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Written on Friday, September 29, 2017

Hi everybody!

I have a great weakness for eyeshadows. It’s hard to imagine that a couple of years ago I only used mascara in my makeup:)


However, something changed, and now everything is exactly the opposite, I can skip the mascara part, but I always use eyeshadows: D


There are so many eyeshadow palettes in my collection, and today I would like to tell you about the NYX Professional Makeup Perfect Filter in # 4 Gloomy Days. I’m unaccustomed to such colors.

Why so? Because whatever one may say, I prefer red shades, combined with basic beige-brown ones. And this palette is like a cloud in a cloudy day, in gray, purple and black shades.


I won’t use the palette separately, as I’ll always have to combine it with red eyeshadows. However, for those who love smokey eyes, it would go perfectly, and therefore at the end of the review I will show you a couple of makeups I created using only this palette


The palette has a simple, but high-quality design. It closes tightly with a click. It lacks a brush or applicator included in the kit, or at least a special section for them (because we all know that usually the brushes in the kits are pathetic). I think they could have changed the size of the palette by shifting the eye shadows a little upwards, so there would be a place for the brush section. No mirror is included either. {IMAGE: 20}


There are chips at the edges of the refills, which makes the whole palette look a bit cheap.


It certainly can not be called compact, but it contains many shades


Price: $20

There are 4 more palettes in the Perfect Filter line available at the official website.


Product information :


There are 10 shades in the palette, both basic light ones and those that can be used to define the lid crease as well as to draw spectacular dark strokes. Yes, you can create makeups with this palette only, but once again, such palettes without red colors don’t attract me.


But this palette has something that makes it stand out, namely 2 lilac prismatic shades, which I really liked: shimmery khaki and shimmery black. These two are the main reasons why I continue using this palette.



Applied with a natural hard brush (soft or elastic brushes are not able to transfer the pigment to the eyelid at all):


in the light


against the light. Just pay attention to how the 7th and 10th shades change in the different lighting


If you pick the eyeshadows with your fingers, the color payoff will seem good in any case, but it’s pretty hard to apply them this way. The pigmentation depends on the shade .


№1 - corpse-violet, matte, mediocre pigmentation, may end up looking messy or like bruises.


№ 2 - blue, like a stormy sky, matte, lowly pigmented, and without an eyeshadow base it looks very faded. I do not use this shade at all, since blue colors don’t go with green eyes.


№3 - classic pure white, neutral, satin (without sparkles), pigmentation is pretty good, works great as highlighter under the eyebrows area and in the corners of the eye as well as base for other shades.


№ 4 - coal, with a light touch of greyness, matte, horrible pigmentation, looks dirty on the eyelid, emphasizes the relief of the skin, barely blendable, you need a great skill to tame it.


№5 - gray-green khaki with many shimmer particles, gives the metallic effect, highly pigmented. It’s a very good accent color that can also be used for transition.


№ 6 - black coal with silvery, blue and light yellow shimmers, mediocre pigmentation, blends easily. I use it very often as it looks great when applied over a red base color.


No. 7 - light purple and prismatic, fuchsia in the light, and khaki in the shadow. Contains a micro-shimmer that gives a wet effect. It blends beautifully, and the pigmentation is excellent. I like to use it in the crease.


№8 - gray, satin (without shimmer), excellent pigmentation, easily blended but it’s way too simple.


№9 - beige, has a pinkish undertone, and matte. I use it as a base on the whole eyelid, good pigmentation. Also suitable for correcting of makeup mistakes..


№10 - dark purple and prismatic, excellent pigmentation, blends easily, blue in the light, dark-marsh in the shadow. I’m in love with this color.


As a result, 3 shades are excellent, 3 shades are good, the rest are so-so. I think it’s not enough for the price, that’s why I take two stars off.


So, we figured this out, and I suggest you look at how I use the palette.I'll show 3 makeups, 2 of them are done only with the Perfect Filter palette, and the last one, which is my go-to makeup, is made in combination with another NYX palette.

I don’t apply eyeshadow base and use only natural brushes. I have to note that the eyeshadows have great lasting power, as they don’t wear off until I remove them.


Makeup 1:


I used:


9 - on the whole eyelid as a base, concealing the tiny vessels;

7 - in the crease and as a transition color;

6 - in the outer corner of the eye and in the lower lid.



Makeup 2:


I used:


9 - on the whole eyelid;

1 in the crease (I hope you’ve noticed that it blends poorly);

7 to highlight the inner corner of the eye;

8 main color on the lower and upper eyelid;

6 to highlight the outer corner of the eye.


Makeup 3


9 applied over the whole eyelid;

a matte plum-red from the NYX Lid Lingerie Shadow Palette as a base color;

NYX Hot Singles in Bad Seed;

and smokey eyes with shades 4 and 6 (matte and shimmery black)




The last makeup is my favorite. No matter how afraid of red and pink shadows people might be, I know that red shades make my green eyes even greener and more expressive, without making me look as if I cried recently.


The Nyx Professional Makeup Perfect Filter # 4 Gloomy Days contains a few beautiful shades, thumbs up. But the pigmentation of some shades is too bad for the price. There are excellent colors in terms of quality, and of course you can tame some of them, but it can be hard for makeup newbies and personally I won’t do that. I do not like to mess around with this palette, as I have many other better options in my makeup bag.

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Infanty recommends NYX Perfect Filter Eye Shadow Palette

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