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Written on Thursday, October 4, 2018

Hello everyone 🌸


I’m a loyal fan of the Bobbi Brown brand and I always buy a lot of products from their corners: my favorite foundation, concealer, powder and in general, I love their makeup.

At that moment I wasn’t acquainted with their skincare but a kind sales assistant offered me to try some when I bought their products for a stated sum of money.

I’m skeptical about the brands which try to be the best in all the fields - releasing makeup, skin care products, perfume, clothes and shoes. I understand that different people are responsible for that but they always say:

“you cannot eat your cake and keep it”

And a bright example of that the Chanel brand. There are so many failure products from them.

I had a serum which made my skin break out and a powder, which made me look as though I have some problems with my liver. And there have been many other products, which I don’t even want to mention.

But let’s come back to the Bobbi Brown balm. I was skeptical about their skincare line but if I had a chance to try the balm, why not to give it a shot?


About the product:

A desert-island product for fans in the know, this ultra-emollient treatment for fresher, smoother, firmer-looking skin is a Bobbi Brown must-have. A moisturizing multitasker, the super-rich oil-in-water emulsion feels ultra lush and helps to increase skin density and firmness with the bonus of anti-aging benefits too. Plus it promotes immediate and long-term moisturization so it's ideal for nighttime application or for use during the day when skin is especially dry.


Who it’s for?

Dry to extra dry skin types—and anyone who wants to layer this moisturizing formula with other skincare and makeup favorites, including foundation for a flawless finish.


In my humble opinion, I don’t have any signs of aging on my skin. And my skin type is absolutely different from what’s stated. My skin is oily, hence I have such skin problems like acne, acne scars, dehydrated skin from constant treatments.

And once there appeared some dry patches on my skin after skin treatments: it was flaking a lot and it was really tight. And here I recollected that I have a mini of this balm, which I was going to use for my hands and heels.

The price of the full sized product is $100!!!

The size of the full size is 50 ml (1.7 oz)

I was given a mini of 15 ml, which is more than enough for testing the product and deciding whether I need it or not.


First impressions:

Since I have a mini, I can’t say anything about the full sized packaging. But the mini is good - it’s made of thick glass and plastic top. I haven’t seen such a dope quality mini before, seriously.

The mini has basic product info on it and there hasn’t ever been a question from me on how to use it right.


The balm itself is thick and greasy. Such texture will be so perfect for anyone with dry skin types.

I turned the jar upside down  and the balm is still inside. It isn't runny
I turned the jar upside down and the balm is still inside. It isn't runny
But the smell is terrible. It smells like WORMWOOD! For everybody who doesn’t know or forgot how it smells, I remind - it’s a plant which leaves a persistent smell on your skin once you touch it. And the smell isn’t pleasant by the way.


Impressions of use:

I complained about the smell above so now I want to afflict everybody who was hoping that this smell would disappear over time from the skin. No way! It’ll linger for hours unless you get used to it! It’ll conflict with your perfume or any other skin care product, it’ll stay on your pillowcase, clothes and in general, it’ll be chasing you unless you wash your face or clothes or air your room.


And I could have forgiven that nasty smell if only the balm was effective or working. But alas, my skin was still flaking and those dry patches were still there. And that’s all over my OILY skin! What should those people expect who have dry skin types? Minimal moisture, that’s everything that you’ll have.

Since my skin isn’t aging, I can’t comment upon the product’s effectiveness concerning signs of aging diminishing.

When I apply the balm at night, in the morning I wake up with my skin in the same condition as the day before. I know a lot of other skin moisturizers that are more effective and they don’t cost a fortune. They are able to fight skin flaking and tightening overnight…

Of course, I could have used this balm in the morning and at night for some time and wait for the results but I’m not ready to sniff wormwood for 24 hours. I gave it a chance to fight my problem and it didn’t do anything for 24 hours. So, it’s logical to say goodbye to this balm.

The same goes (I mean the problem of stinking smell) to the product being used as a makeup primer. I can’t get how they use it this way.

When I apply it on my skin it sinks in rather quickly and this is probably the only pro of this product.

To buy or not to buy?

For the money it cost - never buy it. I mean $100 is still a hefty sum of money for many people and it’s reckless to buy a hundred dollar product just to test whether it would suit you or not. Ask for a mini of it or a sachet.

This balm didn’t suit me but my skin is different. But it also did nothing with my dry patches on my oily skin. So how can one be sure that it’ll eventually work for dry skin at all? I don’t believe it.

I don’t recommend this Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm 👎🏻

Thanks for your attention and have a pleasant shopping day 🌸

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fmewl doesn't recommend Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisturizing SPF 25 Balm

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