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Written on Monday, August 27, 2018

Hey there!

Right off the bat, I’m really big on lip makeup. I love applying everything to my lips, be it something glowing, shimmering, black, white, matte or satin. But I’m not sure if I want to do this with my eyes…

I put on eye makeup pretty rare, so I prefer matte shadows or those with hardly detectable shimmer.

The highlighting shade meets all my requirements in this respect.

So, let’s look at the results with NYX Holographic Halo Eye Tint.

Packaging: The tint comes in a package that is very reminiscent of the package of most NYX lip glosses and lipsticks. The sponge applicator is pretty workable and I use it when applying, but I prefer blending it out with my fingers.

I have the shade 01 Gold Bar. It’s yellow that may look different according to the lighting. It may have a hint of pink or orange.

Price: $8.

Size: 2.7ml.

The formula is really creamy, but it’s pretty tacky till the moment it’s dry.

In other words, I can feel something unnatural on my lids for quite some time.

Used as a standalone product
Used as a standalone product

Also it doesn’t layer very well.

When I applied 2 coats, the coverage was very patchy. Some areas have semi-sheer coverage and some a beautiful glow.

While blending, you won’t get 2 coats of gorgeous glow no matter how hard you try.

Or maybe I was doing something wrong…

Used as a standalone product
Used as a standalone product

What I liked:

  • Gorgeous glow depending on various angles, so it’s pretty easy to play around with the color.

  • Easy to blend out. Yes, it blends out effortlessly, but it doesn’t mean that it will last on the eyelids very long.

in the inner corner of my eye
in the inner corner of my eye

What I didn’t like:

1. It doesn’t stick to my eyes and is very easy to remove with fingers. The effect is the same both on my eyes and on my hand when I was swatching it. I can just rub it with my dry finger to take off all shimmer. It falls out and partly stays on my fingers. All in all, I recommend you not touch your eyes when you have this eyeshadow on.

Left: just appied. Right: here I just rubbed it with my dry finger
Left: just appied. Right: here I just rubbed it with my dry finger

2. Moreover, it creases, which is quite a widespread issue when it comes to creamy formulas. This stuff is no exception.

3. It has big shimmering particles that are very noticeable. I personally don’t like it, but it’s just a personal preference thing. It all depends.

in the inner corner of my eye
in the inner corner of my eye

4. After makeup removal some of these glistening particles stay on my upper and lower eyelids. So I have to apply some effort to remove them completely.

5. The coverage is patchy. A few times I tried to apply an even layer, but I didn’t succeed.

It’s not that I couldn’t wait till it’s dry, but when applying the second coat, it drags the previous one…


Nah. I do not appreciate the performance.

I give it 2 stars out of 5 given all the cons mentioned above.

Thank you for reading this review. I hope it helps you decide!

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