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Written on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Hello, beauties!

Today I’d like to post a review of the palette which is so contradictory and questionable for everybody…

The thing is that people always tend to think about whether the product that costs almost like a wing of a plane is a worthwhile gamble or not.


Honestly, for a long time, I couldn’t dare buy this palette myself and was quietly sighing looking through its video reviews from the beauty “influencers”, who were persuading us that the palette was something out of this universe and absolutely unique.

… Created by the hand of God…

Of course I didn’t take all those promises seriously, yet still, I was too curious and the swatches were so alluring. Well, I ordered it.


Lila Palette от Natasha Denona:


It’s jaw-dropping, seriously. Smile At first, I thought that the palette was made of plastic with a leather print on it, but no. It’s actually faux leather cover, not plastic at all.

The palette is unbelievably pleasant to hold in my hands. So expensive and luxurious.

However, the design of the palette offers a con as well. You see, the inside of the palette is plastic. It isn’t a smooth plastic, though, it’s rough. Hence the palette always looks stained with the powders inside because it’s a tricky task to wash off that plastic.

A few words on why they consider the Natasha Denona eyeshadows the most expensive out there and what we pay for:

  • Natasha herself is a very famous American makeup artist and a famous Youtuber.

  • The eyeshadows include natural crushed pearls, which of course greatly add to the price for the shadows to the buyer, as well as for the manufacturer indeed.

  • One more important fact of the high price is the weight of each refill pan. Each refill offers 2.5g of an eyeshadow powder, hence the weight of all the products in the palette is 37.5g. It’ll last a lifetime. Smile

  • And yeah, the packaging is also costly. It isn’t a cheap plastic, but a really expensive and so to speak chic palette that you have to pay for.

  • And the last but not least is the quality of the products. Girls, I SWEAR, I’ve never tried anything of this kind in my life. The incredible beauty of the shades and their nice quality make me breathless each time I use this palette for my makeup. It’s just magic!


  • The first row:

Per Se:

It’s such a right shade for the crease. It’s pretty gray, though it still has a hint of lilac undertone. It’s perfection not only for the crease but also to wear all over my mobile lids. I reach it rather frequently, as I believe that it advantageously accentuates my gray-green eyes making them soulful and expressive. The shade is soft and well packed with the pigment.


It’s a violet duochrome shade, which shines into a blueish color. Dope pigmentation and the shade itself looks soft and gentle.


It’s something brown with the notes of red to it. A great color for the darkening of my outer Vs.



Wow! One more duochrome shade, which shines into several colors indeed. It’s coral red glitter based, shifting into peach and pink color.

Nude Vino:

The darkest matte shade from the palette. Unfortunately, once I try to picture it, the product in the pan looks very fair… I tried a lot but still couldn’t cope to translate the right color of the product in the refill pan.

All the shades from the first row:


The second row:


Brown? Dark gray mauve? Difficult to say. It’s infused with golden glitter.


Well, here my heart starts beating faster. The most alluring bright violet shade which I’ve ever had a chance to see in my life. In fact, such shades are the most difficult to create, but Natasha managed to do it well!! It’s a perfect violet color! It doesn’t blend out into mud, even if you’re applying your makeup for the first time and don’t know anything about the technique. It’s just a miracle!!!


This one is a magical fuchsia shade. It isn’t duochrome, but shimmering. If I wear it solo, it looks crimson on my eyes.


Gold! The most beautiful golden shade in my life. The color is gentle and it literally glows in real life, which is so eye-catching.

Nude Mauve:

This is the shade that I start doing my crease with. Warm-toned brown shade.

The shades from the second row:


The third row:


Pearlescent shade. Cool-toned, unbelievably beautiful color! I like the way it looks over my brow bone as well as in the inner corners. I also sometimes wear it over my mobile lids.


A duochrome shade which leaves me breathless! It’s off-white with a pearl highlight.


Luxury red! It shines into crimson and peach a little.

Dragon Bite:

Classy duochrome color. These are actually two duochrome shades, which started the era of duochrome colors and made them hyped. But this very shade is really special! It’s unique and there isn’t a brand to release its dupe. It’s burgundy based with a golden-green highlight.


Is it a copper shade? Cool-toned copper? Well, for me it’s something sandy with a hint of copper notes.

All the shades from the third row:




...My look at the quality of the products...

