silky, rose-gold pearlescent STELLA

- copper with pink flecks WEST

- gentle shimmering pink CROWN

- dark pink shimmering shade with blue and gold sparkle EVE

- tender pink pearlescent shade with green glowing bits MYSTIC

- copper shimmer with a blue glow THORN

- white duochrome with a pink cast RADIANT

- classy warm brown color CLASSICAL

All the pink shades here are not only super matching to each other but also matching with all the green shades. So, they give us a chance to play with the colors, combining gentle and romantic looks. Believe me, there’s something to play with!

And finally, the last three shades which are more likely from the orange and copper family:

- orange gold with yellow freckles FORBIDDEN

- matte warm brown color RIPE

- deeply toned copper shade PHOENIX

All of them are very soft and pigmented. This is that very high quality as it is.


I think that the Lime Crime team has worked hard, creating this palette. At least it doesn’t seem identical with any other eyeshadow palette in the market, which has become saturated lately. At most, all the shades are on a good level and if I was super picky, I’d say something only about those two green shades. But in general, I’m pleased with this palette.

What do you think of it?

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janefro recommends Lime Crime Venus XL 2 Eyeshadow Palette

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