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Written on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Hey beauties!

Can’t you tame your eyeshadows, can’t get enough of pigmentation, color payoff and longevity? In this case, such an eyeshadow base can be a life saver. Personally I use it each time I do my makeup. It’s just a magic wand.

The primer was in a cardboard box of a simple design.

Price: about $4,5

Shelf-life: 6 months after opening

The primer is housed in a tube, which I find the most convenient housing. The packaging is minimalistically held in black and white.

Information on the backside:

The nozzle is long and thin, and thanks to it the product can be measured out and spent economically. The tube itself is soft and easy to work with. You have to squeeze it really hard to make the product come out uncontrollably.

The primer is beige. It allows you to even out the color of the eyelid as well as cover little blood vessels. It’s not obligatory for me, but I think it would be a great advantage for thin skin.

The amount presented in the photo is enough for both eyelids.

The formula is gel-like and easy to spread.

The fragrance is somewhat glue-like. It evaporates quickly and leaves no stickiness.

I apply the primer onto the mobile eyelid as well as in the crease and onto lower eyelid. I don’t try to blend it to the eyebrow.

The application is simple, but don’t overdo it, since a thick layer can make the eyelid ugly-looking, plus the primer itself is colored. Patches and spots may appear in this case, so a pea-sized amount would be enough.

I blend the primer with my fingers.

When applied in a thin layer, it’s barely visible.

The primer dries quickly, though not instantly, leaving enough time for blending. The primer isn’t sticky and it won’t make shimmer or pigments last.

Applying of dry eyeshadows:

With this primer, matte eyeshadows are easy to blend out and layer, though I always apply a neutral shade under my eyebrow to make the process simpler. Patches may appear if you apply too much primer or too pigmented eyeshadows, so be careful.

Shimmer and metal eyeshadows apply in a denser layer, though without miracles. For a better effect, such shades should be applied with fingers and wet.

But the primer improves all the textures with no exception.

Stars in the photo show where the primer was applied. All swatches were made with a dry brush.

The skin on my eyelids is normal, though it may be a bit fatty when it’s hot. Without any primer my eyeshadows tend to wear off and fade.

My makeup with this primer:

The primer improves the lasting power of the eyeshadows. Without the primer, the eyeshadows can be easily removed with micellar water. However, when removing my makeup made with the primer, I have to put in more effort.

After 12 hours of wear my eyeshadows didn’t fade or wear off. The whole makeup doesn’t look fresh, but it’s still decent. Of course, it depends on the quality of the eyeshadows.

It’s impossible to run out of this primer within the given 6 months. Since the primer isn’t in contact with air, it doesn’t change its properties, but I still don’t want to take risks because the price is more than affordable.




  • Price
  • Weight
  • Spending
  • Easy to use housing
  • Dries quickly, but still gives time to blend it
  • Improves the color payoff and pigmentation of eyeshadows as well as longevity.



  • This primer isn’t sticky so it wouldn’t improve shimmer eyeshadows.
  • A neutral eyeshadow shade should be applied over the primer before others to avoid patches.



  • Found none.

It’s a decent product. Now I’m using another one and I clearly see the difference. That’s why I will gladly repurchase it and totally recommend!

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El Khvos recommends Wet N Wild Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer

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