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Written on Thursday, October 18, 2018
Pros: quality and staying power, the aroma is fabulous, the quality of the product
Cons: there aren’t any or maybe the price is an issue

Hello and thank you for reading my post!

It’s high time to tell you about my new recent buys and today they’ll be NARS FULL VINYL LIP LACQUERS.

I have them in the shades At First Sight 2438 and Cape Town 2437. I bought them because of their promo when you buy one, you get another one for free.

At first, I used to think that these would be good swaps for my favorite Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Glow, which is almost used up now, by the way. And I really wanted to dupe it with some product of a sheer-off-white color for everyday wear for winter. I like the way that lip gloss looks over my lips so much. But it wasn’t destined for me to reach the Dior’s corner, since it was obvious that the promo for “2 for 1” was too tempting.

So, you’ve probably already guessed that I grabbed the At First Sight 2438 shade first.

At First Sight 2438 on my lips
At First Sight 2438 on my lips
It’s a sheer lip lacquer, which has a myriad of tiny silver, golden and pink shimmering particles in the formula, aka duochrome shade. It looks awesome on my lips. However, unlike my favorite Dior product, this one is a lip lacquer and it feels thicker on my lips. But it features a better staying power - 4 hours at least, given that within that time I can drink a cup of coffee and talk a lot. And it won’t slide off my lips. The texture is more or less gel-like and it has such a pleasant vanilla smell. But in general, it’s just a regular beautiful and unbiased lip lacquer. I can really recommend it for everyday wear.

Cape Town 2437 on my lips
Cape Town 2437 on my lips

But things go different when it comes to another babe - Cape Town 2437. This guy is much more interesting. It has a more saturated bronze-pink-golden-green polychrome (duochrome) shine, which brings some color to my lips as well.

Here are the swatches of both lacquers on my hand for a comparison. As you can see, the Cape Town 2437 shade is more pigmented than the At First Sight 2438.

At First Sight 2438 Cape Town 2437 and my all time fave Dior Addict ultra-gloss 465 shock
At First Sight 2438 Cape Town 2437 and my all time fave Dior Addict ultra-gloss 465 shock

In comparison with the Dior Addict ultra-gloss - FULL VINYL LIP LACQUER is really thicker. But they also feature a more glossy pout. The coverage seems thicker, which is so advantageous, especially for the fall/winter season. And as far as I know they are !!LIMITED EDITION!! 

I also noticed that the boxes differ a little bit, though not all of them. Some are just silver, while others are color-coded with the product inside.

The lacquers have 5.5 ml of the formula and their shelf life is 12 months.

And now a few words about the unique two-sided branded applicator.

The furry side looks rather regular, like of any other lip gloss. And yeah, it’s a sponge and not brush there…

And a unique side is fur-free, that’s why it imparts smooth and even product application, creating even more lacquered effects. But in fact, it’s all just a whim. Both sides of the applicator apply the product evenly and there’s no difference in their application, even if you look very close to the outcome coverage.


In the end I have to say that these NARS FULL VINYL LIP LACQUERS in the shades At First Sight 2438 and Cape Town 2437 have turned out to be so fine for me. They are worth the money they cost. Well, it’s all relative, I know. But you can always find them discounted. Now I want to purchase all the shades from the collection. The thing is that I still don’t know whether I need them all or not…


Thanks for your attention and see you in my following reviews!

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