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Written on Friday, June 1, 2018

Warm-toned spicy shades and different texture-wise shimmers always remind me of herbs and eastern beauty. The green shades add some mystery to this mixture, while cool-toned burgundy colors, along with one refill of raven-black color really make the palette look smoked and hazed. It’s inspiring, yet not perfect and still unconventional, wearable eyeshadow palette for a day and evening makeup looks for a ludicrous sum of money. It’s definitely worth your look.


This palette is actually one of four palettes from the Re-Loaded Palette collection. There are also two neutral and warm-toned shades palettes which are to dupe the famous ABH Modern Renaissance.


Palette: It’s absolutely plain design-wise. It’s a black plastic palette with a see-through window on the front, which also has the brand naming in gold letters.

I want to warn you at once that the palette will quickly lose its trade dress.

The top is also pretty flimsy so make sure to be careful while using it. Usually all these downsides will stop me from the purchase, but here, I read so many positive reviews of this palette, accompanied with my favorite unusual colors, that I couldn’t help but buy it.

You can find the product description on the back of the palette:


Inside it looks the following way: personally for me this color selection looks very inspiring. All the shades look fresh, yet at the same time I’m sure that they’ll definitely make my makeup look more sophisticated rather than old or tired.

The refill pans are pretty big. It’s very good, guys.



Technical characteristics:

Some shades are real swaps of the colors from the Soph X palette if I sniff or touch them. And it’s great, isn’t it? There are some drier texture-wise hues and in general a lot of products here are pretty finicky during application. And if you’d ask me about failure shades, then I’d definitely say that there’s only one such for me.

Many people complain that the products are dusty, though for me there are only three shades which are dusty in the palette. These are two darker shades and the green glitter. The rest are fine. All in all I’m pleased with the palette. Moreover, its price is just fantastic.

Swatches with a sticky tape:

Let’s have a closer look:

The first row:


1. This is a surprise color. In the refill pan it looks white, but in reality it gives beautiful pink shift. It’s rather tricky to apply, regardless of what tool I use: a brush or my finger. The thing is that this product has a waxy-like texture. It’s drier than it should be. It isn’t my favorite color, though it still looks good. I can also find use of it as a highlighter when I apply it with a damp brush to my inner corners.


From the left to the right: the shade from this palette, Essence Made To Sparkle and Makeup Revolution Strobe Balm.

As a highlighter:

In life it looks more obvious, yet still I like how delicate it looks and I presume that it’ll be fine for the spring and summer seasons.


2. This one is a soft and gentle peachy shade. The blending is fuss-free and I usually use it for the blending of the crease shades.


3. This shade is also very soft and unusual. It’s an army, forest green shade with a tad of yellow hue to it. This one is one of my faves.

4. It’s a well pigmented golden bronze shade. It’s so glistening that if you apply it with a damp brush, you’ll definitely get that stunning metallic sheen on your lids. The shimmer here has a bigger grain to what we’re used to seeing. However it still isn’t a glitter.

5. Soft dusty gray shade for those who are into cool-toned makeup. I hardly ever use it, but when I do, I don’t have any problems with it at all.

The second row:

1. It’s green-blue color which looks like a peacock feather. It isn’t as soft as the previous shades, hence it’s more troublesome. But if you don’t pick up too much and build it up, you’ll see how amazing it looks. One more favorite shade from the palette.

2. Maroon-vinous shade. This one is soft to some extent. It has nice blending, but it’s more difficult to build up in comparison with the others. Don’t expect it to show a very deep and complicated color on your eyes.

3. This one is pleasant, again soft to some extent and peachy-red. It makes the crease look more warm-toned.

4. Complicated during the application, yet still beautiful lime-green glitter color. It has silver flecks to its texture, which makes its shine more detectable and beautiful. It’s clear as day that a damp brush is the only way to apply it. And also don’t forget about the glitter sticky primer for it. But still, even if I use the primer, it can still show some fall out during the day. So, check it out from time to time. I can’t say that I love this shade, even though it looks amazeballs, especially by artificial light.


5. Soft to some extent milk chocolate shade. Most of all it reminds me of the Sweet Shop shade from the Naked Chocolate eyeshadow palette. It’s pleasant to use and it really suits my skin tone beautifully. The blending is super easy.


The third row:

1. Bright red color that has yellow casting. I want to call it a mustard shade. It’s rather soft and nice during blending.

