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Written on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Hello sweeties Smile

Lately it became so hard for me to choose the right mascara. For the most part I’m looking for a good mascara that would give me volume, because my natural lashes lack it.

Moreover, it shouldn’t stick my lashes together.

That’s how I found NYX Badunkadunk mascara.

Price: around $9

You can order it at the official website or purchase it in the nearest NYX store.

I’ll start my review with talking about the design. The tube looks cute, stylish and quite camera-friendly Smile

Volume: 15 ml. I use the mascara for almost 3 months now, but the tube is still full. Moreover, it performs well as if it was new Smile

Brush: It is something to consider. From the get go, the brush is the main con of this product. However, it has its advantages also.

The brush is too big. It’s a silicone brush with short bristles. At first glance, it’s a nice and neat brush, but its size doesn’t suit my lashes at all.

What am I driving at?

The brush smudges everything around my lashes!

It’s impossible to color my lower lashes without touching my skin. The most vexing is, however, when I smear my upper eyelid, especially when I’ve already applied the eyeshadow. It’s a disaster. It means that I have to remove the eyeshadow and reapply it. More than that, the mascara is extremely black, so it makes the situation even worse. The texture reminds me of liquid and thick caoutchouc. This is the only comparison I can think of Smile My point is that it’s really hard to remove the product.

My tip:

If you have smudged your upper eyelid, do not try to remove it or conceal the stains with a concealer straight away. Otherwise it would only get worse. Wait till the mascara is dry and do something about it. This is the reason I called this review: ‘The mascara that hates hasty movements.’ If you hurry up and make hasty movements, you’ll definitely smear the whole eyelid. You have to work gently and carefully with this mascara and do not make any quick movements.

The brush has, however, an advantage. It boosts volume. Plus, no other brush can ever work with such a formula. I’ve tried to use another brush with this mascara and you know what happened? Nothing! No other brush picks up the product.

So, the brush boosts volume and makes my lashes sumptuous, but it can stick them together. It happened very often when it was all new and too liquid. As a matter of fact, it stopped sticking them together after a while Smile

As for the color, I’m obsessed with it Smile

The shade is so intense and rich! It colors my eyelashes in the first go. Sometimes I don’t even have to apply a second coat. The look is so expressive as a result.

More than that, the mascara lengthens my lashes really well. They obviously look longer. Also, the brush curls them up perfectly Smile

However, I usually have a bit of a hard time applying the product to the corners of my eyes, but I do my best to improve my skills in this direction Smile

So, look at the result on my lashes Smile

The staying power is great! The mascara stays put all day on me. It doesn’t even flow when it rains.

It’s even hard to remove with a specific makeup removers on the first try.

A good staying power is a huge plus for me.

Also, this mascara doesn’t leave any fallout, but after a while I’ve noticed that it leaves some stains on my lower eyelid.

However, it’s a widespread issue with most mascaras, when they are running low. It’s all I wanted to tell you about this product.

I’m glad, if you find my review helpful Smile


Thanks for reading Smile

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