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Written on Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Greetings to all those reading my post! Recently the Urban Decay brand released their new eyeshadow palette which is called Born To Run. It has quickly become a hit on the internet. I was watching it on YouTube and Instagram, dreaming of getting my hands onto it asap. So finally, here it is! Smile


So, the palette comes as a part of the Born To Run UD collection. It also includes three shades of the Vice lipsticks and three shades of the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils. In my book all these products will be super flattering for the fall season.

💕 Today I’ll review the Born To Run Eyeshadow palette.



Country of manufacturing - USA

Price - $49.00

Weight - 17g (there are 21 shades in the palette (!!!), 0.8g each). Personally I think that the price isn’t too high for the quantity of the shades, which is 21! Besides the quality is top notch and you’ll be able to create so many makeup looks with this palette.


Expires within 24 months of opening.

💕 So, the palette Born To Run was specially designed to be travel-friendly, which is detectable in the casing itself. Now the outer appearance of the palette looks pretty different from any other products from the UD brand.


I also have the Naked 3 eyeshadow palette of 12 shades and I want to note that the Born To Run palette isn’t much bigger in comparison with that one. In general the Born To Run palette seems to be rather compact for a 21-shade casing. Smile

The very first thing that caught my attention in the design was a huge amount of different photos, taken in different parts of our world, which is so travel-inspiring. Sunsets, daybreaks by the ocean, mountains covered with snow, Parisian nights, New York lathering in the sun beams - all these pictures are drenched with the travelling atmosphere and joys of life. I adore these shots. Smile

The palette is of good quality. The plastic it was made of is sturdy, which makes it so safe while travelling. The top lid is easy to open. It has a magnet closure. There’s a small dent on the palette to open it easily. The magnet closure is sound, it holds the top lid very safely, so it’ll never pop open.



The lid opens up to 360 degrees.


The inner part of the palette offers a huge mirror.



There was no brush provided, but I don’t take it as a trouble for me. I have a lot of other makeup brushes with casing, which I can easily take with me for travelling. The most important thing is not to forget about them. Smile


💕 Shades

Well, here I can’t control myself. The shades are fabulous! The palette offers all the range of imaginable colors - fair, dark, matte, shimmer, bold, muted, warm, cool, etc.

If I were to commit to a journey around the world, I’d definitely grab this very palette with me. Smile


Well, the most important part of my review begins here. Swatches!


The upper row offers the following shades:

1. Breakaway - it’s a gentle ivory shade of satin finish. This one is the fairest from the palette. When I apply it over my skin, it makes it appear really fairer, yet giving it beautiful glow. It’s perfection when I use it as a highlighter.


2. Stranded - nicely pigmented rose gold shade with a sparkling finish.


3. Blaze - light tonal shade with pink casting. This is due to that pink undertone which makes this shade visible on my skin. I use it as the first shade - for highlighting.


4.Weekender - light-beige shade of matte finish. It’s basic, neutral and very soft and silky by touch.


5. Still Shot - vibrant shade, which I’d describe as crimson-corral. This is how I see it in life, but the camera distorts it and “eats” a lot of the real pigment. Shy

This one is a really fresh color. I love wearing such shades in spring and summer. Smile Matte finish.


6. Riff - light brown matte shade, which is unbelievable to the touch. It feels like cream on my skin. Smile


7. Good As Gone - warm dark-brown shade with some red notes and tiny copper micro sparkling shimmer.



This is how these shades look over my skin by the sun light:



The first three shades. 1 and 3 are barely visible, since they are highlighters.


The middle row offers the following shades:


8.Hell Ride - saturated vinous or dark burgundy shade with matte finish. It’s an awesome color for my makeup!


9. Baja - this is just a killer shade! Such a burnt orange-terracotta with matte finish. I fell for such shades a long time ago and now I love using them during the fall. I’m so happy that this palette offers such shade!


10. Accelerate - insanely pigmented, red-copper shade. Judging by the glowing finish it has, I conclude that it’s a metallic.


11. Guilt Trip - really noble, dusty lilac shade of muted satin finish.



12. Ignite - well packed with the pigment rose gold hue. It’s uber soft and silky by touch. Metallic finish.


13. Smog - it’s an amazing and complicated shade. I don’t know how to describe it right. Dark bronze with metallic sheen.


14. Wanderlust - intense emerald with golden micro shimmer particles. Metallic finish.


And all the shades on my skin:


The lower row of the palette includes the following shades:

15. Wildheart - bright fuchsia hue with a satin finish.


16. Punk - dark brown, chocolate shade. Matte finish.


17. Double Life - glistening shimmer brown toned shade.


18.Jet - black matte, intense shade of top notch quality.


19. Drift - muted dark-gray smokey shimmer shade.


20. Radio - unbelievable teal with terracotta undertones. This is my love for the fall. Satin finish.


21. Big Sky - light green metallic with a hint of mint color. It’s really glowing due to those silver micro glitter.



And again all the shades on my skin by natural daytime light:


In summary, there are 7 matte shades and 14 shimmers.

I appreciate the color range of this palette. It’ll fit any occasion. There’s endless amount of makeup looks that you can create with it. 21 shades, and each one is utterly unique.


💕 Quality


The pigmentation of these eyeshadows won me over, especially those of the shimmers. The lightest touch of a brush or a sponge is already enough to pick up the minimal amount of the product and get a saturated color on my eyes.

They are like butter to the touch - silky, gentle and pliant. There’s a hint of creamy eyeshadows texture in them. And this comes to all the shades indeed!


The brush application doesn’t make the products go dusty or anything.

The application is even and the blending is so easy! The products don’t apply patchy or spotty.


I always wear my eyeshadows over a primer, since my skin is oily and all the eyeshadows crease over it within a of couple hours.

This shades stay put over a base very well and there isn’t even a hint of creasing.


The colors look vibrant till the moment I take off my makeup. They never lose their pigment or fall out.

My eyes are sensitive and I don’t experience any discomforting feelings at all.

I use a cleansing oil to remove my makeup. I like how nicely it dissolves all my eyeshadows. I think that during fall I’ll be using only this Born To Run eyeshadow palette on a daily basis, creating new makeup looks every day. Smile

The quality of the products is on fleek, it’s such a pleasure to work with all of them. They all look enjoyable and you won’t find any similar looking shades here. The case is lightweight, compact and it doesn’t offer anything unnecessary. The most important things are already there - nice quality eyeshadows and a huge mirror.

I can see the reason why this palette is constantly sold out everywhere.

I highly recommend you pay attention to this Born To Run eyeshadow palette!

Thanks for reading my post! See you soon! Smile

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