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Written on Friday, May 17, 2019

Hello there!


For a very long time, I was longing to have this palette but I wasn’t mentally ready to splurge $38 on it.


But one day I just decided to splurge my monthly payment from this site and eventually bought it.



This palette was created in collab with the popular blogger Jaclyn Hill.

In 2017 the palette was said to be the most scandalized because Jaclyn turned down the Makeup Geek collaboration and then created her palette with the Morphe brand.

In a word, this story is really hyped and complicated. Everybody has already discussed it so I won’t stop on those scandals and just show you the eyeshadows.


The palette was manufactured in China. I don’t think that it’s bad since many makeup brands produce their products there nowadays.


The palette is huge. It has 56.2g of the eyeshadows in it! I doubt that I’ve got enough life to use them up.


The palette is big and takes up all the room on my vanity, which causes inconvenience. Now, when I put on my makeup, I just hold it in my hand like an artist.

Look at how Jaclyn holds it.

The palette also has Jaclyn’s words on it. They say that she just copied the shades from the Makeup Geek collaboration. But honestly, who cares?


The palette is thick and white cardboard.

Even though it’s very easy to stain, it still looks gorgeous. Thank God, there’s no mirror in there. Otherwise, the palette would be too heavy.

As far as I know, this design was renewed because the names of the shades were given on the liner before, while here they all are on the back of the palette.


The palette consists of 35 shades, which are mainly warm-toned.

I mean the palette isn’t versatile and it does lack several cool-toned shades.

But on the other hand, it’s full of vibrant and bold colors: purple, blue, turquoise and green. They all make the palette more interesting.


The palette includes several textures: matte, satins and shimmering.

When I opened it for the first time, I was flabbergasted and didn’t know how to combine all these colors.


The refills are big and they’ll go a long way.


I won’t describe each and every shade. I’ll just swatch you the rows and comments some issues if occurred.


The first row:

2 satin champagne shades which can also be used as highlighters; 2 matte shades for the crease; 3 pink shimmers, 2 of them are duochrome.


This row is good in quality. Moreover, the shades here are beautiful and easy to work with.


The second row:

All the shades, except for the last one, are matte. Most of all, I use them for the crease. Even the first shade, which is either yellow or mustard is easy to fit into my makeup, that was odd enough.


The third row:

The first two shades are shimmering. They are soft and easy to work with.

The rest are mattes and they are different in quality. You can witness it in the swatches.

Some of them are well packed with pigments, while others aren’t. Besides, they may be applied with patches. They can be tamed because a brush applies them with more or less good coverage.


The fourth row:

Just look at these gorgeous shades! Well, again the last two don’t have a good payoff.


The purple and blue shades seem magnificent at first sight but they just don’t sit over my skin.

It’s better to use a damp brush or black base beforehand.


The fifth row:

I adore the first 3 shades.


The other 3 are better to use for darkening the outer corners but their quality leaves much to be desired.


And the black one. It’s just a regular black shade for the smokey eyes.



For me, it lacks at least one fair matte shade and one cool neutral-toned shade for the crease.



All the satin and shimmering colors are well pigmented. They are easy to pack and blend out. I fell for the pink and turquoise shades most of all.

The mattes aren’t bad in general but many of them don’t perform well on my skin.


There are too many shades, so I won’t describe all my makeups in details but just show you some of my looks with this palette:















I wear them with a primer, so they blend out better and look brighter.

If I don’t use a primer, they still hold on well, don’t crease but may fade towards the evening.


My impressions of use…

I’m not spoiled with eyeshadows and I don’t have many palettes in my collection. Somehow, I was sure once I’d buy this one, I’ll be raving about it. But I was wrong.

Beauty bloggers do praise it here and there but I can’t agree with them.


Some shades are badly pigmented and some of them don’t want to sit over my skin. Others are dusty and flaking. Besides, among all that huge variety of shades, it still lacks a fair matte one and at least a couple of cool-toned colors.


On the one hand, the size of the palette and the variety of shades is good, but on the other, the palette isn’t handy to use. But I knew what I was buying, so it’s just me picking holes.


Yet still, the palette is awesome to master your skills!

It gives a variety of bright and more muted makeup looks! Let your fantasy fly high with it.



  • 35s shades;

  • big refill pans;

  • the shimmering and satin shades are awesome;

  • douchromes;

  • bright and accenting shades;

  • good blending and packing;

  • they stay on well throughout the day over a primer;

  • price/quality/weight ratio.



  • lack of fair matte and a couple of cool-toned shades;

  • some colors aren’t well packed with pigments and apply patchily;

  • a lot of similar shades.


I think I’ll give it 4 stars and I will recommend it for everyone who wants to learn to put on eyeshadows.


If you’re more experienced, you probably hardly need this palette because it’s really room-taking and the shades here aren’t so unique.


In fact, I’ve said everything I wanted. So, it’s time to say goodbye!

Thanks for your attention and see you in my next reviews!

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