2. Mustard-yellow shade, which is pretty soft texture-wise. The blending is a little bit more complicated than I’d love it to be, hence I have to layer the pigment a lot for the beautiful color kickback. But in general this color is very interesting and wearable.

3. Green-blue shade, which looks like #1 from the previous row, yet still, this one is less deep and softer texture-wise. It shows better blending and I like pairing it with some other shades.

4. Rather soft burgundy eggplant color. And this is the worst shade from the entire palette to my liking. It applies patchy and the blending is so difficult that I always try to avoid this color.

5. Well packed with pigment black color. It shows pretty good blending for such a color. It doesn’t deepen the shades, though I like using it for smokey eyes and along my lash line.

My makeup looks:




I’ve been dreaming of doing these makeup looks for a very long time, since I first saw the palette Androgyny from JS, which is also famous for being a dupe of the popular Subculture palette. So, at first I blended two shades which are #1 in the crease and along the lash line. Then I applied a couple of the colors, which are #2. Then I added a my favorite mixture of the army green and yellow shade #3. I also applied a tad of my concealer to cut the crease and highlight the inner corners. And over the concealer I applied the champagne color, which is called Sugarcoated from the Mint Chocolate palette. In general you can use any color that looks the same or even use your highlighter.




Here I tried to do a green-ish makeup with a cat eye. At first I blended the #1 shade, then I added a little bit of the #2 to make it look more interesting. After that I applied #3 and a tad of the #4. With the concealer again, I cut the lid and applied #5 over.




Grunge muddy yellow-green smokey eyes. I blended #1 shade in the crease, then applied some #2 and to the center of my lid I applied the #3 and #4 which were blended to the inner corners with #5.





Warm-toned red eggplant smokey eyes, which I have done a lot of times and I want to draw your attention that it was the most difficult blending here. As usual the #1 and #2 are in the crease. Then I added #3 and a tad of the #4 along the lash line. The #5 is applied with a wet brush to the inner corners and I can’t say that it shines its best here. But if you layer it and dampen after the application, it will definitely shine to the fullest.




Oriental-like makeup. You can swap the shimmer shade with a less yellow color and in general use the colors of your liking. So, the crease again is done with the #1 and #2. A little bit lower I applied #3 and the outer V-s are done with the chocolate shade, which is #4. The inner corners shine with the Golden Goddess shade from the same brand. You can dupe it with any warm-toned highlighter. Again, I used some concealer for the accent shade and the yellow shade is from the Mint Chocolate palette again.





This is my favorite makeup look with this palette. I have been wearing it a lot and I’m sure that I’ll still be wearing it, especially during the fall. It’s a perfect mixture of oriental and grunge styles for everyday wear. This makeup looks rather unusual, yet wearable at the same time. In the crease I blended #1 and then I applied #2 along the lash line and dragged the crease with the #3. The shimmer bronze color is applied along my mobile lid and I also did proper blending. And here, it’s absolutely optional whether to add the #5 to the inner corners or not. If you decide to do it, then use a wet brush. And in general, make sure to look at it during the day because it can leave some fall out behind. I really recommend you to try to do such makeup if you haven’t yet.




This is my everyday go-to makeup, which can be either more fair-toned or dark-toned.

#1 is blended in the crease, # 2 is blended a little lower. Darken all the lid with #3 if you want a darker version and to the center of the lid and then apply a any light color or highlighter to the inner corners and as an accent shade. And that’s it.



Who will it be great for: Some people might find these colors wild but if you look closer, you’ll see that there are a lot of regular and wearable shades here. Different green and mustard shades are actually accents here and are aimed at making your makeup look more sophisticated and interesting.

Of course you’ll have to be more patient and careful with some shades, but in general I take this palette as a good purchase, especially recollecting its price. This palette is a great tool to be creative and I’m sure that everybody will find a use from it on a daily basis.


P.S. You might think that these colors from the palette look almost the same as the colors from the Mint Chocolate palette by the same brand. But I won’t agree with you. Moreover, I’d say that these palettes match each other well and give an even better field for creative and astonishing makeup looks.




+ unique shades

+ very affordable price tag

+ big refill pans

+ the brand is animal cruelty-free (it’s an advantage for sure for many people)



- flimsy packaging

- parabens in the ingredients (some people are very concerned about it)

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