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Written on Friday, February 2, 2018

Hello everyone out there!

‘When if not in the middle of the winter to write a review about an absolutely summertime palette?!’ - I thought and started writing this review Smile

Please welcome the Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette.

ATTENTION! All the pictures you see below are taken both in summer right after I purchased it and now, in winter at different days. So, please don’t look so surprised by the difference of my skin tone and lighting.

The packaging itself implies that we are going to get something incredibly sparkling, overflowing and peach-like.

It was really hard to take a photo of the outer package, as it shines insanely. Nevertheless I managed to show you the ingredients Smile

Made in Italy. Volume of the blush: 5.5 g. Volume of the highlighter and bronzer: 3 g.

The palette is of good quality, metal-like and closes very tightly with a magnetic closure. NOTHING rattles, breaks, etc.

It comes with a mirror, but it’s quite small and not really convenient. You can use it on the go, but I prefer applying makeup at home. Therefore I haven’t yet removed the protective film. I just don’t want to smear the mirror.

The brushes are not included, but it is a plus for me.

All three products have a powdery texture. They are soft and not very dusty. They apply really well without leaving any stains. Plus, they blend out like a dream.

In the pictures above and below the palette is absolutely new, but on the blush you can see how I tried to pick up the product with a coarse brush, but my attempt failed. Therefore I recommend you picking up all the products with soft brushes.

The performance is the same with all the products.

The scent of the palette reminds me of paradise Smile I mean it. The scent is so nice and peachy, although it has a slight hint of something chemical. Sometimes I open it just for sniffing Smile However, it’s something to consider if you are too sensitive to smells.

Let me admire this palette for a sec. Take a look at this embossment! The colors in the following three shots are not really true, as I was taking a picture of the embossment only.

That’s how my palette looks after 6 months.

I haven’t cleaned it on purpose, so that you see that it dusts just a teeny bit.

Now when it’s winter I don’t really use this product, as my skin is fair again and all the products out there including the highlighter have an orange undertone on me.

Well, let’s talk about each refill. At first I’m going to give an overview, comparison with other similar products and my step-by-step application.


It’s divine! I use it most of the time and that is actually clear when looking at the picture above Smile

The shade is peachy with a hint of rose gold. It looks like if you are an Olympian goddess against tanned skin tone. I mean it.

I’ve been wearing this shade every day in August when I returned home after spending my vacation at the sea. Tanned skin + the sun outside is the best combination for this shade and the whole palette in general. It gives amazing glow and has some particles, which are luckily fine. You won’t get that pure overflow, as it will look like if you are wearing a highlighter. So, keep it in mind if you are fond of a dewy effect on your skin only.


It looks like an orange peach. I wouldn’t call this shade peach really, it’s more like coral-red with a hint of orange. In the comparison below you can see that even Benefit Galifornia that is bright coral-red has a hint of pink when compared to Too Faced. There are no glistening particles or big shimmer to it, but I’ll tell you about it a little later Smile


This product turned out to be such a flop for me. The shade is very pale and orange. I can use the other two products somehow at any time of the year, but here I can use it only against tanned skin, otherwise I’ll look very orange-y. The main issue I have about it is that this shade is too light on me. Even Hoola with the similar tone looks better…

Why Too Faced Peach Glow then?

The reason is that all the shades contain the smallest light-reflecting particles like flower dust. It’s not even shimmer, but something like fine pearl particles, which are undetectable on my face. They make my face look more alive and not so flat. Moreover, they give me this glow effect.

I’ve been trying to do my best to show you this effect.

At the store. The first one swatch on the left is Benefit Galifornia
At the store. The first one swatch on the left is Benefit Galifornia
At home against my tanned skin
At home against my tanned skin
By lamplight
By lamplight

Now some mediocre pictures of the product on my skin. You can see how perfect all these products apply to my face.

Only foundation is applied
Only foundation is applied

With a bronzer
With a bronzer

Plus blush
Plus blush

+ highlighter. The picture is taken with a flash
+ highlighter. The picture is taken with a flash

Do I like it?

Yes, even despite the fact that I can use this palette in summer and against tanned skin tone only. The quality is on top, plus it has an awesome scent.



It’s up to you to decide if this palette is worth buying or not. I wouldn’t recommend it to girls with fair skin, because all the shades are too warm. I would definitely recommend it to tanned and light brown girls! You’ll be surprised how gorgeous your skin will look! It’s a shame I didn’t take a photo of the product on me when it was summer…

I give it 5 stars, because the quality is great. You can first try and sniff the product before purchasing.

Price: $42.


Thank you for your attention!

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