The Natasha Denona Lila Palette comprises of 15 shades of eyeshadows:

  • 4 mattes

  • 3 duochromes

  • and 8 shimmers. Well, not actually shimmers, but I’d say metallics in their best representation as it might be.

All the colors are stunning! The color selection deserves life-long applause!

I want to say that these eyeshadows can’t be duped ever. They are the most beautiful that have ever been created in this world! When you’re doing your makeup with these products, you can be 100% sure that you’ll look your best and expensive. They are impossible to confuse with any other eyeshadows and these are the eyeshadows which are massive compliment magnets! Bravo, Natasha!

All the shades are nicely packed with pigments. If we’re talking about the shimmers or duochromes, then I have to tell you, they are like creamy by touch. I don’t know what magic was used to create them, but they are utterly special texture-wise.

The staying power is on fleek! I always wear my eyeshadows over a primer, it’s a kind of tradition for me, but I have to convince you that even within 12 hours of wearing, these eyeshadows look as though just applied on my eyes. They never lose their color intensity or fade away. The lasting power is phenomenal.


(I also want to draw your attention to the fact that all the swatches were done over my nude skin with one go of my finger. No intense rubbing or anything. I did it on purpose for you to assess the real beauty and pigmentation of the products)



My makeup #1

How to do it:

  • I use the Nude Mauve to define the crease.

  • Then I use the Per Se shade to blend the previously applied shade in the crease. The same shade goes to the outer Vs.

  • The Juneau shade is all over my mobile lid

  • I add a tiny bit of the Livid shade to the outer Vs

  • The lower lash line is done with the Per Se hue

Total look:


My makeup #2

How to do it:

  • I define the crease with the shade Nude Mauve

  • I additionally deepen the shade with the Per Se color

  • The Nude Vino goes to the inner and outer corners of my eyes

  • Then I apply the shade Purpure all over the lid

  • The Cyclone shade is in the center of my eyes as an accent

  • The lower lid is done with the Nude Vino and the middle of the lower lid is also done with the Purpure shade

Total look:


My makeup #3

How to do it:

  • Nude Mauve shade is in the crease

  • The Per Se to deepen the crease

  • The shade Viola is applied to the center of the lid, starting from the outer corner. The same shade goes to the crease a little

  • The Per Se shade is lightly blended out in the crease

  • The Juneau hue is in the empty space from the inner corner to the center of the lid

  • The Nude Vino is used to darken the crease

  • The lower lid is done with the shade Per Se and Nude Mauve

Total look:


My makeup #4

How to do it:

  • Nude Vino is in the crease

  • Per Se shade is used to blend it out in the crease

  • The shade Juneau is in the inner corner

  • I applied the Helio almost all over my mobile lid and left some space to darken the outer Vs

  • The Nude Vino is used to deepen the outer Vs a little bit more

  • The lower lid is done with a mixture of the shades Per Se and Livid

Total look:


My makeup #5

How to do it:

  • The Nude Mauve shade goes to the crease

  • The shade Per Se is used to darken it

  • I apply the color Purpure a little from my outer corner, creating a transition for the darkening

  • Then I use the Livid color all over the lid to the inner corner

  • I additionally blend out the edges with the Per Se shade

  • The Amethyst shade is applied to the center of the lid

  • The lower lash line is done with the Magnetic color and the thin line on the edges is done with the Amethyst again

Total look:


My makeup #6

How to do it:

  • The shade Nude Mauve goes to the crease

  • The Nude Vino is to darken the outer and inner corners, leaving out the center of the lid

  • The center is done with the shade Magnolia applied with my fingertip

  • The lower lid is done with the shade Nude Mauve. The center of the lower lid is done with the Magnolia color

Total look:



You know, I’m not for saving money to splurge it on cosmetics. And I do believe that one should buy really needy products, which don’t cost a fortune

But here I have to think differently… If you adore cosmetics, and you’re the so-called “makeup junkie” then I guess it’s okay to save some money and splurge on this palette. It is worth every dime, don’t hesitate. If you have a chance to buy it, then do it ASAP.

These shades are unique, I could see it from the very moment I swatched them first. They are different, absolutely not the same as what we're used to seeing from ABH, UD, TF, TooF.

They blend out themselves… I’ve heard this phrase a lot but it was the first time when I witnessed it myself. The products are as though silky by touch…


Thanks a lot for your attention!

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