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Written on Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Cons: it clogs pores, it doesn’t heal rashes or pimples, non-hygienic, too scented, too thick and heavy

I decided to try this Derma E Cream with tea tree oil because of two reasons: 1) it was recommended by one of my favorite bloggers, who is actually a professional and knows everything about acne; and 2) I read a great deal of positive reviews of this product online.

I chose this tea tree oil cream as a part of my skin care regimen for summer, because I needed to alternate retinol and acids. I use them in autumn and spring, but for the summer I needed some other product.

About my skin: it’s oily when it’s hot and when it’s cold my skin tends to be of combination type. It’s also problematic, because I suffer clogged pores and blackheads. To top it off, my skin heals really badly. Any scratches take too long to heal and vanish.

I deem that my review will be rather short, because using this cream I have found three major flaws about it:

- For me the texture of the product is too thick and heavy. The formula easily clogs my pores and leaves an unpleasant sensation on my skin. Because of the clogged pores, I can see that there are more and more rashes appearing even on my chest and back.

- When I tried to use the product overnight, I always used to wake up with my face covered with a lot of fungal acne and rashes. I don’t get it how it’s possible. After all, the product has tea tree oil in the ingredients.

- One day I ran out of my moisturizer which I use in the inter-season, when I can’t use acids and retinol. And that was the moment when I had a lot of occasional breakouts on my jawline. Well, this Derma E cream did nothing about them. It was useless to fight my skin issues and blemishes with it. It felt as though it made my skin look worse. I guess that was because of the too thick consistency.

By the way, I also haven’t noticed any effect on my skin scratches.

Yes, the product smells nice, but for me it has turned out to be an absolute waste of time and money, even though I expected so much from it. It isn’t a product to fight acne for sure. Besides, I don’t find this huge jar hygienic, despite all the natural antiseptic components in the formula.

Well, I’ll throw this jar away.

Be always kind and beautiful!

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Tigrejn doesn't recommend Derma E Tea Tree and Vitamin E Antiseptic Cream

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Type: Cream
Brand: Derma e
Category: Skin Care
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