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Written on Wednesday, January 31, 2018
Pros: beautiful
Cons: requires a primer

Hello there! I keep experimenting with the NYX products and this time I’m bringing you my review of the FACE & BODY GLITTER.


About the packaging

It’s a see through small jar with a screw on black top. The design is simple, sleek and really in the brand's style. On the bottom you’ll find the number and the color. The new package was sealed.

Opening the top cap you’ll find the protecting film and small holes that the glitter particles come through. At first I used to think that the packaging was a disaster and there will never be enough glitter to come out through those holes, but later I found out that the packaging was really thought-out.


The product is the speckling, dry with tiny glitter particles. I have it in a stunningly beautiful bronze color. It looks very expensive, noble and really gorgeous.

At first I tried to fit it into my daily makeup run in the taupe colors. The product doesn’t apply well over dry eyeshadows and looks patchy.

To make the glitter hold on well, you’ll definitely need to use a primer.

As far as I’m aware there’s a special product by NYX as well. But I had mine by some other brand and used it as a primer. The glitter applied all over my lids looks astonishing on the eyes. The outcome looks simple yet very effective and will be so nice to wear for a party or special occasion.

In the bright light the glitter shines beautifully. I added some liner with a black eye pencil on my lash line and blended it out a little. I deem that if I’d accompanied this look with falsies, it might have been more effective and bold. But I thought that just mascara was enough for me.

The particles are very small, soft and easy to stick over a primer. They drop off during application but there’s no problem to remove them afterwards.

The play of colors shows me some gentle pink and muted cast. I think that this product in the Bronze color flatters brown eyes most of all.

For my evening look I opted for the red muted matte lipstick by Lime Crime in the Riot shade. And I presume it’ll also look great with some brown or nude lipstick as well.

Some other camera angle:

With eyes closed:

What clothes will this product be fine to wear with?

I think that a bordo cocktail dress and tiny purse will be great if you accompany them with this glitter in your makeup.

Floor-length black dress and a metallic clutch in your hands.

One more look which is more wearable:

For this makeup I used satin beige eyeshadows all over my mobile lid, made a wing with a black matte eye pencil and applied some glitter to the crease over a primer.

With a nude lipstick on

With this make up, I think will be fine to go to a cafe or to a concert.


Unlike makeups, this glitter by NYX can be used many other ways. As body glitter, like the product suggests, for instance, or a show or a beautiful photoshoot.

And I can’t come up with any other uses, maybe you can?

The staying power is okay if you don't touch the product with your clothes. But you know, it’ll be strange to apply glitter on your body and wear a sweater to hide it.

All in all, the FACE & BODY GLITTER is a great product for evening and bold makeup. People who usually appear on stage, dance for example, will find use for this glitter to make their body beautiful, as well as makeup artists who should definitely have it in their kits.

And I think that makeup junkies and those who like experiments will also fall for this product.

I like this glitter a lot. Unfortunately there aren’t many occasions in my life when I can wear it but the product is dry which means that its shelf life is very long.

Thanks for your attention!

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Coconut_Vicky recommends NYX Face & Body Glitter

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