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Written on Thursday, March 15, 2018
Pros: beautiful packaging, beautiful shades, cruelty-free, good pigmentation, long-wearing, very soft
Cons: price

Hello everybody!

I want to dedicate one more cosmetic review to the most unexpected resident of my makeup bag - the EYE-CONIC Eyeshadow Palette by Marc Jacobs in the shade 760 Smartorial .

My bestie presented me with it for Christmas. I can’t say that I was dreaming of having this palette but as a true makeup junkie I was very happy when I got it. You know, I’m trying to be very reasonable when it comes to the Marc Jacobs cosmetics, as I’ve already had a negative experience with his foundation (especially considering the products’ prices).


So now, let’s pass over to the Eye-Conic Palette…

I’ll start with the package:

The palette was housed in a black and white paper box with all the information like ingredients and characteristics on it.


The palette itself is oblong and it’s made of black plastic with a silver press button. Inside the palette you’ll find 7 refill pans and a small mirror. The palette is uber ergonomic and is pleasant to hold in hands. I also appreciate the sleek design of it.

The palette is travel-friendly as it won’t steal too much space in your bag. No brush or sponge provided with the palette.

About the eyeshadows…

All the Eye-Conic palettes come with 7 eyeshadow shades. I was presented with the cool-toned palette called 760 Smartorial. As the manufacturer states on the packaging the eyeshadows have four fashion finishes:

velvet, satin, silk and duochrome.

There are 4 rather base colors here which are of gray-silver shades, 3 bold and accent colors of teal shades, which I find really matchy. In the photo below you can see the swatches. Pay attention that the upper row is applied with a dry brush and the lower row is applied with my fingertip.

I have to say that I hardly ever prefer cool-toned eye makeup so I conclude that it would be unlikely for me to choose this cool-toned eyeshadow palette by myself. But still the shades here are stunning and I do want to use them. It’s a fact. If I use a rough brush, then I can see a little bit of dusting and crumbling. But since the products are nicely pigmented there’s no need to dip the brush or press it too much in the palette. The blending is fantastic! I find it very easy to blend each color separately as well as blend them together. The wear time is also very nice. I have oily lids and it’s rather hard for me to find eyeshadows that hold up for more than 3 hours on me but these shades are exceptional. I can even wear them without an eyeshadow base and I’m sure that they’ll stay in place and won’t fade away or travel down.

I want to look closer at each color:


This one is the most basic shade out of the entire palette. In the pan it seems matte but in action it has semi-transparent finish with a beautiful pearl cast. It’s insanely soft and creamy (as all the other shades by the way). It works nice as a base shade before any other color application as well as a blending color. No dusting.



This is the second classic silver sparkling shade to the palette. This one also has this magical butter consistency. It applies as a thick pigment with a brush and fingertip. If may fall out a little if you apply too much of it to the brush.



I deem this is the shade that stands out once you open the palette. It’s a bright and bold electric shade. It looks matte and dry but in really it applies nicely to my fingers and feels like butter to the touch. I won’t recommend you to blend it out as it’ll definitely lose its beautiful pigment shine. I recommend you apply it by dabbing over the blue or black creamy eyeshadows to get the maximum color payoff.



This is the central hue in the palette which can be a great alternative to some classic black shades for a smokey eye. It’s a well-packed shade with green-blue pigment and with some small barely noticeable shimmer bits. It looks very decent when dabbed over some other shade on the lids, and as the previous shade, this one would also be better not blending at all.



I guess this is my favorite shade out of the entire palette. Magnificent duochrome shade that shines from dark gray to green color. It performs well if applied alone as well as an accent shade over some black eyeshadows in the center of the lids.




One more favorite shade. This one is the warmest color here. Silver-rusty metallic shade. It’s perfect for a daytime makeup. Thanks to its buttery texture, the product applies nice and looks as though damp on the lids.



The last shade in the palette. It’s a cool-toned satin gray shade. It’s nice for the crease if you don’t overdo with it. Soft and stunningly beautiful.


As I’ve already said before, the shades all match and go well together allowing you to come up with a lot of makeup looks. I have nothing negative to say here in terms of pigmentation and quality of the products.

The only factor I took a star off for is the price.

There are 5.95g of the eyeshadows in the palette and they cost $49.

For a comparison, I can say that my favorite Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow palette has 15.6g and it costs $54. You see, the price difference isn’t very big though the Naked palette has much more content. If you aren’t a crazy makeup junkie and the only thing that you need is a working base eyeshadow palette to be used very often, then I advise you to pay your attention to the GLAMBITION or SCANDALUST palettes from the Eye-Conic collection. You won’t regret buying them. But if you are hooked only to some specific shades from the palette then it’ll be much better to buy some dupe palettes or opt for the mono eyeshadow packages by some other brand. I always do so when I want to buy some stunning accent shade. It’s up to you to decide whether you need to splurge your money on this palette or not. If you ask me I’ll say that I am delighted with the products from this palette but I wouldn’t buy any other palette from the collection by myself just because of the price.

In the end I want to remind you that all the Marc Jacobs Beauty products are cruelty-free.

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mionome recommends Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette

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