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Written on Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Pros: easy to use, great idea in theory, nice packaging, useful applicator
Cons: a little pricey, orange eyebrows, the color changes unpredictably, washes off too quickly

Hello everyone!

I love testing different eyebrow products. So, I’ve decided to buy the Maybelline Tattoo Brow, although I read a good deal of controversial reviews.

The brow gel is packed in paper packaging with amazing writing. The design is in general very eye-catching. Inside you can find the gel tint in a small tube. The packaging is well-made and nice to hold in the hands.

I’ve bought this product in the Dark Brown shade, which is always suitable for my eyebrows.

From the manufacturer:

Maybelline's 1st ever tinted brow gel for natural looking brows that lasts for 3 days.



Apply Maybelline's Tattoo Brow 3-Day Gel Tint over brows in your desired shape.



Let dry for at least 20 minutes. For best results, leave on for 2 hours,



Easily peel off gel-tint starting from the inner corner of the brow towards the outside.

The product has quite a useful applicator brush. It’s flexible and easy to use for creating the desired shape.

The product has a thick and viscous texture, which I would call a ‘strange mess.’ However, it doesn’t flow but stays put, which is very good.

I don’t see any point to test it on your hands, especially in a store! It would show you nothing.

First of all, it doesn’t last long on the hands. I doubt that you’ll wait 20 minutes till it’s dry. The product dries out on the hand within 5 minutes and comes off by itself.

Secondly, the color on your hands and on your eyebrows is really green if you let it set for little time. It’s inevitable, as the color won't show up so quickly.

Look, I’ve applied the product to my hands and let it set for 5-10 minutes. As a result, the color is greenish.

Experiment #1.

I’ve started testing the eyebrow tint in the evening right after my return from the store. I couldn’t wait to try it out. At first I removed my makeup, de-oiled my brows and applied the product.

I left it on 20 minutes as required and the result impressed me positively. Then I took a shower, washed myself and went to bed. In the following morning I got up, washed myself again and here we are… Orange eyebrows! They were really orange! It bemused my husband quite a lot Smile

Then I thought that the time for setting was not enough, so I decided to carry out the experiment one more time.

Experiment #2.

Here are my bare eyebrows. I haven’t used any eyebrow products on purpose.

I deoiled my brows again and applied the gel tint.

Then I put on my makeup, had a breakfast and somewhere in an hour I’ve decided to peel it off. By the way, it’s easy to peel the gel off, every hair is safe and sound. Moreover, I felt comfortable wearing the product before peeling it off.

So… reveal...

Here is the result. The eyebrows are more intense now and the color is just the right. They are dark brown without any hint of green!

However, the result is not perfect for me, because I make them more natural with the other eyebrow products.

Well, I had these brows the whole day and when I returned home in the evening, they looked the same as in the morning.

The staying power is great. My brows stayed put all day and nothing happened to them even if I rubbed them. It really reminds me of a permanent eyebrow tattoo Smile So convenient!

In the evening I washed myself and the eyebrows became orange again Smile In the morning I’ve taken a picture:

Hey, Maybelline, what’s wrong?!

If the color was coming off gradually without any hint of orange, it would’ve been great. But it doesn’t and my brows have this disgusting color every time.

The color lasts 3 days for real, but it fades with every wash and you get kinda light red eyebrows Smile

What can I say to round up? The idea is good, but the product itself is bad. It’s not worth splurging on. I hope my review helps some future buyers out!

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