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Written on Thursday, November 22, 2018
Pros: a little bit goes a long way, impressive staying power, it doesn’t accentuate pores, it doesn’t require build-up, it fades delicately, the best product for oily skin ever, the coverage is awesome, wide color selection
Cons: don’t buy it online, requires quick moves

Hello there!


A long time ago I’ve already determined a foundation brand for me, which I’m absolutely satisfied with. And this brand has become URBAN DECAY. I met it when I tested out their foundation from Naked Skin and it quickly stole my heart forever. Our love continued for 2 years and then I just wanted to buy something new. When I saw the packaging of this ALL NIGHTER LIQUID FOUNDATION I couldn’t control myself. So now, after wear and tear in different conditions, I can tell you about it.



Product info




Price: $40




Got plans to reunite with your hot ex over late-night cocktails? Make sure your makeup has as much stamina as your date. Introducing All Nighter Liquid Foundation—makeup that stays up. It’s the ultimate foundation for a flawless-looking complexion that won’t quit.

So intriguing and interesting!




When I saw this packaging for the first time, I immediately knew that I had to have it. Just have a look at it!

The tube was packed with a box. It’s dark, silver and glossy.




There’s also the shade printed on the box:



The inside of the box has a “cosmic” design. It isn’t so important but still pleasant. I received so much aesthetic delight when I was unpacking the foundation.



And the tube. It’s a staple of my makeup bag.


The tube is made of plastic, even though it looks like metal. It isn’t heavy.


I appreciate the style and design of the brand. I like that the tube is see-through and I can control the amount left.

The tube is infused with a good quality pump.



In general, I can see a good job done behind the design of the product.




The texture here is very thick and a drop of the formula doesn’t run down.


The product applies with a thick layer when I blend it.

I don’t see any shimmer or any other particles in the formula.


The texture is perfect for cool seasons. I can't imagine wearing this foundation in summer.




There are 24 shades of the foundation in the lineup. I guess that’s a lot and everybody will find a perfect match there.

I have mine in the shade 3.25, even though my skin is rather fair and usually I buy the fairest shades in the line from other brands. By the way, my Naked Skin was in the shade 2.25.


And also, take into consideration that all the shades with 0 at the end are warm-toned, while those with 5 are cool.



Here I found out some pitfalls and I want to enlighten them all.


1. It’s a bad idea to apply this product without a primer. It doesn’t have a gliding texture, that’s why it’ll be pretty tough to distribute it over your face. To top it off, there’s a risk to apply it with patches.


2. You have to be quick during application. That’s important because the product sets quickly, even if you use a primer beforehand.

But once you learn how to work with it, you’ll be impressed with the results!




Here’s my skin. Oily, enlarged pores, pigmentation and rosacea spots. And it isn’t easy to conceal all that, you know. Earlier, I used to apply a lot of concealers, well at least one of a green color on a daily basis. But when I needed a perfect complexion I used to use all of them - yellow, lilac, green.

Besides, my skin is oily, that’s why any foundation doesn’t stay put for more than 4 hours over me. And yeah, I use primers.

And have a look at my skin with the All Nighter Foundation on.

Here I didn’t use any concealers of rainbow colors. And a primer is rather standard and transparent. Click the picture, you’ll see what I mean.


I didn’t blur this picture, I swear. In fact, if you zoom it, you’ll still detect the appearance of pores. And there’s no photoshop at all.

There's only this URBAN DECAY All Nighter foundation applied with one coat:

And yeah, there’s only one layer as well.

My idea is that the product doesn’t require a build-up at all. And its texture is so advantageous because it doesn't accentuate pores or settle into them.


This is how the foundation looks in my makeup. Here I also applied a powder, contour shades, highlighter, and a blusher.

A close-up.




This is what they state:

All Nighter Liquid Foundation provides full coverage with a modern matte finish that never looks overdone. Get serious long-lasting wear and a blown-out effect you never thought was possible. Perfect for all-night affairs and other scandalous activities, our revolutionary formula is also comfortable enough to wear every day.

Let’s check it out with my super oily skin!

You’ve already seen the product on my skin right after the application.

And here’s how it looks within 4 hours:


I took the pictures by different lights.

The oily shine is a little bit detectable. Even though my eyeshadows have creases already, the foundation is still at its place.


All Nighter foundation within 8 hours:

My freckles and reddening are more obvious, as well as oily shine, though.


In these pictures, my skin is naked compared with my skin with the All Nighter within 8 hours of wearing. The difference exists! And it’s huge!


We can also compare this with the skin right after application:

By the way, it’ll be fair to note that the day was terrible for my foundation because I was physically active and had a lot of phone calls.

In fact, this is the best result that I have ever seen on my skin with a foundation on. I’ve never had a foundation stay put for so long.


It requires proper wash off. For instance, use a hydrophilic oil. I’m afraid that micellar water won’t wash it off to the fullest.

Apply and I can see how nicely the formula dissolves makeup on my skin:


Massage and wash off. And it’s almost gone:

And now a facial cleanser:


And that’s all, the product is washed off and I don’t think that there’s anything complicated about it. I use my hydrophilic oil every day and after that wash my skin with a cleanser and toner. Even if I don’t wear All Nighter.

I’ve been testing it for more than 3 months already and my skin hasn’t changed for the worse.





  • Design

  • Oil-free formula

  • Awesome coverage on the first go

  • It doesn’t require a build-up

  • It doesn’t accentuate flaking skin

  • No pores accentuating

  • It stays over oily skin for so long


  • One should be very careful when choosing the shade. And don’t forget to test it on your skin.


I don’t take profound cleansing as a disadvantage. I want to highlight that you should never expect easy wash off from a product that stays put for 8 hours over oily skin.


I call every oily-skinned girl for testing this product. Maybe it’ll become you must-have! Smile

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