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Written on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Hello beauties! Smile

Makeup looks with different glitter, shimmer and sparkles seem to be taking over the world. Well and NYX is always here to present us with the most trendy and interesting products. Smile

Initially I wanted the glitter in the color #08 Bronze, which I’m actually reviewing today. I saw a beauty blogger wearing it and fell for it as the glitter looked so wonderful on her. But in the collection there are so many other stunning colors which I’d like to try out with great pleasure.

So, what do we see? It’s the cutest jar with thousands of sparkling particles. Well, I guess you can see it yourself in the pictures. Smile

There’s a sifter to the jar to prevent any accidental spilling of the glitter. You know, loose glitter is dark-minded and always sits on the cap and wants to come out, so be careful opening the product. But still, thank you, NYX for a thoughtful packaging as there’s some other pigment by the same brand which is packed in a very inconvenient jar. I would have been very upset if they placed the glitter into a badly-thought out package.

The color of the glitter is fantastic! Actually the color was the reason I bought this product. It’s a noble, bright and really versatile shade. Basically I love bronze shades in my makeup, and look how gorgeously all these sparkles shine!

I like the product’s info on the official site. I’ll cite it here for you too. Smile

Glam things up a notch and shine like the star you are with our sparkling new Face & Body Glitter, available in 12 light-catching shades ranging from ruby red and multi-colored purple to bronzy brown and yellow gold. Pair with our GLITTER PRIMER for a sparkle-perfect look.

If to speak sense, then this product is just simple glitter that is no way different from usual sequins that we are all used to seeing in shops for less money. Well, the NYX product is more expensive and it’s so soft to the touch which is important if you use it in your eye makeup. But still this glitter is just a treat for a special occasion that looks stunning though. Once I saw it in the bronze color, I immediately became hooked. Smile

How to apply the product?

NYX has a special Glitter Primer which works fine with this product, But I didn’t buy it, as I’m not going to use this glitter on a daily basis, so there’s no need for me to splurge on a primer. But if you don’t have this primer either, don’t be upset. If you have a good eyeshadow primer, it’ll work fine for the glitter as well!

I also tried to apply this glitter over cream eyeshadows and gel eyeliner. In this makeup I used the Color Tattoo by Maybelline as a primer and then applied the glitter itself.

You can also try out the wet application technique and apply the glitter with a damp brush or your fingertip. But honestly, this option didn't work for me.

And if you are a very brave girl then the following technique might be for you. Try to stick the glitter over false lash glue. But be very careful and use the tiniest bit of the glue so it doesn't tighten the lid too much. The staying power will be phenomenal then until you remove it yourself but you know, I didn't make you follow this technique, only if any others aren’t for you for some reason.

Frankly speaking I was generously covered with this glitter during application. It’s a difficult product to tame. At the moment I wear it over cream eyeshadows.

This is how the glitter looks when used in my makeup. I applied it very tightly over my lids.

What do I have to say in the end? The glitter is a stunning product. It’ll be so nice to wear to compliment any creative look, for a party or photoshoot or special occasion. It really brings some magic to me. With this glitter I usually come up with many different makeup ideas. By the way, the product is versatile: it’s a face as well as body glitter.

Where to buy: NYX store, or official site.

Price: $6.50

Thanks for reading my review! I’ll be very happy if you found it interesting! Smile

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AlinaL recommends NYX Face & Body Glitter

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