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Written on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Greetings to those reading this review!

Even though you should never judge a book bý its cover, the appearance of a person’s hands has always been very important. We can take care of the skin with special treatments, file our nails, but what on earth can we do with the ever growing cuticles?

Let’s dissolve it, says Sally Hansen.

I received my first bottle as a gift a few years ago, and this baby has been my lifesaver since then. In the photo below it’s a new bottle already.

In my experience, a bottle lasts about 1,5 years. I use the cuticle remover on my own nails and my husband’s (I never told you that!)

The cuticle gel can be used in two ways : to dissolve the cuticles and to remove calluses.

The manufacturer recommends to apply the gel onto the cuticles, wait for approximately 15 seconds, push back the nail bed and then wash your hands.

In order to remove calluses you should leave the gel on for 1 minute and then wash it off with warm soapy water.


My experience with this gelI use it not only on my fingers, but on my toes as well.

Ugly cuticles can spoil even the most beautiful nail design, that’s why I use this gel at least once a week.

That’s how cuticles look like after a whole week of dish washing, not wearing gloves and forgetting about the existence of hand creams.

1. I apply the gel onto all nails at once. The gel must be applied around the nails.

2. Wait 15-20 seconds and start removing the cuticles. I can do it in the following ways:


  • with an orange stick (first, I remove the dead skin from the nails, then push the cuticles back, without pressing on the nails too hard to avoid damages. Afterwards, I clean around the nails)
  • or you can simply use special nail gadgets. which can help you save time and do your nails a bit better.

3. The undissolved cuticles you can either cut off or leave it be and wait. In a few days it will be dry and you can try to dissolve it with the gel again. I prefer cutting them off, because I do my nails immediately after I’ve removed the cuticles, and it’s really important to apply nail polish as close to the cuticles as possible.

Let’s take a look at the results:

The dryness is gone, the cuticles are pushed back, which makes the nails appear visually longer, no hangnails, the skin is soft.

I hope you will agree that well-maintained nails look better than those with cuticles and dry skin around them.

Now, let’s move on to the pedicure. I had no time to take care of the toes, so let’s look how Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover will dissolve the 6-week old cuticle!

Simply shameful. 1. Apply the gel. This time, we wait for a whole minute, and only then start to clean. Somehow, I cut one of my toes. The gel turns black when in contact with blood. There was also a tingling feeling (no wonder).

3. I cut the cuticles off and then apply the gel again in order to remove whatever was left from the cuticles. Finally, we have a perfect cuticle-free nail.

Before and after photos.

Do I recommend it? Hell yeah! It’s a simple, quick and convenient way to get rid of cuticles.

Hope you find this review helpful!

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Kasai neko recommends Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover

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