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Written on Friday, September 29, 2017


I love bright saturated lipsticks, but after all those reviews and beautiful photos I decided to give the nude collection a try. So I ordered shades 42 and 45.

These are similar shades with different undertones.

The design is like that of other Lasting finish lines, except that the tube is of delicate beige rose color and the inscription is white (so cute).

Price: about $5

The lipsticks are creamy, but the scent as well as the taste...well, the scent is pretty pleasant and sweet, but it’s too overwhelming for me. The taste is so...peculiar.

Both shades can survive a coffee break and last about 4 - 4,5 hours. After that, they start to come off.

Now let’s take a look at them.


They look different in the sticks

There is no noticeable difference between them when they’re applied on the skin. 45 (on the right) has a bit more oily formula, though.

Shade 42:

I tried so hard, but always ended but with this messy coat on my lips. It looks like a foundation applied onto the lips and polished with a lip gloss!

Shade 45:

This shade looks better due to its creamy formula, but at the same time, it’s patchy. But I like this shade for some reason, and I use them pretty often.


Now a little riddle. I applied both shades on my lips, can you guess which is on the right and which is on the left?


Okay, just in case, I exfoliate my lips and apply special lip balms. Of course, my lips aren’t like those on Instagram, but they aren’t problematic either. So I can only blame these lipsticks.... I could have used special photo filters, or even a primer on my lips, but to what end? I’m not selling these lipsticks, after all.

A short summary about advantages and disadvantages:


  • affordable price

  • pleasant formula

  • available everywhere


  • Peculiar taste

  • not many shades in the line

  • shade 42 clumps on my lips, and shade 45 is a bit patchy.

I cannot rate this product with more than 3 stars.

I don’t even know if I should recommend it or not! Shade 42 - definitely not! But I like the other shade, despite it being patchy. So if you are not afraid of the strange taste, buy it!

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