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Written on Friday, May 24, 2019

Hello, pretty ladies! Smile

Every day the makeup industry is here to launch something new. It’s getting more and more difficult to impress buyers nowadays. But Clinique has actually managed to do it!

This spring, their skin care collection was filled with the Clinique ID Create Your Custom-Blend Hydration System.

And today I want to tell you about my experience with this product.

What’s Clinique ID? It’s a combo of 2 products - base hydration and an active concentrate which is to fulfill the needs of your skin. The idea is that you buy a product that targets your skin problem.

I can’t say that the idea is something new or that we haven’t heard before but the brand has definitely managed to create a handy and really active product in their laboratories.

The line-up consists of 3 hydration bases and 5 cartridges with concentrates.

Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly: A new, light and refreshing water-weight texture suitable for all skin types.

o Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+: This moisturizer is appropriate for very dry to dry combination skin types.

o Dramatically Different Oil-Free Gel: A light, lotion-gel texture that helps balance and refresh oilier skin types. For combination oily to very oily skins.

Irritation: calms, comforts.

o Pores & Uneven Texture: retexturises, illuminates.

o Uneven Skin Tone: evens tone, brightens.

o Fatigue: energizes, revives glow

o Lines & Wrinkles: smooths lines, re-plumps.

All in all, there are up to 15 combinations where everybody will find a match.

For me, I opted for the Dramatically Different Lotion + and a blue cartridge which is aimed at pore decrease and even skin texture.

The base hydration comes with gel, lotion and jelly consistencies. The gel will be best for combo and oily skin types, the lotion is great for dry skin and the jelly is the most lightweight texture for all skin types.

For the spring season I opted for the Dramatically Different Lotion +

Before I’ve already had a chance to use it as part of the 3-step branded system and I really liked that product. The lotion hydrated and soothes well, leaving no film or residue on my skin. It’s easy to distribute and I can see how quickly it soaks in. It also works great as a makeup primer. When it’s colder, I guess it’ll work wonders as a serum to boost the hydration from a moisturizer. When it’s warm, I use the lotion as a standalone product.

Out of all the concentrate cartridges, most of all I fell for the blue one when is too smooth out the texture and minimize the appearance of pores.

The most active serum is in the pump which is to be set into the tube before use.

It’s a lightweight gel in texture, with a barely visible blue color. The base, as well as cartridge, are unscented.

The concentrate is infused with acids (glycolic and lactic) but when I apply it on my skin, I feel nothing. I think that the concentration isn’t high here but it doesn’t let us neglect the SPF.

Well, let’s pass over to the most interesting part - put the base and the cartridge together.

Take the top from the base off and from the cartridge too.

After that fit the cartridge into the base and get your own customized skin care product.

This is how the final product from Clinique ID looks like. The design is simple but still, it appears cute.

What about the results? What effects to expect?

The hydration is above all the praise! I use it daily as a part of my evening skincare ritual (for the morning routine I have a jelly and a white cartridge that fights pigmentation). I don’t set it with a moisturizer.

My skin feels comfortable and flaking patches-free.

Using this system, I abandoned my acid skin care products which I use for years.

I can see the results from this cartridge - my micro skin texture is smoother, my pores are smaller too.

But still, I’m into higher percentages of acids in skin care products.

The product is perfect for summer (please, don’t forget about SPF) but for the spring and winter, I want my products to be more active.

In general, I like the idea and the results from this Clinique ID. I love that choice and customized skin care game. I can see that the product works on my skin and that’s great!

There’s no negative impact on my skin.

I’ve already bought a combo of white jelly and white cartridge to use in the morning as a serum. I’m also planning to buy the orange concentrate for testing.

Price - $39

Thanks for your attention! Stay gorgeous and beautiful! Wink

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Annitr recommends Clinique iD™ Custom-Blend Hydrator System

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