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Written on Thursday, August 30, 2018
Pros: affordable price, light
Cons: creasing, not long staying, some shades are badly pigmented, the color doesn’t look vibrant, they fall out a lot

Recently I visited the Sephora store. Right off the bat, I want to say that this is the first product for me from the brand. That’s why I spent almost $80 for different makeup products from them (though, to be fair I have to say that a third of the sum was spent on a long-desired Lancome pencil which doesn’t have anything to do with the Sephora brand).


Today I want to review the Sephora Colorful Duo Black Jack #14. I bought it on sale so the price was more than affordable. In fact, I didn’t even need this product that much. I just needed a combo of versatile shades for me - black and white.




This is how it looks like:

It closes tightly and I find it difficult to open. One more flaw is that the product has already managed to stain that see-through top, even though I’ve used it only a couple of times. That isn’t pleasant, because I know that I always use my eyeshadows neatly.



The product can be taken as unique just because it offers a combination of matte shade with glitter. I have white matte and black glitter shades here. They really look rather impressive, don’t they?

White- It feels like it applies nicely and looks wearable but in reality, all is different. The product completely vanishes from my eyes within 30 minutes. The only thing that I left within that time is to question myself if there was anything applied on my eyes or not.

Black- I ask you not to be scared at once. When I swatched it for the first time, I was shocked. It looked as though I would still find a use of the white shade and would have to toss the black one indeed. Just have a look at this nightmare:

But then I decided to add some more color and apply more and presto - the color of the starry night is here and it really looks fantastic. Have a look: Initially I was sure that the white color would stay with me and the black color would find its way to the garbage. But within 3 hours of wearing them, I completely regretted using these eyeshadows at all. Why? Well, look at what happened with my makeup within 3 hours.

If you don’t get what was wrong, I’ll explain:

1. The white shade looks creased and can you see that nasty white stripe across my mobile lid? In the photo it looks less obvious than in life, though.

2. Pay attention to my eyes. How do you think: looking at all that creased product and accentuated fine lines, can you suppose that I’m not in my 30s yet? Well, of course not, unless your eyesight is awful. I can’t say that the white color made my skin worse or anything, but it definitely accentuated all my skin crevices, which don’t make me look pleasant, you know.

3. Where is it? My beautiful color of the starry night? Where’s all the glitter? Where’s the depth of color?


All in all, within 4 hours of wearing my makeup turned out into a terrific SOMETHING.


What else is there to complain about?


As you’ve already understood, I’m absolutely negative towards this product. That’s why I have some more negative things to say about it.


1. The black color is easy to apply with a thin layer only over my hand with an even coverage. On my eyeballs it looks streaky and unbearably difficult to blend out.

I’ve tried different ways of application - brushes, natural as well as synthetic, fingers, applicator sponges. And nothing worked with it. Well of course within 30 minutes I eventually managed to apply it pretty well, yet still, I don’t want to waste 30 minutes for my eyeshadows every day.


2. The white color is a ghost to me. It’s impossible to apply over my eyes at all.


3. The staying power is crap even if I apply these eyeshadows over my go-to eyeshadow primer, which beautifully works with all my other eyeshadows. Can you think of a way they’ll look if I apply them over my non-primed skin? To top it off, it always seems that these eyeshadows somehow dissolve my primer all the time.


Why do I assess this product with 2 stars then? Why not only 1?

1. The products don’t smear all over my lids, that’s true. It’s better when they fade away, but when they smear, it looks awful. With these eyeshadows over my eyes, I still look okay.

2. I appreciate the glitter in the black color. This is the first time I used a product with so many glitter bits. They are rather big, you see. But I don’t feel these particles on my eyes. The color really looks stunning and I’ll try to do anything with it to prolong its wear time.


Will I keep on using these shades?


Well, I’ve already purchased them, right, so I guess I will. Maybe once a year or maybe twice. After all, it’ll expire one day and I’ll throw it away with great pleasure. Smile

I don’t recommend this product for purchasing. By the way, I actually don’t recommend any other shades from the collection either. Because I really doubt that they’ll show better wear time or the performance on the eyes. And it’s a useless eyeshadow if it fades too quickly, regardless of how awesome it looks in the packaging. So, it isn’t worth splurging.

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