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Written on Monday, November 19, 2018

Hey everyone.

After I ran out of my favorite mascara, I didn’t buy it again. I bought two other mascaras because...well, trying out something new is always fascinating.

This mascara costs about $18 but I bought it with a huge discount. To be honest, I would have never bought it for full price.


I got the renewed version, and, frankly speaking, the change wasn’t for the better.

As far as I remember, its design was completely different.

Here we have an ordinary tube made of cheap plastic. Even the golden letters on it don’t make it special. The appearance of it is so boring.


The brush is made of silicone, with sparse bristles. I think such bristles aren’t good for short and straight lashes, like mine.

However, I like that the brush isn’t huge, because big brushes always get into my eyes. Plus, one doesn’t need big brushes when one’s eyelashes are short.

The neck of the tube is wide, and, as a result, as lot of mascara stays on the tip of the brush.

I got used to removing the excess by wiping the brush, and yet a lot of mascara stays on the bristles which turns the makeup process into torture.

Color, formula and fragrance

I don’t really see a difference because black and coal black. Maybe I’m color blind, but such shades are simply black for me.

The formula is creamy and yet a bit dry (just a little bit). Such formulas dry faster than the others. It’s been 2 months and I think it doesn’t have much time left.

But the scent is really nice! Among all the mascaras I’ve tried, this one has the nicest fragrance. When applying it, I can distinctly smell sweet notes of chocolate.

First, my naked eyelashes:

My eyelashes are like digging sticks, not too long and straight. Some of them are down.That’s why I can’t do without an eyelash curler:

What I want from a mascara (priorities listed in descending order):


  • I want it to keep my lashes curly
  • It has to be clumps-free
  • Give length
  • Separation and volume
  • And no sticking my eyelashes together.


There is a nuance. The first layer applies thickly, because of the excess of the mascara on the bristles and of the dry formula itself.


That’s why I have to comb through the eyelashes a few times in order to apply everything evenly. It must be done quickly, otherwise the mascara will dry. It takes a lot of time, and I’m not happy about it.

That’s why two completely opposite results may be achieved with this mascara.

Let us take a look at both.

1. Neat application:

After applying the mascara unhurriedly we get this:Long and separated lashes:It’s a great result for natural makeup. The mascara has given even the curl:Great separation, but...not enough drama. I prefer to apply two layers.

The second layer depends on the first one. If the first layer is without clumps, so will be the second one. The second layer makes my eyes look more evocative.

I don’t really like to wait until the first layer is dry, I prefer to apply them one after another.

The second layer applies smoothly, and I don’t have a feeling that the brush glides over plastic lashes.

Despite making the look more dramatic, the second coat feels a bit heavy, which makes my eyelashes straighten under its weight.

A little comparison which shows the difference between 1 and 2 coats:

The third coat would only stick eyelashes together, in my opinion.


2. Quick application

First coat

I don’t have enough time in the morning, which results in applying my makeup too fast. I guess my skills wake up later.

That’s what one coat looks like:

It seems to be okay, but even the first layer shows clotty eyelashes, and I have the feeling that the second layer would make it only worse.


The brush does always stain my skin in the under eye area.

The second coat

The eyelashes stick together like spider legs, and look like thick sticks without any curl.

Some people like this effect, though:

But I don’t. I think this looks messy. A comparison:

Not really bad, when looked at from a distance:

About staining the eyelid. Dunno, maybe my eyelids are special, but no mascara has ever stained them. So nothing to say here.



Sadly, this mascara doesn’t keep my eyelashes curly. After a while, they start to straighten, naturally. The more coats I apply, the less curly my lashes are, because of the weight of the mascara. I don’t feel this weight, though.


This mascara doesn’t fall off. I never find crumbles of it under my eyes.

My makeup at 7 a.m.:

My makeup at 19 a.m.:

I’m happy with the lasting power of the mascara, but the eyelashes went down after a while.

My left eye tend to water when it’s windy or sunny, and also if I lie on the left side. But the mascara never runs down.

I take it off with cleansing oil, and the mascara comes off easily.


It’s hard to apply, and even if you invest some time into it, you’ll get a bit of volume and length, no clumps and a possibility to layer it.

But the first coat must be applied thoroughly, otherwise the lashes will look clotty. I also hate that it weighs my lashes down.

There are better and cheaper alternatives.

This mascara may be a good choice if you don’t care about the curl.

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