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Written on Thursday, April 4, 2019

The prospect of having insanely long lashes can make any girl swoon over it. You can’t just let it be and not to try to improve whatever mother nature blessed you with.

Earlier, there were only natural remedies (like oils), but nowadays there are many more convenient products.

And today I’m gonna talk about a lash boosting serum which promises fantastic results.


Cool and trendy, with a lot of high sounding promises on the package.

They promise 90% of this and that. Inside, we find a matte plastic tube with a mirrored top. Nice design, nice colors. 

The tube is a bit smaller than typical mascaras. Nothing foretold troubles, until I opened the serum.

Is this a baby bottle brush? It’s a soft brush without bristles. I find such a brush quite controversial.

I can totally understand when a lash boosting serum is applied with a brush like that of a liquid eyeliner, in order to deliver the serum to the roots. You have to nourish the roots to make something grow, right?

However, it was hard for me to apply the serum with this. In order to spread the serum over your lashes, you need bristles that would go between lashes and cover the whole length with the serum. But this soft brush simply glides between lashes, spreading the serum unevenly.

But maybe it will still work?


Oh, alcohol is second on the list!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against it, but not so close to the beginning of the list. I don’t get how it is supposed to boost the lashes. They must grow longer while in constant hangover or what?



The serum is transparent with a strong smell of alcohol.

After application, it feels like invisible glue on the skin.

My personal impressions:

I didn’t put much hope into this. Let’s be honest, there is nothing in the ingredients that may truly boost the lash growth. But maybe it’s still possible to use it like a mascara primer or solo?

If you simply apply it to the lashes, you’ll get an effect of hairs stuck together:

It’ll look decent if the lashes are naturally black, but personally I see no point in using the serum this way.

Let’s check again.Before:

After:The lashes are glued together. Again. Thanks to this, they appear a bit darker, but that’s all.

I also didn’t like to use this serum as a mascara primer. As a fan of natural looking fluffy lashes, I can’t appreciate this effect.

My lashes look better without this serum!

Also, it doesn’t improve the longevity of the mascara and doesn’t help to deal with dried mascaras.

I would have called this serum simply controversial, if not for the negative impact it had on my eyes.

It does irritate them. Yes, my eyes are sensitive and some popular mascaras turn me into a red-eyed monster, but with this serum, my eyes feel as though I had a sleepless night.

The sandy feeling in my eyes can be only removed with eye drops, and not for long.

Price: $12



This serum worked neither as a lash booster nor as a mascara primer, plus it irritates my sensitive eyes. I don’t know maybe drama effect lovers may find it useful, but I don’t.

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Gwalchca recommends Maybelline Lash Sensational Eyelash Boosting Serum

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