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Written on Thursday, January 25, 2018

Hello glow and highlight lovers!

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on the product which I’ve been using and loving for 6 months already!



Price: $29

My color: Hollywood & Highlight.

Size: 5g


Product info:

A multipurpose cheek and lip color for on-the-go touch ups—in shades ranging from subtle sheen shades to vibrant color to luminous highlighter tones that are perfect for strobing.Inspired by the light from L.A.'s "magic hour", this Blendable Lip & Cheek Color gives you a natural-looking, West Coast glow. A multipurpose color for the cheeks and lips, its shades range from a subtle sheen to a full-on flush. They're infused with a lightweight, brightening formula that feels like your own skin—only more illuminated. The double-ended design features a flat buffing sponge on one end and a curved dome on the other for blending on-the-go looks.

The product retails in a cute box. The stick itself looks like a crayon.

Take one top cap off and you’ll see the highlighter.

At first it really looked curved dome shaped but later it wiped off.

Under the other cap you’ll find a sponge.

It’s rather firm. I used it only for the first couple of times. I still find the application with fingertips more convenient for me, plus I don’t know how to wash this sponge and really afraid to contaminate it with germs and end up having acne.

On the official site they describe this color as a:

Sheer Pink Pearl

I’d say it’s more a champagne color. In the second picture I had to apply the product very slightly to show you all the delicate glow, as I’m really ham-handed.

The glow is very subtle and delicate, no glitter or shimmer to the formula.

Texture-wise BLENDABLE LIP AND CHEEK COLOR is rather creamy and will flatter normal and dry skin, I suppose. I know that creamy textures glide off oily skin very quickly.

The product has no fragrance additives.


1. It goes a long way. Of course I’d like this product to be bigger in size (for example the Maybelline sticks have 9g) yet it’s okay.

Here is the difference between them. It isn’t very visible though I want to draw your attention to the fact that I’ve been using it for 6 months and rather frequently and managed to wipe off only the dome curve. And you know, I can’t use the products economically.

2. If I lightly touch my cheekbones with this product, the glow will be very delicate and subtle.

It was rather difficult to show this delicate glow through the camera. And one more thing, try to ignore the spots and stains on my face, I’m trying to tame the contouring technique at the moment. Smile

3. You can also define the Cupid’s bow with this highlighter.

Here I also applied the tiniest bit of the product in the middle of my lower lip but that isn’t well visible in the photo.

And yes, sometimes when I want some unusual effect I apply this product on my lips and then some translucent lip balm and viola, the effect is very beautiful! Some kind of a lips gloss I’d call it. Although it holds on for no more than 2-3 hours. Smile

4. If you think that your life is too boring and you want it to be seen from orbit, then all you need to do is layer this product. 2-3 layers will be more than enough.

But personally for me such result is too much, as my skin has some relief (I even have a small scar on my cheekbone which you can also find in the photos). This highlighter defines all the skin’s relief if you overdo.

5. It stays on for long.

Of course the staying power will depend on many factors, but in general the product stays on my face for 6 hours or so. It’s better not to touch your face with fingers, as the texture of the product is creamy.


All in all I’m delighted with my BLENDABLE LIP AND CHEEK COLOR.

Honestly I was really afraid of highlighters: I used to think that on my combination skin which tends to be oily it’ll look awful. But no! I’m delighted with this one and use it a lot! Smile

It’s easy to apply, gives delicate glow and stays on well. What else do we need from a highlighter?∞∞∞

Thanks for reading my post Smile

I hope that you found it interesting and I really believe I managed to show you all the beauty and its glow.

I’ve never thought that it might be so difficult Laughing out loud

Bye! Smile

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Ann Grays recommends Smashbox LA Lights Blendable Lip and Cheek Color

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