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Written on Wednesday, December 5, 2018

I’m happy to write this review on a great multi-functional product.

Many times, I’ve praised the design of UD products. This time, however, there is nothing super impressive about this box. I mean it’s nice, but nothing more.


But it’s super ergonomic! Everything is designed for your convenience: the latch that doesn’t break your nails, the mirror is big and opens conveniently, plus there is this nicely hidden applicator in its compartment. Awesome.

I got the most beautiful and versatile color in the line. Echo can be easily used as eyeshadow, blush or, of course, on the lips. It’s a gorgeous mauve with a cold brown undertone, perfect for the fall and so cozy.

I was surprised when I saw it on other girls on the internet, because it looked different on them!

Maybe it depends on the skin tone or something.


The formula is really interesting, it’s whipped, soft, creamy and and the same time, dry. It’s hard to describe, really. The mousse resembles baked blush or eyeshadows, while I thought it would be more melting.

The mousse is highly pigmented and gives a rich color. You can make it brighter by layering. In the first photo, it’s one coat, in the second one it’s two. I also rubbed the mousse with my finger and as you can see, it didn’t smudge.

For lips:

This product is the most comfortable lip color. My lips are always dry and chapped. I can’t say this mousse hides it all. But it feels so natural and comfortable on my lips, without tightening them. I always want to lick my lips, which makes the situation even worse, but not with this lip color.

Plus the application is easy both with fingers or with the sponge. I prefer the first option. You don’t have to draw a precise contour. The finish is ombre and just-kissed.

The mousse disappears evenly, which is a big advantage for me, and it takes one second to touch up, even if your eyes are closed.

Also, it’s durable. Not like some matte lipsticks, of course, but it stays on my lips very long and can live through food and drinks. The only problem is that I eat it sometimes when I bite my lips, that’s a nasty habit.

As eyeshadows:

Gorgeous! I combine this with a darker shade and it looks really cool, doesn’t crumble and it’s easy to blend out. Lip mousse turned out to be great as eyeshadows.

As blush:

It works fine as well! The color is just perfect, I’ve been looking for it for a long time. I pick it up with a regular brush, apply onto my cheekbones and blend out.

It gives an even coverage without any patches. However, you have to be careful because the pigmentation is high and the result may be way too bright.


Well, what can I say, I’m thrilled with this product. I didn’t expect it would be so versatile.

Of course, it’s a bit dry and emphasizes the lines on my lips, but for me, the lip color has more pros than cons. I love how it feels and I love how gorgeous it looks.

Stars: 4 stars as a lip product, but I give it one more for its being so versatile, and I think it’s well-deserved.

Thanks for reading my review!

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Violetty recommends Urban Decay Lo-Fi Lip Mousse

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Type: Lip Mousse
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