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Written on Thursday, June 21, 2018
Pros: beautiful color, doesn’t bleed, easy application, good moisture, i don’t feel it on my lips
Cons: not actually long-wearing, pricey, requires sharpening

Before this product entered my life, my go-to lip products were lip glosses. I don’t like lipsticks, I have to say. I deem that’s because my lips don't look pouty, alas. It’s always difficult for me to choose the right color of a lip product, so as not to make my lips appear smaller than they actually are. Besides, I’m not gifted with good hands, so the process of my lip product application usually ends up with a catastrophe. Everything will be covered with the lipstick, but not my lips, though.

I saw this product in a local beauty store and I swatched some shades on my hand. I fell for the color New Lover, and I decided that I’d definitely buy it but a little bit later when they had sales.

So, less words, more actions!


The lippie is actually a chubby stick (that’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Otherwise, it wouldn't have been called a lip pencil), which is super pleasant to the touch, thanks to its smooth and matte surface.

The product is packed with a sturdy cardboard box and in general looks decent.

But here I have to draw your attention to the downside of the product at once. You see, the pencil isn’t retractable and you’ll have to sharpen it.

Since the product is wider than the regular eye and lip pencils, you’ll have to buy a special sharpener for it. And I won’t advise you to sharpen it with a knife ever!

The list of ingredients is given here on the box:

Made in Germany


New Lover is a warm-toned pinky-coral shade with a golden cast to it.

The finish is satin and unbelievably beautiful ♥

It’s such a great color for spring and summer. It refreshes my look so nicely.

The scent is barely detectable. It’s regular for a cosmetic product

The lip pencil has creamy texture, it’s pliant, yet not actually bleeding.

It applies over my lips with a thin layer and totally covers up my natural lip color. The product feels lightweight on my lips and at the same time it gives beautiful moisture to them. Thanks to its texture, the product doesn’t show flaking (of course if your lips don’t flake off with huge bits of skin) and of course the shimmer plays a role here too. It makes my lips look delicately glowy which is why they appear as though more pout, which is so important for me!

!ADVICE! There are emollient components in the ingredients, it’s better to store the product in a cool place, or the formula can melt down.


The lippie is easy and pleasant to apply. It beautifully outlines my lips and fills them in. The product doesn’t bleed, which is so great, because if I use a regular lipstick, every morning I have to suffer a lot during its application. Even a lip brush isn’t much helpful, you know. But here, thanks to the pencil shape of the product, even me with my klutzy hands, can apply it evenly. Laughing out loud

As for the wear time, well, here it leaves much to be desired. The staying power of the lippie is rather average. The product stains everything - glasses, forks, spoons etc.

If you can live through 2-3 hours without a meal, you can be sure that the lippie will stay on during this time easily! I don’t know, maybe it’s also able to live through a longer time, but I can’t check it because I’ll get thirsty for sure.


As you all know it, any lip pencil grinds off over time.

And here comes the most important question on how to sharpen this very lip pencil.

It’ll be perfect to use the Nars sharpener, which is specially designed for the products by the brand.

BUT, first of all, it’s pretty difficult to find and secondly, even if you find it, the price will be rather high. I was lucky enough to get it during sales.

But don’t be upset too quickly!

It’s still possible to find a good sharpener by some other brand. The most important thing is to make sure that the pencil gets in and out well.

I know that this sharpener doesn’t look as beautiful as the Nars sharpener, but the most important thing is that it does its job! Even though I have to say that it does take off much more of the pencil slate.

It’s noteworthy that my lip pencil doesn’t look as sharp as the brand new product (of course I could have sharpened it better, but there would be too much of the texture wasted then). This is how the sharpened pencil looks like.


The product retails for $23.00

I guess it’s the time to finish my review. And yes, I think I should answer the question - why don’t I give this product all the five stars?

Honestly, I want to assess it with five stars, but I just can’t. Smile Even though it’s a beautiful product with a lot of positive sides, there are still some negative facts which are prohibited here, considering the price of the product.

If only this lip pencil was cheaper, I would have closed my eyes on all the downsides and have assessed it with all five stars. But here, only four solid stars for it.

So now, that’s it.

Thanks for your attention! Smile

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LesyaSha recommends NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil

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