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Written on Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Hello pals!

You know, sometimes it happens that you want to buy one product and eventually end up buying absolutely another one. And that actually happens to me from time to time. Recently I desperately wanted to replenish my eyeshadow collection with two solo eyeshadows by Urban Decay in the shades Solstice and Lounge. But as you can see I bought a palette called Moondust. Why? First of all I think that eyeshadow palettes are more practical and versatile rather than solo packed eyeshadows. And secondly, it’ll be cheaper to buy a palette than two solo shades.

For example let’s take the Urban Decay eyeshadows. A solo packed product costs $19 for 1.5g while 8 shades in a palette of 5.6g cost $49. What’s more, you’ll be able to create only one eye-makeup look if you buy a solo package, but if you have a palette the amount of make-up looks is endless and is limited only by your fantasy. Usually the shades in palettes are matchy as they are created by professionals and you don’t have to think about what other shades to match.

I used to look through the swatches of the shades from this palette online and sigh thoughtfully. I liked all the colors which is such a rare occasion. Moreover I’ve never had such bright colored eyeshadows in my collection.

And of course YouTube played its role where I saw those astonishing makeups they did with this palette. I hesitated and was not sure that I would be able to do the same, as my technique isn’t at all good. But I had time and a great desire to learn. So this is how I actually ended up buying the Moondust palette and not two solo packed products.


NAME OF THE PRODUCT: Urban Decay MOONDUST Eyeshadow Palette


In the palette all the shades are brand new, meaning that they’ve never been released in a general UD’s collection before. The Moondust Eyeshadow Palette isn’t a limited edition, it’s entered the main and permanent collection of the brand.

Price: $49




Sexy, twinkling sparkle with a ton of depth and movement. Get ready to send your glitter addiction into overdrive with eight otherworldly NEW shades of planet Earth’s sparkliest shadow in our first-ever Moondust Eyeshadow Palette.

Found exclusively in this anniversary palette, our most vibrant Moondust shades yet will stoke your deep love affair with sparkle. Each shadow is dazzlingly sparkly, but with a super-refined, incredibly sophisticated feel (and not a single speck of chunky glitter). We lace every shade of Moondust Eyeshadow with microfine bits of sparkle and lush 3-D metallics—for a luxurious, diamond-like effect.

Moondust has been our most-requested palette ever since we first launched this amazing formula. And this palette takes the vibrancy of Moondust to the next level. Experiment with never-before-seen shades like Lightyear (a vivid, saturated green) and Galaxy (the perfect smoky, sparkly blue-gray).

We went all out on the sparkly gunmetal case. As mesmerizing as the shades inside, it features a mirrored cutout “Moondust” logo. A full-size mirror makes it easy to indulge your glitter obsession on the go.


What you get:

Specter Soft pink with tonal sparkle

Element Peach with pink shift and sparkle

Magnetic Purple with blue sparkle

Lightyear Vibrant green with tonal sparkle

Granite Black with multi-colored sparkle

Lithium Brown with iridescent 3D sparkle

Vega Bright blue with tonal sparkle

Galaxy Smoky blue-gray with iridescent 3D sparkle.

Fill Weight: 8 x 0.7 g POIDS NET/NET WT. 8 x 0.02 oz.


Every shade can be used wet or dry. For extra intense color payout, apply Moondust wet, then blend out the edges with a dry brush.




It’s a cardboard box (in the beginning of my review I attached the photos to show you all the beauty of the packaging). All the photos were taken when it was already dark outside, so I used a flashlight.


The palette doesn’t have a velvet pouch, so I keep it in the cardboard box it was in. I hate seeing scratches and fingerprints on cosmetic products, so I always store them in velvet pouches or cardboard boxes.


By the way, on the packaging there’s some information about the product. I found out that the product was made in Canada which I’m very happy about.


THE LIST OF INGREDIENTS of each color for those who are interested:


The palette itself is made of thick plastic and I wouldn’t say that it’s weighty, even though it looks like it is. When I look at the palette it seems as though it’s covered with glitter, but the surface is smooth to the touch. I wish I could show you this shine in the photos.


The palette closes with magnets. Be careful and don’t get your fingers in if you are to close the palette or you can rather hurtfully pinch your finger with it.



Inside there’s a big mirror covered with transparent tape. I didn’t take that tape off and I’m not actually planning to do so, as I don’t use this mirror.


I’m very glad that there are no sponges or nasty sticks with hairy ends that only vaguely resemble brushes. I never use the included brush or sponges from palettes and really appreciate where there aren’t any, as I don’t want to pay my money for something that I’ll never use.



The palette opens 180° which is perfect for me.



And now let’s move onto the most interesting - EYESHADOWS



The palette hosts 8 shades. If you compare it with the Naked Smokey, the Naked palette has 12 shades inside. And in the palette, the shades are housed in the rectangular shaped refill pans, while here they are round-shaped. I like both of them and actually don’t mind what shape they are.

Each color has its name and each color is unique.

This photo was taken when it was sunny outside.





☽★ All the shades are tightly pressed glitter particles. I’m so happy that they are well pressed. This form is much better than loose pigments. I have one loose pigment by MAC in a popular color Vanilla. Even though I like the color and the way it looks on my skin, I hardly ever use it as the process of getting the product out is the hell. I’m always afraid that one day I accidentally drop it on the floor and cover my entire flat with glitter forever. So pressed glitter, thank you very much, UD!

