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Written on Saturday, June 9, 2018

Hello there!

Today I want to tell you about new stuff in my makeup bag by the Urban Decay brand which is the Hi-Fi Shine Cushion Lip Gloss.


General info:

  • Price - $20

  • Size - 7ml.

  • Expires 11.2020

  • Made in the USA



The product comes with a branded box of thick glossy cardboard. There’s some info on it like the ingredients list and product promises.



The tube with the lip gloss looks classy and stylish. It looks as though made of some metal material, while on the sides there are small “windows” to see the product inside.

When I untwist the applicator, I find it pretty difficult to get it out, this is why it also becomes a little bit tricky to get the applicator back in the tube.

The applicator looks like a big spatula. It’s bendy, resilient and short-bristled. It has a flat shape, which is even more flattened at the sides. I have to double dip sometimes to apply the right amount of the product over my lips, and in general I find the applicator convenient to use.

The tube is very narrow and I have to wipe it from time to time.

There are 20 colors in the main collection and I have mine in the color Backtalk. It’s a tender pink shade with cool undertones. On my lips it looks lilac-pink.

I really like this color because I can easily fit it into my everyday makeup.

Swatches (I applied the product in 1 and 2 coats):


Main characteristics of the lip gloss:

The texture - it’s pretty thick, but not too thick at the same time. The tacky feel is here, but not so obvious indeed.


The finish is glossy to some extent and after the application the product looks dewy on my lips.


The aroma is very similar with the Orbit Sweet Mint gum. I’m head over heels with it.


The flavor is sweet. The aroma, as well as flavor are here about 30 minutes after the application on my lips.


The application is easy and fuss-free. The lip gloss doesn’t require a lip liner. Thanks to the thickness of the formula it doesn’t feather or bleed. The product is easy to apply and smear and I can say that the creasing is minimal. The lip gloss evens out the fine lines on my lips.

The lip gloss isn’t drying for my lips. Right after application there’s a pleasant cooling effect (I deem that’s because of the minty scent) but at the same time, this lip gloss doesn’t irritate or tingle my lips, even though many lip fillers can do it. Some time later (when the product starts to sink in), this sensation vanishes.


Photos of the lip gloss on my lips (daylight):

One coat doesn’t give thick coverage and there’s only slightly noticeable gloss over my lips with a hint of tender color.


Two coats make the coverage thicker and the color brighter. Yet I still love wearing it 1 coat more.

They promised the long-wearing formula, but it isn’t actually like that on my lips. On my lips the product stays on for 2 hours maximum and later on it loses its shine and gloss. It won’t live through a meal. One more unpleasant yet notable thing is that this product shows a white film on my lips when it starts sinking in. It brings some discomforting feelings to me and in general looks appaling.

I don’t know whether it comes to all the UD Hi Fi Shine Lip Glosses or it’s just a “popping feature” of my shade.


There aren’t any problems with its removing. I wash it off with micellar water, or oil or just with water and a tissue. You can also wipe it off with your hands.


Final thoughts:

All in all, I liked this product by Urban Decay. I only want to take off a star for the white film and shitty staying power.

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Annelisa recommends Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss

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