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Written on Monday, July 17, 2017

For some months before buying the 2000 Calorie, I was reading a lot of great reviews of it. I just couldn’t help but buy it. My mascara was almost done and it was time to buy another one. At the store, I found the usual version of this mascara only in brown color or waterproof. So, I just had nothing to do but to buy this one with the curved brush.

I didn’t need the waterproof mascara, as I simply don’t like them. And moreover, I really wanted to try the mascara with the curved brush, so it seemed as though everything was going to be fine…

So let me introduce you the MaxFactor 2000 Calorie Curved Brush Volume & Curl

The color of my mascara is black. There’s also brown color available.

The brush is really curved with bristles, and it’s not small, by the way. It’s length is enough on my whole eye to coat.

I want to say from the very beginning that it was the first and the last time I ever bought the mascara with the curved brush. I didn’t like it at all, I just couldn't find the right way to use it. My lashes looked dull, as I just couldn't apply my mascara with this curved brush. What’s more, while trying to get used to it, I was constantly touching my inner corner with the brush tip. It’s interesting that I had difficulties only with my right eye. But usually, it happens vice versa, it’s difficult to coat only the left eye, I don’t know why.

Consistency-wise, this mascara is perfect. It was of the same consistency until it got dried in the tube. Even after it became goopy, it still continued to coat my lashes well, and even separated them better than before. The only nuance was that my lashes were not as black, as before.

The result. This mascara gives the result of something in between the natural looking and dramatic effect. It wasn’t dramatic enough, but already not natural. I like the dramatic effect more, so I was layering it in 2 or more coats.

I noticed the promised volume on my lashes, as well as a curl. At the beginning the mascara was making my lashes stick together but later, it got a bit thicker and became fine.

Let’s look at some photos.

Here is a photo of the mascara a few days after I bought it. I applied it in 1 or 2 layers and didn’t comb my lashes.

Here you can see my lashes with two coats in a couple of weeks after the purchase.

Here are my “bare” eyes with no make-up on, only mascara, for you to see the effect better. I applied two coats without combing.

During the day, I had no problems with this mascara: it didn't flake off or smudge. It didn’t irritate my eyes or under eyes either.

It was easy to remove it, with facial cleanser or micellar water.

I was using it for two months. Probably, I could continue using it for a week or even two, but there was just no need to do so. I don’t like to apply the dried mascara, as it’s way longer and not so pleasant. And the effect was also not at all good.

By the way, once I forgot to close the tube with the mascara for the whole weekend. The brush was in the tube, but not screwed. And that accident didn’t stop me from using it for more than a month after! Moreover, you can never be sure that they didn’t open it before you at the store.

What am I leading to? I presume that this mascara could have continued to be fine for another two to four weeks.

And despite that I didn’t like the curved brush, I liked the mascara itself, so I’ll definitely buy one with a usual brush. I hope that the content will be the same and the difference is only in lettering, color and shape of the brush.

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MaLina_M recommends Max Factor 2000 Calorie Curved Brush Volume & Curl Mascara

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