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Written on Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Pros: adjusts to my skin tone, convenient tube, doesn’t clog pores, gives healthy glow, natural finish, spf 20
Cons: defines enlarged pores, gives oily shine


A lot of people praise this product and call it their favorite while for me it has become a disaster product of the last year. But it isn’t because of its bad quality or something, on the contrary the cream is fine quality-wise and I can feel it each time applying it over my skin and all the time when wearing. The thing is that it doesn’t suit my skin type. But I liked it so much that even tried to use it as an under eye concealer. What result did get? Keep reading my review and you'll find out…


I bought it before Christmas. I don’t know why but I had a very strong desire to buy it for myself. Of course I read the reviews of it beforehand and I knew that some people hate it, while others praise it and call it their Holy Grail. But I’m a girl and if I want anything, I just go and buy it. I bought it in a drugstore for $26. Maybe that was pricey and I could have found it cheaper somewhere, I don’t know.

Volume of the tube - 30ml

The tube has a very convenient and thin nozzle.

The list of ingredients is so so:

There’s silicone - dimethicone that usually clogs my pores, but I have to admit that I know some products which also have dimethicone in the ingredients and I confess that they don’t clog my pores. And this CC cream is among that group. Aside dimethicone I was also interested in the presence of titanium dioxide (NANO). And there’s also titanium dioxide without nano. What’s this NANO thing? Is it something special? But all in all the titanium dioxide is the best and less harmful physical sun protection factor. Thanks to this ingredient the product has SPF 20, which is so important for a CC-cream.

I have my cream in the color Medium. I chose it intentionally as I’m not fair-skinned.

Swatching the product I understood that it would match my skin tone well, though it might be a little bit dark for me in winter. But the thing is that the cream totally adjusts to my skin color once applied and looks absolutely harmonious.

As for the outcome, the CC-cream really evens out my complexion. My skin tends to reddening. The reason for that is acne, rosacea on my nose and cheeks and sometimes my skin reacts badly to different face masks and weather changes.

I like how the product conceals all the reddening and small blemishes. I think it does its job really nicely. I don’t understand why they say that the cream doesn’t conceal any skin imperfections and lacks coverage.

The next is the fact that the product doesn’t look like a mask over my face as it’s infused with light-reflecting micro-particles. Thanks to them my complexion looks glowy and smooth.

It’s notable that the cream doesn’t show flaking. At the moment of taking these pictures I had some severe skin flaking over my face. And it can be less visible if I don't use cosmetics but even one touch of the brush with some mineral powder used to turn my face into a disaster. That was the reason why I decided to abandon all my powders and use liquid foundations in winter instead, as they don’t show flaking on my face. With this product on my skin always looks perfectly evened out.

The only cons is that this CC-cream doesn’t suit oily skin type. And you’ve already guessed that I do have oily skin. Straight after application my skin looks glowy as micro particles reflect the light making my complexion fresh-looking.

But within a half an hour of wearing I can clearly see the oily shine increase that makes my face super shiny, accompanied with light reflection.

Within an hour my face looks greasy and oily. My enlarged pores start to look even larger and moreover all the wrinkles seem very defined.

The only way to save the situation is to apply some mineral face primer before the CC-cream application and set it with a mattifying powder after application. Only this way helps my face look more or less decent.

I want to draw your attention again to the fact that the product doesn’t clog pores. And my skin is problematic.

All in all I decided to give this CC-cream a go and use it as an under eye concealer.

I can say that it conceals dark circles well but I think it defines small wrinkles too much.

Honestly this is the only product that I’m charmed and repelled by at the same time. The CC-cream by Lumene is a great quality product. I can really feel it. I wish they mentioned on the packaging what skin type it’s for.

I recommend it for those with dry or normal skin types. And I absolutely don’t recommend it for those with combination or oily skin.

And even though the product deserves all 5 stars I have to take off 2 stars for it being not of my skin type and for the manufacturer who states that the product will flatter any skin type. In general it might sound as one and the same fact but I don’t care. I feel insulted that I had to face such a disappointing product.

Thanks for your attention to my review! Smile

Yours, Nadya Smith ღღღ

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Nadya Smith recommends Lumene Color Correcting CC Cream

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