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Written on Monday, May 21, 2018


I’ve been disappointed by so many high-end mascaras lately. No matter what I tried, it was a failure. So I started thinking: maybe this expensive stuff is not as gorgeous as described, and you can buy several decent products for the same price. My review today may save you from a waste of money too.

Main Information:

Price: $24 for a full-size mascara.

I got mine as a mini sample.

Shelf-life: 6 months after opening

Made in Canada.


My mini came without any protective wrap. I hope there is one on the full-size mascara, though.

It’s a black minimalistic tube; the mascara is available in a single shade, which is black.

The brush is huge, though the bristles are short and thin. I like such brushes since they do a good job with my rather long lashes, but in this case, something apparently went wrong for I got a totally opposite effect!

The stopper is a bit too narrow, and sometimes the brush even gets stuck in it, and not too much is left on the brush in this case.The consistency is medium, neither dry not watery. The mascara isn’t waterproof. In a few hours, it starts falling out and coming off onto the eyelids.

I’m really glad that at least it can be removed effortlessly, without turning me into a raccoon. But considering its price, I would have preferred better durability. At least, I could have been sure my mascara stays put throughout the day.

The mascara doesn’t smell like roses. It has an quite unpleasant odor, like that of cheap mascaras...and for that price.

My eyelashes and what to expect from this mascara:

I have long and naturally curly eyelashes. A wrong mascara can turn even these qualities into cons. I want length and separation (without additional volume), and the spider legs effect is not something I’m looking for.

My impressions

It’s hard to believe all these things what were promised, like volume and curl, when after a couple of hours the mascara falls out and leaves stains on the eyelids. The eyelashes look as though at least 10 coats of mascara have been applied (I never apply more than two).If you think these are false accusations, take a look at this:

The lashes in the corners of the eye do look curly, and that’s it. There is another mascara that makes my lashes incredibly long. This mascara makes the whole look appear pathetic.

I am aware that my eyelashes may require a different brush and a different formula, but I’ve been using similar brushes for many years, and everything was ok. But what’s wrong with this one?

It’s okay to make such a mistake with a low-end product, but not with a high-end one. It could have been at least more long-lasting and less bad-smelling.

Hope the review was helpful! Of course, the mascara isn’t recommended.

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Isabella Victoria doesn't recommend MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara

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