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Written on Thursday, February 21, 2019
Cons: it doesn’t hold the hairs, poor color selection, the applicator isn’t good


This eyebrow shaper has all the chances to top my list of makeup wastes.


As usual, it was a spontaneous purchase. I ran out of a similar product from Maybelline and I decided to dupe it with something new. I also was hoping that it would be a 2in1 product for me.


Size: 6.5g

Price: $6

The product didn’t have any cover, so it retails like this with all the info on the tube on the sticker.

My expectations and wishes:

  • I wanted this product to help me to shape my eyebrows. When my makeup consists only of the filling in the brows, I want to shape them with a few strokes.

  • I wanted it to be long-wearing. I hate touch-ups.

  • I wanted it to hold my brows. It should hold the unruly brows in place.


The color selection is so poor. I was choosing between the blonde shade, which seemed to be too brown and beige, and a brunette one. Eventually, I picked up the brunette shade. Sometimes it seems like this very shade shifts from brunette to purple. I hope that it all just seems the same to me.

I had the chance to see the brush and the applicator in the store in the tester. I was impressed with it, but it hadn’t seemed to be so difficult to work with at first glance. It’s just impossible to fill in my brows and not to stain my face all over with the formula. In the end, everything looks so messy.

Staying power: It’s average. I can erase the edges with my fingers, though the product stays on throughout the wear, unless I touch my brows. It comes off from micellar water.

The hold is poor. No, not like this. There’s no hold at all, which was so disappointing for me. Why the hell should I use this brow shaper, which has no hold, when I can easily use a brow powder with the same results? For instance, the L’Oreal brow kit (in the photo) has a wax, which provides a better hold than this one.

One more thing. Make sure to WIPE OFF the applicator before use all the time, otherwise, you’ll see a thick black line across your eyebrows from it. And it’s all so time-consuming.


  • My impressions of use:

No matter how hard I tried, I’m still not delighted with the result I get. I waste too much time to get this result that you can see in the picture. My brows can look better if I use brow powder. Plus, it won’t take up too much time. Besides, the product doesn't hold my brows at all.

As I’ve already said, I use this shaper when I don’t wear any makeup. I want to look good, yet at the same time spend as little time doing it as possible. Yeah, I know, I’m capricious.


One can use the featured applicator to take the product out and then use a slanted brush to the application. This way, the result might look better but what’s the purpose? After all, I can use a brow pencil, powder or pomade with a brush. Smile

This is how the product looks with my “no makeup” on.


Even though I’m very positive about the L’Oreal products, this one is just a failure. It just lies somewhere about, beautiful and useless. I don’t know whether I should recommend it for purchasing or not. After all, we’re all different. But for me, I won’t ever buy it again.

Thanks for your attention to my post! Smile

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Loyaa11 doesn't recommend L'Oreal Brow Artist Sculpt Eyebrow Shaper

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