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Written on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Greetings to all those reading my post.

This is already a well-known palette and I want to speak about it too.

I was dreaming of getting it for a really long time. However, the price was kind of an issue for me which is why I purchased it secondhand from my friend. I know that she bought it from the official website, so it isn’t a fake for sure.

I looked through a thousand of its reviews and I have to tell you that they all were rather ambivalent. But I was too curious to pay attention to the negative ones, so first things first.

The palette itself has a stunning design, yet it’s also an excellent fingerprint magnet. Inside it houses 12 totally matte nude shades.

The color selection is wise here and it comprises of 3 color choices, but in general, they all match each other well.

The swatches of the shades with my finger (on the right) and with a brush (on the left) over my non-primed skin:

«Free Spirit» It’s a banana shade, which is a little bit darker than a basic yellow color. It translates nicely but it truly appears too yellow over my skin, which is why I don’t use it too often.


«Force of Nature» This is a good color for the crease. It’s so easy to pack. I assess it with a +.

«Dreamer» This one is also good and layer-friendly. You can see how it changes in its temperature, depending on the pack. +

«Multi-Tasker» Dry brown, easy to blend into a mess shade. It’s pretty good to layer, though not so easy, so, probably a - rather than a +.

«Cregiver» This pink tone is almost undetectable in my makeup, but this shade is still softer than the «Free Spirit» and I use it pretty often. +

«Natural Beauty» the most successful shade in the palette. It’s ideal for the crease as well as if applied solo. Definitely a +.

«Best Friend» this one’s dry and patchy. I think you can see it from the swatch. -

«Bombshell» The worst shade from the palette. It’s super dry and patchy. Even when I pack it with my finger, I can feel that nasty shagginess of its texture. -

«Super Mom» I liked using it as a setting powder all over my eyes. I like it. +

«Wanderer» It’s good to layer as well as blend out shade. +

«Power Player» Gray taupe shade, which is ideal for blending and solo wearing. +

«Fashionista» It’s patchy, though not as dry and finicky as «Bombshell». And even though it offers good packing, it’s still problematic, so a - from me.


The palette is bad, really bad. I think that the products for such a price must be absolutely different. Yes, I know that it’s all because of that Amazonian clay in the ingredients, but still, it can never be an excuse for that.

In general, I could come up with some makeup looks using this palette, but I had to spend so much time on that and it was also rather difficult. I had to work out every inch and it didn’t bring me any satisfaction. I can never recommend this palette for purchasing.

I also tried to apply these shades over oily lids, but even for them, its dryness was too critical. By the way, the staying power is also doubtful for me. I managed to wash off my makeup just with water, I didn’t even have to use any makeup removers. I mean, it looked as though the products packed on well but they dusted away like a powder. Today I wanted to wear beautiful makeup, I started doing it, but soon I just didn’t want to continue those tortures with application and blending, so I gave up. So, here are the results I took the shots of while testing the palette.

Shades «natural beauty» and «multi-tasker» are blended out, «fashionista» is the black shade, «caregiver» is in the inner corners and I use «super mom» as a base shade here.

Shades: «bombshell», «natural beauty» are in the crease, «best friend» is used to deepen the blending, «force of nature» to the inner corners and base shade is «super mom».

Shades: «power player», «multi-tasker», «force of nature», «free spirit».

Thanks for your attention!

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