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Written on Thursday, September 21, 2017



Once again, I'll be be reducing this palette’s rating, but I really have something to say about it. Even though I’ve found my faves among NYX eyeshadow palettes, this is definitely not one of them.


Price: £16.00


Where to buy: at the official website of NYX


The design of the palette is quite simple: no mirrors, not even a teeny tiny applicator. Okay, such applicators are often bad, but why on earth couldn’t the manufacturer have added a simple mirror into the lid?



Product information:

Need a filter for that selfie? #LookNoFurther. Our new Perfect Filter Shadow Palettes feature ten vibrant shades of our amazing eyeshadow. Available in five striking color combinations, each collectible set is inspired by a different photo filtering effect.


There are 10 shades in the palette, and they perfectly live up to the name ‘Gloomy Days’. The colors are truly gloomy.


Frankly speaking, I would not have chosen the palette myself, it seems to be so boring and monotonous to me, but to each one's own, right? However, this color palette can be called versatile - you can create both daytime makeups and evening ones. But to be honest, the colors do not give much room for creativity.






Tint # 1. Matte dark brown. That's the first reason why I do not like palettes with similar shades - they all look alike. This shade is blendable and has a good payoff.




Shade # 2. Dirty-turquoise. Due to its very light and loose formula, it tends to crease. Maybe a good eyeshadow base could fix it, I don’t know. It’s very hard to apply it onto a concealer, because it turns flakey.





Shade number 3. Just a regular white matte color, nothing special. I accidentally touched it with a wet brush and left a trace. Can be used under the eyebrow or in the inner corner of the eye in combination with a darker shade. I prefer more fascinating colors. It’s a shade, which strongly crumbles when applied with a brush - you can see it in the photo. So I have no idea why anyone would need such a boring and troublesome eyeshadow?



Shade # 4. Saturated matte black. One of the best shades in the palette - soft, highly pigmented, blendable and with a great color payoff.




Tint # 5. A good silver, gives a nice satin shimmering finish, does not fall out and has a creamy formula.




Part two.


{IMAGE: 23} Shade # 6. Shimmer black. It looks cool even if applied solo, but it’s also a bit troublesome when I pick it up with a brush. I put it with my finger on the entire eyelid and blend, and everything looks great.





Shade number 7. The most delicate duochrome, oh, if only it was a bit more saturated! Unfortunately, it's hard to make an accent in the makeup with it, because it pales in comparison with darker shades.



Shade # 8. Boring gray, it fits for the transition from light to black, though. Does not crumble {IMAGE: 31} {IMAGE: 26}



Shade 9. Matte milky shade. Less whimsical than shade 3, but still gives a worse color payoff when applied with a brush.



№10 "Dusty rose". Brownish shade of pink. It is quite well when applied solo, but in the makeup it looks dirty.




So, the drawbacks of the palette:


1) The formula is incredibly loose. When the palette just arrived, it was packed into a protective film, but it was still noticeable that the eyeshadows were very crumbly.



2) Therefore, the eye shadows have an extremely poor color payoff and they crumble, when applied with a brush. But when I pick them up with a damp brush or simply with a finger, it’s okay.You can see it on the swatches.


Maybe they’ll work better on an eyeshadow base, I don’t know. But I believe that the eye shadows for a lot of money should show up without any base. Of course, I’ll try to tame them, but why should I do this, at all? For me it is an undeniable drawback.





1) Lasting power. If you managed to put on your makeup with them, you can be calm. The eye shadows will last all day.


Makeup photographed early in the morning



The same makeup in the evening:



2) Surprisingly, the shadows fit perfectly for transition. It's very difficult to apply them with a brush, but with a finger I can blend them effortlessly and create a smooth gradient.


Makeup photos:




In my opinion, the palette is suitable only for those girls who can "tame" it.

I wish you a great mood and successful cosmetic purchases!

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Violetty recommends NYX Perfect Filter Eye Shadow Palette

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