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Written on Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Pros: affordable price, ideal for blue eyes, nicely pigmented

Sea depths have made people to spread countless amount of myths, many of them are associated with mysterious creatures and indescribable monsters. Let’s see if it’s difficult to recreate marvelous images with the help of one palette. There will also be Kraken, don’t miss it!

Today we’re setting off to the magical journey into the sea depths. In that daring journey my Sleek Calm before the storm Palette, from the Natural Collection will help me a lot. This eyeshadow palette won’t leave you indifferent, of course if you don’t suffer from the seasickness.

So, let’s have a look at what is in this striped funny box...

As usual, at the back there’s an expiry date and the ingredients listed. There are also some techniques about the appliance of the hues:


Let’s move on...

There’s a standard case: 12 pigmented eyeshadows, mirror and the applicator.

And, finally, my favorite part - the transparent tape with the names of each hue in the palette.

The names are promising. It’s difficult to surprise with blue eyeshadows, but the names like “seaweed” or “lagoon” sound tempting!

Let’s test each row!

From the first look the hues all seem very good. But, alas, not all the matte hues are easy to apply evenly. If you blend them properly, you’ll find the use to each shade in everyday makeup. For example:

Or evening makeup look:


But why the bloody hell should you buy the colorful palette to create natural and dim makeup? The hot summer is ahead and it’s time to shine even brighter than the sun. So, let's create a couple of ocean inhabitants, among which, there’ll be one monster!

  • The sea virgin (more known as a Mermaid) used to captivate with her beauty. My homemade mermaid doesn't shine with beauty, but the pigmentation of the shadows and the casting are shown perfectly. Actually, as it was planned.

In this look I used all the palette shades, except Seaweed.

  • You can also create a simplified version, then you’ll get the Starfish ... or the sea hedgehog:
  • I also wanted to create a Goldfish, but there was no such color in the palette. So, see the usual, freshwater fish. As the eyeliner, I always use Pacific. It is with this shade I actually painted the lines here. The eyebrow is highlighted by the color of Cesium.


The moving eyelid is decorated with the darkest (slightly marshy) Lagoon. It is the hue which spoils the whole impression of the palette. It’s not so easy to apply it. As you can see in the photo, all the beauty has fallen out. For the image of the sea miracle - the very thing you’ll need, but for a beautiful and neat makeup I don’t recommend it!

  • It's time to meet with the main mystery of the ocean, the horror of the abyss. All 12 shades were used here. To apply them evenly I had to try a lot. I applied the eyeshadows with a thin brush. Don’t judge too strictly, Kraken isn’t so easy to draw, but I tried:)

Of course, the modern world isn’t the right place for the ocean creatures, so having fun is allowed only in special cases, such as writing a review, for example. In reality, my looks are very far from the ones presented above. Calm before the Storm Palette is bright and bold, that's why I did not want to present it in a standard way. But still, I want to show you my favorite everyday makeup:

To sum it up, I want to repeat once again that, there is only one bad and whimsical hue in the palette and it’s “Lagoon”. The quality of the rest ones is amazing, even, the same goes about the lasting power. The color scheme is perfect for blue-eyed people.

I bought the palette at the store, I didn’t have to order it. The collection is limited, although, on the official website it’s presented along with standard pallets, so you can order one.

I don’t regret buying it. I like bright makeup, in which dark circles are not only under the eyes, but also above them. They don’t like blue eyeshadows and become angry with them. But I continue to buy blue and turquoise mascaras in addition to my favorite Calm before the Storm palette from Sleek!

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StoryMel recommends Sleek MakeUP Nautical, calm before the storm Eye Shadow Palette

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