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Written on Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Hi everybody!


So I got to another famous palette from Too Faced.


I couldn’t help but buy it when I saw it in the local store.


Let me start off by saying that I liked the peach palette more than the Chocolate Bar. However, in this review I’ll tell you which one would suit a makeup beginner better.



The palette itself has a metal housing and looks pretty solid.



The shadows smell of peach. A rather chemical scent, to be honest. The aroma is not nasty, but when you constantly feel it (during application) - it bothers you. I would prefer that there was no smell at all.


{IMAGE: 5}




In terms of quality, I would divide into 3 groups (directly depending on the finish):


Satin - just awesome. Soft and easy to apply, they create a beautiful look even without base, and even more beautiful look with one. They have the highest pigmentation. Easy to blend and have a gorgeous color payoff. Contains no visible shimmer.

Matte - also quite soft, highly pigmented and easy to blend. They are silky to the touch and easy to apply both with fingers and brushes.

Matte with shimmer particles - for me that’s the outsiders. They have a dry formula, which makes them hard to pick up with a brush. Plus, they contain visible glitters. They look decent only when applied wet (there are only 3 shades like this)


Satin eye shadows are just beautiful!



All the eye shadows are perfectly blendable with each other, even the shades which may look not combinable at first.


For example, Summer Yum and Peach Pit. Try to combine them on the eyelid.



Swatches on bare skin (without any makeup base):




White peach is a satin milk color. Super gentle. 5 stars.


Luscious - light peach-copper shade. Satin. Ideal for daily make-up. Apply it on the whole eyelid, and the makeup is ready. 5 stars


Just Peachy is a satin pink shade. Not as soft as Luscious. 4 stars.


Bless Her Heart - a satin marsh. Without a base, it looks pale.


Tempting is a very dark green, almost black if applied in a thick coat. I like it only if it’s applied wet and with a creamy base. 4 stars


Charmed I'm Sure - matte brown. 5 stars.





Nectar - satin warm yellow. 5 stars


Cobbler - satin copper. 5 stars


Candied Peach - matte orange-pink with sparkles. A bit too dry. I don’t like it solo, without a base. 4 stars


Bellini - satin peach, very beautiful. 5 stars


Peach pit - satin purple. 4 stars


Delectable - matte purple. 4 stars





Peaches in cream - matte pale peach. 5 stars


Georgia - matte pale pink. 5 stars


Caramelized - satin bronze. 5 stars


Puree - matte warm brown. 5 stars


Summer Yum - matte brick. 5 stars


Talk Derby to me - purple with glitter particles. Hard to pick up, looks good only if applied wet. 3 stars.



Swatches with the Inglot eyeshadow base, which perfectly enhances them.



Eyeshadow bases and methods of application:


- Most of all I liked to use the creamy eye shadow from NYX Lingerie in shade 03 as an eyeshadow base. It makes the shades so bright and intense!



- These eyeshadows are also great in combination with Inglot Base.


It just transforms the eye shadows!


- For my daily makeups, I use the Nars eyeshadow base. Without it, any eyeshadows roll off my oily lids.


  • The eyeshadows look great when applied wet.


Comparison with the Chocolate Bar:


Personally, I liked the peach palette more, it has many shades with which you can experiment.


In the chocolate bar, the colors are more nude, more suitable for daily make-up.


If you are a beginner and think which one to choose - take the chocolate bar.




All makeups are made only with this palette. I used the eyeshadows bases I mentioned above.


Daily options:




Perhaps someone will use this photo in order to distinguish a fake.




Backside of the genuine palette:


With counterfeit palettes, you can erase the batch code.



Price: about $59

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gri_iv recommends Too Faced Peach Eye Shadow Palette

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