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Written on Thursday, April 18, 2019

Hello folks!

Today I want to tell you about my biggest passion of the past 3 months.

Maybe I’d started longing for it earlier but before that, the palette wasn’t announced to be launched.

Recently, MAC came up with three eyeshadow palettes which are from the Art Library collection. Since they resemble books, they also have corresponding names: Nude Model (narrative), Flame-Boyant (detective) and It’s Designer (adventure novel).

My passion was all about the It’s Designer eyeshadow palette. I was daydreaming of using it by the seaside during my holiday. That was so inspirational!

Actually, the first time when a thought of having a bright eyeshadow palette crossed my mind was in December. But then I saw the announcement of this palette and started waiting for it. I had already had a pigment in the shade Lime which cost $17 and if I kept on buying them one by one, I’d splurged too much.

So, I was anxiously waiting for the release of this palette.

The start was announced and there was no chance to buy the palette at a store, so no opportunity to swatch, test and see it in life.

I was sure that the palette will be fine because I’ve known the brand for years. I have a palette from it Burgundy Time, which is divine in quality.


The palette costs $48 and my limit was $50, what a stroke of luck! Smile

If I tell you that the palette is gorgeous, that’ll mean I was silent! I was so overwhelmed by it that I even wrote some thankful words to the creator Fatima Thomas. Usually, I don’t do such things and respect people’s privacy. But here, I couldn’t restrain my emotions.

The palette is cute and it’s rather small. I actually hugged it after opening.

The palette is made of plastic and it has different colored stripes on which look like swatches done with a brush. It closes safely.

Inside you’ll find 12 bright and bold eyeshadows shades of different pigmentation and a mirror.

The upper row of shades is matte and super packed with pigments (M - matte). I need the lightest touch with the brush for the saturated payoff on my eyes.

The middle row consists of the shades which are shiny and as though frosted (F - frost). Today, I used one of the shades, which is Starry Night. Smile:)Smile Yesterday, when I was swatching the palette, this very shade seemed to be shining blue but on my eyes today it looks more brown and blue-toned.

Maybe it appears so because I used brown cream eyeshadow as a base beforehand.

I’ll try it out later without any base shades.

The products apply and distribute well. I find them also nice to blend out. No problems with them at all.

The lower line consists of 2 frosted shades, 1 matte, and 1 satin. Well, there’s only one satin color but it’s still fantastic! I’ll ignite my imagination and find a way to fit it into my makeup. Again, this shade makes me daydreaming of the sea…

The back of the palette. Here you can also see the names of the shades, which were all given on the liner inside that separated the shades from mirror staining.

I’m head over heels with the name of the bright-green shade - My Kid Could Make That. Smile When I was watching a video for the first time where the creator was using this color for a model, I thought that she was teasing the model. Smile:)Smile But in reality, this is actually the name of the shade and she was using it at that moment. Smile:)Smile

The weight of the palette - 17.2g

I know that MAC products always go a long way, so I anticipate getting fed up with it before the pans will be used up. Smile And since the shelf life of powder products is very long, I guess that this babe will be in my life for good. Smile I love the fact that I won’t have to thrift the shades and always use as much of the bright pigment as needed. I can also give this palette to my sister to use for some time if she has a desire. Smile:)Smile By the way, the palette will also be fine for photoshoot makeup. Smile

I purchased it from the official site.

All the shades here are matchy and they do work well together. The glittery colors may fall out on my cheeks a little from the brush so I have to be rather neat working with them so as not to use sticky tape to remove them.

Recently, I read it somewhere how good makeup products compared with good lingerie. And yeah, I absolutely agree with them!

The shades here are really vibrant and bold! Spring is here, so it’s high time to use this palette!

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