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Written on Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Pros: a little bit goes a long way, easy to apply, good texture, long-wearing, nice blending, reasonable price, smooth application

Hello there!

Today I want to tell you about the NoUBA blush, which has been on the market for so long already. But for me, it has become a pleasant discovery recently.

Pre-story: at first I set off for a beauty store to buy the Dior Rosy Glow blush. This is that very best-selling and known product from the brand. It flatters everybody, blonde, brunette, swarthy and fair-skinned ones. In theory… But somehow, it didn’t flatter me… Maybe the reason was that the sales rep applied it too generously over my face and some time later it blossomed not with a cool-toned pink shade (as I wanted), but with a vibrant pink, which made me look like I was suffering from a fever.

I was also confused when I understood that I had to have some skills to apply it well, being constantly afraid that one day I overdo it. Besides, I had to wait for some time to see the final results.

I was absolutely puzzled when I asked the sales girls to help me and they advised me to have a look at the NoUBA or IsaDora blushes. Testing them out, they concluded that Nouba was the best for me. I agreed (yes, I’m the best client for sales reps, I always buy a lot and what they advise). So, I bought this blush and I’m so happy!

This is my first product from the brand. I could even withstand the Millebaci hype. Right here I want to say that the brand managed to surprise me.

The price/quality ratio is optimal here. The Nouba brand doesn’t claim to be high-end but it’s too good to be a street-end and I know that the quality they offer is top notch.

The first thing that reveals it is the packaging. The blusher was packed with a super stylish, pleasant to the touch, beautiful casing! I don’t want to leave this babe out of my hands! The matte black color is mesmerizing. This product made me fall for the Nouba design and I’m sure that the next visit to a beauty store will bring me a lot of products from this brand.


I have mine in the shade #55. It was the make up artist of the store, who chose this shade for me and I think that’s a hit! It’s very harmonious and natural on my skin.

The product is baked, it doesn’t dust and applies smoothly with fingers and brushes. (Once I even forgot about the brush application). The formula is buildable. I appreciate their matte formula. I can’t get this hype of highlighters and shining faces.

The staying power is good. I apply it in the morning and that’s all. The product doesn’t change its color throughout the wear (unlike the Dior blush). A little amount goes a long way. Shade #55 is super natural, only fresh skin, which is glowing with health, as though I was presented with a pair of diamond earrings. No barbie pink notes here. A year before, I was wearing some other blush and when I changed it for Nouba, a lot of people saw the difference, I should say.

The swatch isn’t informative and doesn’t show the Nouba blush to the fullest. I advise you to swatch it on your cheeks with a generous layer and then buy it.

I’m not good at showing makeup, but still, I feel like I need to show you the color. I applied some foundation on the back of my hand.

And then the blush:

And a look from afar:

Of course, it looks absolutely different with the full-on makeup on my face.

Currently, this Nouba blush is my go-to blush that I wear for my job. And that cool-toned pink blush will be good for the spring, I think.

I’m very happy if you like my review.

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