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Written on Thursday, November 16, 2017

Hello girls! My name is Vicky. For a really long time, these lippies have been my faves among those that give a matte finish. I have already hooked my mum and all my girlfriends on these lipsticks as they are really cool. And today, I’m going to hook you on them too! Big smile

Price: $5

Size: 3.5ml + 3.5ml Love

The so popular Lime Crime liquid lipstick has only 2.6ml for a hefty sum of money indeed.

Shelf Life: 24 months


Now I have 6 colors of the Seventeen All Day Lip Color: #03, #06, #18, #20, #24, #33. I placed them in order below: Laughing out loud

And here I want to reveal a very interesting and important secret to you: girls, if a matte lipstick looks awful on your lips and accentuates flaking, then it’s you to be blamed and not the product! Before liquid lipstick application you should always take proper care of your lips. Unless you moisturize them, none of the liquid lipsticks would look beautiful.

Well, if you don’t know how to take care of your lips, then I’ll share my routine with you: exfoliate your lips properly before the matte product application. If you don’t have a lip scrub then use usual sugar to do it. Then moisturize your lips with a good lip-balm. Leave it on your lips for some time and let it soak in.

And now let’s pass over to the application of the matte product: as you can see, all the colors look good and even on my lips. And here I’ll reveal one more secret: if you don’t like the way matte lipstick looks on your lips (parches or uneven coverage) apply it with a lip brush then and neglect the provided applicator.

I use a small lip brush from a set by Real Techniques. Smile Or you can also apply it with your finger if you want to get vague and sheer coverage. And one more thing, don’t apply the lipstick sever layers in a row. That way any lip product will look patchy and messy. Shock


And now, the review of each color! Smile

My true love and the perfect red color is #24. Before I tried this one, I used to think that there wasn’t a red lipstick to suit me. Even the famous and so hyped Nouba Millebaci #7 looked weird on me. Sad But now I’m so happy as I’ve found this one by Seventeen #24. Big smile

It isn’t whimsical. I usually don’t even have to use a lip pencil to contour my lips beforehand. But still I prefer applying it with a lip brush.


And the next goes #03. I guess it’ll flatter everyone, as the color is so universal. Smile

I like wearing it with #33 to get a beautiful and so trendy ombre effect on my lips.



And here’s #33 itself. For me it looks too daring to wear solo on a daily basis. It’s a color for special occasions Smile


Here is a very beautiful #18. It’ll compliment the fair complexion best of all, I presume.


And now the review of the brightest and boldest colors in my collection, except for the red one.

So, #20

And #06:

As you can see the product looks beautiful and even Smile Yes, it’s is drying for my lips but do you know any other liquid lipstick that isn’t? Smile

The staying power is astonishing. I rubbed with my finger the swatches of all the colors, including Nouba, which is turned out to be the most bleeding.

I hardly ever use the side with the lip gloss, only if I want to moisturize my lips. And besides I like a matte finish and don’t like glossy or shiny. So the side with the lip gloss is kinda useless for me. :DI highly recommend you the lip colors by Seventeen. You should definitely pay your attention to the products by this brand. Give a go with at least one color and I’m sure that it won’t disappoint you and like me, you’ll start buying more and more colors. Laughing out loud

And that’s it! I hope that you’ve found this information interesting! If you have any questions, please ask them below Smile

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VickyMouse recommends Seventeen All Day Lip Color

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