☽★ Among the 8 very bright colors there’s a calm one- Specter. You can use it for everyday wear. All the rest shades are very bold. In general the palette is for bright and evening make-ups and special occasions. I needed a palette like this, so for me that’s an advantage.

☽★ Spending. When I translate the shades on the brush, they dust, which is obvious for the pressed glitter product. That means that the spending is huge but I won't use the palette everyday so that isn’t an issue for me. By the way this isn’t my only palette. I need to give others a go too! Smile

☽★ Application. The products have to be applied over an eyeshadow primer. The glitter won’t sit on bare eyelids and will fall south your cheeks, make sure you primed your eyes before eyeshadow application.


PLEASE NOTE: It’s better to dab the product into the skin so it won't fall out while application. This is the only drawback about this palette. I always do my eye make-up at first and then apply foundation and concealer. You can also apply dark eye pencil before eyeshadow application, so that the shades will look brighter on a darker base.

☽★ You should also try wet technique application. I saw many beauty bloggers doing that. They all used a spray to wet their brushes but I simply used water (I can’t see any reason to buy a special spray to wet my brushes, nonsense) and yes, I noticed that the products were less dusty if applied with the wet technique. I prefer wet technique over dry as: first of all, they dust less and secondly, they look brighter.


☽★ I use Zoeva 234 Luxe Smoky Shader brush with dry technique and Zoeva 233 Cream Shader Synthetic brush for dry application.

☽★ The eyeshadows are very easy to blend. I always use my Zoeva 227/ Luxe Soft Definer for blending.

☽★ The products are scented. But you’ll make this scent out only if you put your nose close to the palette. I don’t know how to describe it, maybe neutral and cosmetic aroma.

☽★ The staying power over a primer is the entire day which I’m so happy about.

☽★ Removal. I remove my make-up with cleansing oil. It dissolves all make-up quickly and well.


SWATCHES of all the colors on my bare skin:



The colors look most advantageous in the electric light. That way they shine with millions of sparkles and glitter. I call it “a firework of heaven beauty” Smile


Let’s look at all the 8 shades closer




Soft pink with tonal sparkle


I don’t know why but it looks frosty for me. I anticipate winter and maybe that’s why it looks so wintery. Smile

In terms of color, it’s a calm shade (is it possible to say that the color is calm?). I presume that it’ll be used up before any other. I use it almost daily when I apply it on my eyelid solo and then add eyeliner. My ideal quick make-up for everyday.


I want to say it here that all the photos below were taken to inform you and to show the true colors. These aren’t the finished looks as all the shades were applied on primed eyes and never over a darker eye pencil (as I usually do)


On my eyes



Peach with pink shift and sparkle

This is sun! Don’t come up too close! I really wanted that color to be in my collection. From different angles it looks different. On the one hand it looks orange and bright and on the other it looks pink and bold. Very sophisticated. It’ll look cool as an accent shade on the eyes.


On my eyes





Purple with blue sparkle


Grey purple shade with blue shimmer particles. Very beautiful color. It’s a must for smoky-eyes make-up.

By the way this very color was recently released in the new collection in the form of liquid eyeshadow Liquid Moondust Eyeshadow.


On my eyes




Vibrant green with tonal sparkle


It’s so picturesome, guys, I’m obsessed! As the Element shade I’d advise you to use it in a complicated looking make-up just as an accent shade. I can’t say that I can work well with green shades but I’ll learn to, as the shade is absolutely magnificent.



On my eyes




Black with multi-colored sparkle


I have a lot of gray eyeshadows, so I’d change this one with some other more interesting shade. Maybe a shade of red or marsala.



On my eyes




Brown with iridescent 3D sparkle


I associate it with a bog. It has a lot of 3D shimmer. It’s a very complicated color that catches attention. It can be worn solo or paired with other eyeshadows.


On my eyes


7. VEGA.


Bright blue with tonal sparkle


I like the way this color looks when it’s applied over a dark eye pencil. It looks dark-blue-purple then. But still it can be worn solo or with other eyeshadows.



The swatches on a primed skin:


On my eyes:




Smoky blue-gray with iridescent 3D sparkle


This is my favorite color in the palette. It’s stunningly beautiful. I’m speechless to describe it. It really suits my eyes, doesn’t it?



The swatches on a dark base


On my eyes




I used all the products from the photo below and with stars I marked the shades that I used.


I chose the Specter and Galaxy shades from the Moondust palette. I think they match and compliment my eyes color. But honestly, I wanted to add something else and used other shades from the Naked palette. I’ll keep experimenting. Smile




1. Beautiful and quality packaging

2. Unique shades

3. Festive shades with one for everyday wear

4. The glitter is pressed so I have a desire to use it and not to put aside as loose pigments.

5. They need to be applied over a base or eyeshadow primer.

6. The only disadvantage is that they dust. Even if you follow the wet technique you still have a chance to find shimmer and glitter under your eyes after application. So do your eye make-up first and only after that apply foundation and concealer.

7. Since the shades aren’t for everyday wear (except the Specter one) the spending turns out to be little and the palette will go a long way.

8. The longevity is for the entire day.

9. Easy to remove


RATE: 5 stars with a minus (for dusting and desire to change the Granite shade with another). I recommend buying this palette and I hope that my huge review was useful for you!

Thanks for your attention and have joyful shopping!

Yours innerLight

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