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Written on Thursday, July 5, 2018
Pros: a little goes a long way, counters blemishes, diminishes acne spots, doesn't dry out skin, heals blind pimples, removes redness

Hi there,

I rarely write reviews about skincare… The thing is that my skin and I have not been friends since I was 13…

It feels like the awkward age started and never ended in my case, even though I’m 23 now.

Since some first insignificant skin issues appeared at that age, I started using skincare products without delay.

It happened so genetically, as my whole family had always been struggling with breakouts, because we all have oily skin, which is the perfect type for bacteria.

I’ve never had an opportunity to purchase high-end and luxurious skin products or visit a dermatologist… Which is probably the reason why these problems won't go away. The drugstore products didn’t do any good at that time.

I happened to try pharmacy skincare and acids only at the age of 19.

The first cream I used was the Avene Cream and I was totally disappointed with the results, which is no surprise, because I used drugstore cleansers along with it and waited for a miracle to happen.

Two years ago I decided to change the game, plus I had money for some decent products.

In the beginning I bought the Noreva Exfoliac line and was pretty pleased with their products. It wasn’t until I happened to test La Roche-Posay. It was love at first sight…


I had a myriad of their Effaclar samples and could evaluate the performance of their products to the fullest extent.

The Effaclar Duo+ cream was also present here.

The samples of this cream lasted me for about 3-4 weeks and then I started noticing the difference. My skin felt really comfortable and reacted to these products positively.

So, I was convinced that La Roche-Posay was exactly what I’d been looking for!

The purchase of full-size tubes was not long in coming. Within a week I bought the Effaclar foaming gel, the Effaclar DUO+ cream, plus a cream with SPF, which is a must-have if you don’t want to get hyperpigmentation.

It was the beginning of my long way to healthy skin.

This is how my face looked like before using La Roche-Posay:

As far as you can see, the main issues were blind pimples and acne spots… And blackheads, of course, which are actually not that big of a deal. But let’s face it: it would have been much better without them Smile

And the results:

Are you curious as to how long it took me to get such an effect? Read on to find out Smile


I used this cream mornings and nights for the first three months. It applies to my skin before makeup perfectly. It doesn’t make it oily or my makeup less long-wearing. Note: I use foundation on a daily basis.

As for the formula, it’s ultra-lightweight and soaks into my skin within seconds. I wouldn’t call it a cream or a gel. It’s something in-between Smile

This amount is enough for my entire face. I pay special attention to my problem areas, which are my cheeks.

Do not apply it in a thick coat, it’s no use. The cream distributes on my skin without any brouhaha.

So, at that moment my skincare routine was the foaming gel and DUO+ cream only. Every morning and evening I cleansed my skin with the gel first and then followed up with the DUO+ cream applied to my entire face. After 3 months I started using the cream in the evenings only.


What was happening with my skin?


Step 1:

The first results were visible within a week! Yep, that quickly!

It influenced my blackheads and pores in the first place. My blackheads got very soft in about 5 days. If you apply masks, scrubs, etc. you will notice the world of difference in no time. The sebum literally dissolves due to the cream.

I guess you all are aware of the fact that blackheads are plainly speaking the pores that are clogged with sebum. They get darker due to environmental factors.

Given that they are easier to clean now, they get narrow. I never had an issue with enlarged pores, but the difference is very clear.


Step 2:

The results within the first two months:

Exacerbation of the problem: Yep, after 2-3 weeks my skin flared up.

I’m no doctor, but I read quite a good deal about acid reaction to the skin. In addition I had 2 years experience, which helped me understand such results.

Don’t be afraid of such flares up when first using acids (or after a long break) in your skincare routine, ESPECIALLY when you have blind pimples like me.

The acids are meant to quicken the process of skin regeneration. The skin is constantly regenerating with the help of peeling. We do not notice it in real life and actually we shouldn’t.

As a rule, the skin regenerates completely within 30 days, that’s why we should use any product for at least 30 days to understand how it works for us.

As I’ve already mentioned, the acids quicken the process of regeneration. This is the reason why the skin gets flakey bits in about 2 weeks. Therefore our skin breaks out and blind pimples come to surface. In my case, they may be blind for months! So, everything that was under my skin came to surface, which is disgusting, but very good.

Most of you stop using this cream at this point thinking that it doesn’t suit your skin type.


Step 3:

Smooth skin with acne spots.

After 3 months of daily use I couldn’t find a bump on my skin.

The funny thing is that I stopped using scrubs completely after I started applying this cream. There was just no need to do this anymore.

Some occasional breakouts may appear at this period, but they vanish literally in a few days, which is incredible as opposed to those painful pimples that I had before.

This is how my skin looks like in 3 months:

Now we move onto the last and long-term step.


Step 4:

The way to perfect skin without acne spots.

After the blind pimples and breakouts disappeared from my skin, the blackheads stopped making my skin look greyish, but there was just one problem left, i.e. the acne spots.

I guess you all are acquainted with this issue that may bother you for months or even years…

The DUO+ cream definitely speeds up this process, but the results are still not that quick. I got flawless skin only in a year after I started using these products (foaming gel + DUO+ cream).

I’ve been dying to see such skin for 9 years!

Some of you might not find my skin perfect, but it’s the best condition I can have, so I’m extremely overjoyed with such results!


My bare skin:

With the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel (a close up of my problem area):

Total look (Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel, concealer, powder and contouring product):

I’ve been using these La Roche-Posay products for about a year and a half, but then they were discontinued in my town and I returned to drugstore skincare again. As a result, my skin got worse.

Well, it didn’t get back to the initial state, but as soon as I got an opportunity to buy this miraculous cream, I grabbed it straight away. I’m now at the step 2. It will take a long time to make my skin healthy again.

Therefore, the only setback is that I have to use these products constantly to retain good results. But clean skin means everything to me…

Right, the price is pretty hefty, but the cream and the gel go a long way and are very efficient. Just give them a go…

Happy shopping and have healthy skin!

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Enamored recommends La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (+) Cream

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