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Written on Thursday, July 26, 2018

No sooner had my excitement about the Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette ceased that I finally decided to purchase its ‘little sis’ and my new favorite.

To tell you the truth,at first it seemed to me that the shades in both palettes are pretty similar, plus I wasn’t hooked by the Soul Blooming right away. But I decided to pick it up after a while, because I didn’t want to kick myself for not buying it and having it out of stock.

The palettes have similar sizes. In term of the design, it seems to me that the maker developed it in the second palette more thoroughly.

The Soul Blooming is housed in a thin cardboard package as well as the Dreamy option and has a pretty similar style.

On the back you can find all the necessary information, ingredients and batch code. As far as I understand, the ingredients of each shade differ, but the quality of them all is great.

The design of the ‘little sister’ is more exquisite with two textures on the package (glossy flowers and a matte pattern, plus some glowy highlights at the buds.) Love it.

The palette is lightweight and pretty thin. The cap opens up to the fullest extent, which is a huge plus when I have to hold the palette in my hands.

Also, a big mirror is included, but I personally don’t like using it because the brush handle may sometimes get into a pan in the process. However, it’s not the fault of the palette. The mirror is alright.

When compared to the gothic and somewhat vampire style of the Dreamy, the Soul Blooming palette is a blooming garden full of mysteries and secrets. Such a description has nothing to do with my exercises in writing stuff. The thing is that the shades unfold in a makeup even better than they look in the refill, which is a rare occasion.

The shades at different angles and light are shown below. They all glow and overflow in the sun like a dream:

This is how they look in real life:

All shades are spring-like and very subtle. The quality of matte hues is on fleek as well as those in the previous palette. The only difference is that they are probably a tad dustier when applying. So the previous palette looks like new even now, although I use it pretty often whereas this option looks pretty used after 5-6 makeups.

All shades are highly pigmented and blend out perfectly. The color can be endlessly intensified.

Chamomile: It’s a pale-peach that is super soft and highly pigmented. It’s not suitable for use as a base color, as it has a pronounced hint of yellow. I use it for blending the contours of the darker shades.

Gea: It’s a dusty peach that is a little drier than the other mattes in the palette, but it applies and blends out really well.

Bolero: It’s an intense coral-red. I worried that it would apply patchy, but I was wrong. You can easily control the color.

I use it very frequently at the moment, although I wasn’t much into such shades earlier.

Flowery: it’s a lilac-gray-blue that is a little bit drier and dustier than the others.

Simply put, it’s a gorgeous smokey shade that looks complicated in the pan, but semi-sheer on my eye.

You better build it up, otherwise it appears messy on the lid. It’s nice, although such shades are not really up my street.

Middle Karma: It’s a soft and highly pigmented toffee that looks a bit darker and browner in reality. The overall photo shows it better.

Caravaggio: It looks like cocoa powder. It’s red-brown and I use it in most makeups when I have to make the shade in the outer corner of my eye look deeper.

The finger-swatch of the mattes without a base...

And with a brush and an eyeshadow base:

Now to the shimmers… Oh, I have to give more details about them. I’m obsessed with these naughty shades, but there is a pesky drawback as always. To cut a long story short, 3 shimmers out of 5 have glistening particles. They are very fine and do not fall out, but they are present here anyway. I don’t like it.

The hues apply with my fingers or with a damp brush best. I’ve never used an eyeshadow where shimmers are best used with a dry brush btw.

Garden Gate: This is the shade of my dreams. I love it and constantly use it on my eyelid as an accent. It has ultra-fine glistening lilac particles, but it looks duochrome after all. Nevertheless, I can’t get why you added them here, Nabla.

Other than that this shade is divine.

The color is so gorgeous in the pan, but it looks lighter and more silver in real life.

I can’t convey this stunning glow in the swatch. The shade has a touch of light-emerald, lilac, blue and pink.

Left: applied with a brush with an eyeshadow base. Right: applied with a damp brush without a base.

Philosophy: It looks just pink with a hint of yellow upon first look, but it’s different! I was wowed when I swatched it, because this shade is the real glowing duochrome coral-red with a hint of azure. But you know what? Right, it has glister! And it is white btw! Well, it’s not really noticeable in makeup, but still has it.

Nabla, stop using these particles or I’m out. :с

Left: with a brush on a base. Right: with a damp brush without the base.

