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Written on Friday, May 26, 2017
Pros: affordable, blends out well, built-in brush, long-lasting, nice shade

When I didn’t know about eyebrow gels yet, I decided to find my perfect eyebrow pencil.

One time I realized that you can buy whatever pencil you want, be it expensive or cheap, all of them will give an orange-y color to your brows! So I decided to find an eye pencil in the coldest shade. I found it, but it turned out to be too blue for my brows but perfect for my eyes.

One day I came across Rimmel eyebrow pencil and after testing it on my hand, I thought that it was the one.

♥●♦ OUTER LOOK ♦●♥

I use the built-in brush quite often even if I don’t fill my brows out. The problem is that I have quite long and thick eyebrows. So I have to either fix them properly or groom them all the time. Moreover, I have to wash the brush after grooming, because my skin is dry and some skin particles and foundation stays in the bristles sometimes.

I bought this pencil last year, but it looks like it’s 10 years old! I mean that all the writing on the stickers is almost gone and the pencil doesn’t look presentable anymore. I wouldn’t get attracted to this product if it was not for its consistency and performance.

I have my pencil in 004 Black Brown shade. My eyebrows stand out against my skin tone and dark eyes. Therefore, I do not need a very dark pencil.

P.S Currently modern girls define their eyebrows too much. However, the trend tends to natural-looking eyebrows, so don’t make your brows look ridiculous, please.

I can’t stand many stickers on thin pencils, as taking them off, you get a tacky trace which sticks all the dirt of the world. That’s the case with my Rimmel pencil. Besides, the writing has faded over time.




The pencil is very soft, but it ensures a precise application. It’s easy to sharpen the pencil. However, I’ve read some reviews that say that it’s not. In such a case, I advise you to put your pencil in a refrigerator to provide a better sharpening.

I use a common sharpener for that purpose.



The Rimmel pencil draws sharp lines, but it won't scratch your skin even if you apply it with harsh strokes. It could be patchy a little bit, but it blends out effortlessly.


♥●♦ REMOVAL ♦●♥


It’s better to use some special makeup removers or micellar water for the purpose.

♥●♦ HOW I USE IT ♦●♥


I use it as a regular eyebrow pencil, plus I fill in the sparse areas at the beginning of the brows just a little.

Photo below: I filled them out and added some intensity.

In the second picture my brow is shaped and defined after I’ve blended the color out and groomed the hairs.


Keep in mind that natural-looking eyebrows are a way better than sharply defined!

Hope my review was helpful!

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Eco.Daria recommends Rimmel Professional Eyebrow pencil

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