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Written on Thursday, February 15, 2018


There are so many reviews of this CC cream that I gave up and also decided to express my opinion about it. I know that this product existed in the market for a very long time already but I dared to give it a go only this winter and I don’t regret doing it at all. I think it’ll be better to structure my review and pay attention to every detail in the right order, even though I’m overwhelmed with emotions now.

Place of purchase:

You can find this CC cream at any drugstore or online.

After my baby arrived, I have absolutely no time to go shopping so I ordered it online. Of course sometimes I do go shopping as I take it as a rest but it becomes so difficult when you have a baby, especially when it comes to trying on clothes. But anyways, I’m reviewing the CC cream today. Smile


Price and size: At first sight the tube might seem be too small in size though its volume is standard - 30 ml. You'll probably find it too small if you use a lot of product each time but for me it’s okay as I don’t use it every day. When it’s hot I prefer some mineral powder and blush and that’s all, no foundation. Alas, I can’t let myself go without makeup at all, as I have some skin blemishes.

I bought the product for $25.33 I have no idea how much it costs in the shops, as I ordered mine online.


There were some difficulties for me in terms of choosing a shade. Since I had no chance to swatch the product before the purchase I hesitated between the Light and Medium shades. The reviews weren’t much helpful. Some girls wrote that the Light shade was for very pale skin, while others stated that it was good for fair skin as well. But all in all I ordered the Medium shade as I thought that if anything, it would be nice for me in summer.

How to apply:

Maybe you’ll think I’m old-fashioned because I don’t use any makeup sponges for application like a BeautyBlender and I don’t even dream of having it. The only case I guess I’d use it is that if there’s somebody to present me with it. I usually apply the product with my fingers or use a brush from time to time. The spending seems to be the same in both cases as well as the coverage. Maybe the fault is with my brush, which is rather cheap.

During application the product seems to be a little bit dark for my skin tone, but then it quickly adjusts and becomes the same as my skin color. But I still believe that the edges are visible there. The most important is not to apply the product with a thick layer. You’ll still never be able to conceal acne with it, so what is it for? Only concealers and correctors will help you there, as they give better coverage. This product has a little bit different task - it is to even out your skin tone and make the complexion look fresher. I think that it does its job fine!

I like how velvety my skin looks after I apply this CC cream on my face. Usually I get such a result after using my foundation + powder, but here the same result is gained only by using the CC cream. Truly 6 in 1! Well, maybe not all the 6 but still I can see the product working.

How to wash it off?

My skin is problematic and it tends to become inflamed, so I have to clean it thoroughly with different face cleansers.

I prefer Korean facial foams to wash off BB and CC creams from my face. The latest that I tried was by Missha and I really liked the way it washed my makeup off.

Does the product clog pores?

I don’t use this CC cream everyday. I usually wear it only when it’s cold outside, as in hot weather my skin may not bear such products and become irritated, even though I do need some coverage even in the summer. When I was using this CC cream, I haven’t noticed any pores clogging but I speak only for myself, I won’t say anything for others.

What’s in the end:

My skin has a velvety finish for about 4 hours with this cream on, which is great for me, as even the heaviest mineral powders haven’t ever shown such results because they all slid off my skin too quickly.

I can’t say that the Medium color is universal and will suit every skin tone, as girls with fair skin will find it too dark. I guess that tanned girls will find it more flattering. I liked this CC cream and I recommend it for purchasing and wear it only when it’s cold. But maybe there are people who will not agree with me because I do remember myself wearing thick foundation even when it was boiling hot.

If you have severe flaking, this product may show it. If the flaking is minor, then don’t worry, the cream will look fine on the skin and smooth it away. I don’t think that this product makes me look older or affects my skin condition. I like the way it looks with the cream on and I feel like my skin is okay. Highly recommended!

And here are the photos of the result.

I’ll start with my nude skin. You can see the enlarged pores, uneven skin relief and acne scars.

And here I applied some CC cream by Lumene and added some blush. The photo is taken after the working day so there’s a little bit of oily shine on my face.

Thank you everybody for your interest to my review!

Have you tried this product? What are your impressions of it?

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Helena_M recommends Lumene Color Correcting CC Cream

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