Climbing Rose: It’s a highly-pigmented coral-red. I would also described it as cranberry mixed with cloudberry. And it has no glister! Love it. By the way, this shade is very reminiscent of the Sparkler from the ColourPop Golden State Of Mind, which I actually like better, as the hint of cloudberry is more visible there.

Left: with a brush with the base. Right: with a damp brush without the base.

Anemone: I worried that it would have a gray undertone, but I was wrong. It has a purple-blue undertone and the hue is very intense and looks true in the pan.

Oh, yes… It’s the third and the last shade that has glister to it. This time the glister is blue and pink.

However, it’s not visible if you don’t look at the shade very closely.

Left: with a brush on a base. Right: with a damp brush without the base.

Garcon: It’s a nice red bronze. I have no gripes about the quality, but such shades are present almost in every palette, so it’s nothing amazing. Also, it has no glister.

Left: with a brush with a base. Right: with a damp brush without the base.

Now we move onto the foiled shade.

In the first palette it was the promising Delirium, which looked like an evil amethyst in the pan, but turned out to be so dull. Here we have the moonstone Honey Drip shade.

And it’s so cool! The camera doesn’t show it, but it has some hint of coral-red here too. This shade is awesome and it builds up like a dream and gives an amazing effect on my eyes.

Would you like to compare the two foiled shades?

Delirium - dislike, Honey Drip - like.

Well, let’s compare the two palettes (the elder ‘hot brunette’ on the right with its junior ‘blonde dreamer’ on the left):

As I’ve already said, the two palettes seemed pretty similar to me, but in reality only one shade looks the same in both palettes, which is deep brown. Nevertheless, it has a more expressed red undertone in Soul Blooming than in Dreamy.

Dogma from the Dreamy palette on the left and Caravaggio from the Soul Blooming palette on the right:

The rest of the ‘pretty similar’ shades have nothing in common in reality.

The shade Immaculate from the Dreamy eyeshadow on the left is more loose than Honey Drip from Soul Blooming palette and has a white undertone. Moreover, the glow is yellow and not really intense.

Honey Drip has a semi-sheer undertone. It adjusts to my skin tone and gives a bright glow with hints of various shades.

Sistina from Dreamy on the left and Bolero from Soul Blooming on the right:

Left: Metal Cupid (Dreamy). Right: Climbing Rose (Soul Blooming):

Left: Inception (Dreamy). Right: Garden Gate (Soul Blooming). I compared these only because of a purple touch. However, the two shades are completely different, even in the pans.

Left: Illusion (Dreamy). Right: Gea (Soul Blooming):

Let’s look at the makeups now.

This eyeshadow is a standalone product that can be used without any auxiliary palettes. All shades are usable.

The product blends out and builds up amazingly well. More than that, it’s highly pigmented and hardly dusty. It doesn’t crease on top of the base. And I don’t use it without a base. Smile

Here, Anemone is applied to my lower eyelid, Middle Karma to my crease with the Caravaggio to darken it and Honey Drip under my brows and to my movable eyelid.

Here, I used Chamomile, Gea and Bolero for my crease and for blending. Plus, Garcon as an eyeliner, Climbing Rose is applied to my movable and lower eyelids and Philosophy to the corner of my eyes.

The next look: Flowery is applied to my crease, Anemone is used for darkening the outer corner of my eye and Garden Gate for my movable eyelid. + Good deal of purple eyeliner from Essence.

Now Bolero in my crease and on my lower eyelid, Climbing Rose on my eyelid and Philosophy in the corner of my eye. By the way, I created spider lashes for fun.

The next option: Gea + Bolero are in my crease and on my entire eyelid, plus Philosophy as a topper. Also, I used here the E.L.F. eyeliner.

Now Middle Karma + Anemone applied to my crease, Garden Gate to my whole eyelid and Honey Drip to the corner of my eye.

And the last one: Chamomile is in my crease darkened with Gea, Bolero is used as an accent for the outer corner of my eye and Philosophy is used for the center of my movable eyelid.

My verdict:

I’ll buy any palette Nabla will bring out and I guess I’ll be obsessed with them all.

As for these two options, I choose the Dreamy option over Soul Blooming, because the latter has this annoying glitter to some hues.

I would give this eyeshadow 9 stars out of 10! And I would even give it 11 stars if it was not for the glitter!

Recommend? Natürlich!

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