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Written on Monday, May 21, 2018
Pros: doesn't crease, easily available, lightweight formula, makes pores look smaller, makes skin look matte, makes skin look slightly photoshoped, smoothes out skin texture
Cons: makes skin oily, may sometimes crease when applying

Hello there,

I once decided to obtain a makeup primer. I was choosing between Catrice, Revlon and NYX.

Since it was my first product of the kind whatsoever, I relied only on my feel while testing it in a drugstore.


I wanted it to have a soft formula. Also, it had to distribute on my skin evenly, absorb quickly and ensure no oily film or greasy feeling. Plus, I wanted it to smooth out my skin texture, including my pores. Also, it had to be comfortable to wear.

The NYX Pore Filler took the cake for me in all respects.

What we have:

The formula is very odd and reminds me of a gelatin.

The texture of the product and my bare skin
The texture of the product and my bare skin

It doesn’t really apply that well.

More than that, it’s a hassle to spread out and control the amount you get from the tube. You’ll have to get the hang of it first.

I haven’t noticed that this primer dries out my skin or emphasizes peeling, although I have dry skin. Nevertheless I apply a moisturizing cream prior to this product and let it soak in first.

My skin gets matte and smooth with the primer on. The skin texture gets visually smoother. Moreover, it ensures quite a blurring effect I would say.

With only the primer on
With only the primer on

It doesn’t really disguise my pores, but it fills them and smoothes them out, but they are visually still there and are the same size and shape. The pores will ‘disappear’ only after applying a foundation or a BB cream after the primer.

With the primer and a little bit of a BB cream
With the primer and a little bit of a BB cream

A BB cream distributes easier, quicker and more even than a foundation. The insignificant flaws are less visible when the primer is on.

Also, my skin feels smoother and softer by the touch. My face doesn’t look cakey or feel mask-like.

The negatives:

This primer can’t do anything against extremely uneven skin or swollen pimples. It won’t be helpful if the blemishes are too noticeable, because it applies in a thin coat. If you layer it, it creases really badly.

It doesn’t make my skin look oilier than with any other product on. My dry skin gets an oily sheen in a couple of hours as always. So this primer is not good for oily skin types.

It doesn’t shrink my pores or impact the size or shape of them. It only fills them and smoothes out my skin texture. It’s totally useless when used without a foundation on top.

Bare skin/ skin with the primer/ with the primer and a foundation
Bare skin/ skin with the primer/ with the primer and a foundation

In general, I’m pleased with this product and would recommend it to those who have hardly any skin problems.

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Tired recommends NYX Pore Filler Primer

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